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Dr. Phil Lays the Smackdown

12/15/2006 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He might act like a softee, but Dr. Phil doesn't take any s**t from anybody.
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The TV shrink was fuming during a segment involving Ty Beeson, the man behind the controversial "Bumfights" DVD series -- and kicked the guy right off the set!

During a graphic video profile featuring footage from "Bumfights," an outraged Phil demanded that his crew immediately stop rolling tape. Phil then booted Beeson from the set while telling him, "That's despicable. I don't want to talk to you. You can go. You can go."

Beeson, who appeared on the show in a Dr. Phil costume (baldcap and all), didn't leave without getting in a few choice words, "Every time you bring a guest on this show, you exploit them and spread whatever problems they have to the whole world. You think that's helping them?" Security then rushed Beeson offstage.

Phil apologized for the incident, telling the audience, "That is absolutely despicable, and I refuse to publicize that ... he clearly could not have a serious dialogue about this."

The episode DID make national air on Tuesday, with clips from "Bumfights" included in the show. Dr. Phil episodes are all pre-taped. Our question: If Dr. Phil was really against publicizing the material, why didn't he edit it out of the show?


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2871 days ago


Never heard of bum fights? Looks pretty stupid to me. Why would Phil have them on in the first place if he didn't like what they do? To boost ratings?

2871 days ago

Cheap Tricks    

Why does the director of Bum Fights have his head shaved bald like Dr Phil?

I know for a fact that guy isn't really bald...he's a young guy...something isn't right here.

This is def a publicity stunt by Dr Phil

2871 days ago

Dippen Zinzuvadia    

dr. phil has had much worse people on. not defending the bumfights guy, but dr. phil was pissed that the guy came out dressed and looking like dr. phil. tmz, why not report on dr. phil's daughter-in-law, the internet porn queen??

2870 days ago


So many call Robin fake or a Stepford wife.......look at Katie Holmes, THEN tell me what a Stepford wife is. As soon as she got with Tom Crazy she hasn't mumbled a full sentence. I think this Beeson guy is an ass and how in the world can he say "bumfights" HELP people? That would have been good for a laugh. He's a cruel, sick person and they should have arrested him (like they did the Girls Gone Wild guy) for accomplice to assault and/or negligent homicide. Not afraid to kick the sh*t out of a defenseless homeless person in a box, but I didn't see him taking any swings at Dr. Phil.

2870 days ago

Dr. Phill sucks, again people all main stream television sucks. Is it reality yes, these people are ratings whores, media whores, money whores.

2870 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Dr. Phil is nothing more than a cult leader. He expects his audience to believe that in a fifteen minute segment, he cures people of problems they have had for years. He has his followers and that is scary. I am glad someone made him look like a fool.

Dr. Phil gives advice on weight loss, he's fat.

Dr. Phil gives advice on marriage. Funny, he divorced his much less attractive wife once his practice started becoming successful and married that fake woman that follows him around like a puppy.

Don't drink the Kool-aid people, that's all I can say!

2870 days ago


Funny, but didn't he say he wasn't going to promote that crap? Funny but I never heard of it before I saw this video... If he actually did put that segment on air, with the part of the guy walking off and doing the face at the camera, then he just did promote the sh*t out of it. Funny how a guy who claims to the Dr. title is nothing but a guy who tell middle class people to stop f***ing whinning all the time and start doing something about their lives. The he has this nice little speech about how a video like Bum Fight is dispicable, yet he puts it on air, while doing a big deal to attrack media attention to it. He has become the next Springer (and judging by this clip even worse, at least we all knew that 90% of Springer was fake), hope Oprah kicks him out of the Hapro family before it's too late. Funny thing about a guy who tells people about their family values, yet his son snorts kilos of the white sh*t, his a self proclaimed "Help Guru" because he wrote a book that basically sais the same thing 10,000 books before his came out, they just didn't have the media coverage that dad as... Same goes to his messed up self-rithious wife, who's face looks more and more like a streched vagina, that put up druggies in a safe town and let sh*t out in the yard for day until cops had to come over and find the place just like a junkies house. Good going, nice family... They should be shot full of the "super Pill" the good Dr was pushing (class action suit against them for that too) and see what happens. Oprah should be f***ing ashamed of what she created and is letting go on air instead of pulling the plug.

2870 days ago

skeptical at best    

i thought dr. phil and oprah weren't that tight anymore. that's what i gathered from what i read on tmz.

2870 days ago

Big D    

I thought the whole thing was ridiculous. It's like Dr. Phil asked the guy to be on his show just to berate him and make himself seem like the better person. If your guest is so deplorable, why in the hell would you invite him on there anyway?

My friends are brainwashed by Dr Phil saw it and went "what a strong, good man"
I'm not buying it - it was merely a stunt.

