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Katharine McPhee's Near Crotch Shot

12/15/2006 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In her first album cover, the gorgeous American Idol runner-up is riding the coat-tails of the "Year of the Beaver," and transforming herself into a Flashdance-inspired temptress.
Katharine McPhee Album Cover
Unlike most of today's artists, who rarely produce a track alone, Katharine is giving us 100 percent McPhee; there are no collaborations. Distancing herself from her giggly American Idol image may be just what the highly-tressed songstress needs to make her career soar. It worked for Kelly Clarkson!

The sultry siren's album is set to drop January 30.


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She is a good singer, where can I hear her new stuff?

I don't know why but the deranged hatred makes me like her more.

2682 days ago


This girl's 15 minutes should be up. All AI stars tanked except Kelly Clarkson and that idiot gaykin.

2682 days ago


#13 Seth

I believe Elliot did get his teeth fixed, check out People Magazine, he looks alot better.

2682 days ago


She's okay. Nothing special. Too bad she needs to use her crotch to get noticed.
The only special talents on Idol were Elliott and Chris. Taylor wasn't much either.

2682 days ago


Go Katharine! She is absolutely gorgeous, and the songs from her CD that have leaked are awesome!! I can't wait to buy the whole thing. She should have won.

2682 days ago


She'll probably sing "Over the Rainbow" twenty times. Can not stand her.

2682 days ago


My God Chris, you attack Kat for being a 'ho (I suppose you think she is immoral) and then spew total filth yourself (hypocrite). Go ahead and say F.Y. to me dude, it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see that a celebrity and her fans can bring that kind of a vile reaction out of you. And yes, I love my "bitch" Kat.

2682 days ago


To: A person of class I'd love to show you dear. Many, many ways this can be done. Strap-on, free hand, or with my big fat tongue. Hop on, I’ll show ya how’s it's done.

2682 days ago


It's incredible how haters care so much about what she does. I think people can't really buy this type of promotion. It's almost like a spam ;).

As I said before. I liked it very much. I'm proud of McPhee, she is the trully one (besides KC on Breakaway) that it's bursting the idol bubble. I