2870 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Let me get this straight. Dr. Phil is now the bad guy, and this amoral, horrendous bumfights guy is ergo, not so bad. Wrong, wrong, wrong. No wonder we need guys like Dr. Phil on the air. America's moral compass is circling the toilet. You can't tell the good guys from the bad anymore; the bad guys are selling you igloos in Florida and are winning. Scary and sad. Dr. Phil has done a service calling this "bumfights" thing out for what it is, and it must be because you all can't tell good from bad anymore, so someone has to. Girls gone wild, Joe Francis, bumfights; the lower you go and the more you blindly accept, the lower standards in society in general become. Dr. Phil is not perfect, nor has he ever said he was, but bumfights???Come on, people. It IS that simple. This doesn't mean I'll EVER drink the kool aid. Bitterness and pessimism about Dr. Phil, his show, and his relatives is not the final answer. You have to think further than that and decide who you'd feel safer with as a guest in your guest bedroom. I'd pick Dr. Phil and Robyn over bumfight guy any day, and that should tell you something.

2870 days ago


i cant stand dr phil.

especially dr phil house episodes about the twins.
he brought their step dad in just to tell him its their fault.
thos girls have no one else to blaim but themselves and DR phil needs to stop justifying their actions.. dr my ass.

and i hated this clip cause it just got me even more upset.

dr phil is self righteous bigot.

2869 days ago


The saddest part of this whole debate is the need to side with Ty or Puke Pig (Dr. Phil). I think that Ty from Bumfights is pretty scummy but at least at the same time he's getting a laugh at people's expense and not apologizing for it. Ty sees life as survival of the fittest and doesn't hide his hustle. Dr. Phil is a phony which two minutes of watching his show or two minutes of research can prove. The real issue in our society is the lack of common sense and personal responsibility which leads to a pathetic level of denial. When you have a problem, blame it on someone else as oppossed to yourself or beg someone else who's also obviously flawed (in essence, human) to hold your hand and coddle you, even in the guise of "tough love Dr. Phil style. There's no money in helping the mentally or physically sick. Shrinks and Rehab can be good at times, but like anything can be exploited. Rehab in the media is the new confessional to absolve the un-repentent and hide truth of character. Oprah, Dr. Phil etc, are the new priests who totally exploit the weak. Although some religious people mean well and truly help others (rarely) most use doublespeak, lies, smoke and mirrors to profit off the masses.The longer you put off learning how to critically think, and the more we feed the media beast and governmental beast that keeps the masses stupid, the longer Dr. Phils, Lauras etc, can basically make money off the public. The masses symbollically keep pulling their OWN teeth out with pliers. I agree that factors in one's life contribute to problems but Ty brings up a great point: he did not force any bum to do anything. A bum might have an awful life that pains me to watch, and may be desperate, but he ASKED them what they'd do and paid them accordingly. They could've said NO! Bumfights and the like (the first ten minutes of the NEWS) should be shown to kids without ratings as a factor, not Dr. Phil. If they aren't kept innocent (dumb) like the expensive pets that they are, children could see the ugly side of humanity full throttle and learn to make good choices to not be like the people in Bumfights. No one mentions that a lot of the footage from Bumfights is random camera recording that is bought from others, not didirected by Ty. Even if Dr. Phil didn't know anything about Bumfights and never watched it he could have mentioned what happened, aired the transcript, and told the truth without exploiting anyone. But ratings are the factor, and money is the issue.But he knew that it doesn't matter what he shows, his publicity stunt had to be shown for DRAMATIC effect so that he looked like Jesus if Jesus was a no-nonesense Texan instead of a hippy. It's almost 2007 and the fact that Bumfights exists and makes millions and people watch Dr. Phil even for a laugh is pathetic. I'd say "grow up" but it seems like no matter how many years pass, there has to be exploiters creating the exploited just to make a dollar. Pimpin' ain't easy, and this is pimpin' at its finest.

2869 days ago


I was an avid Dr. Phil viewer but noticed that he was showing bits and pieces of clips from his guests "problems" and digging hard on those aspects rather than seeing pehaps what had been done well or viewing the whole incident. Picking pieces doesn't give one the full viewpoint of the problem/issue.
Many guests have claimed the same thing on air so there is some merit to it.
Also, Robin's new book: "Inside my Heart", I'm sorry to say is really quite bad. I was very disappointed being the hype Dr. Phil had made of it. It's composed of Robin's stories and has no structure for learning any life lessons.

2869 days ago


AWWW, you guys are being so mean towards Phil & CO.....I like his show...lots of exploitations...

Hey, what they long as it's not me he's's entertainment...

"Jerry!...Jerry...Jerry..." Oh my bad...that's "Go Phil...Go Phil..."

2869 days ago
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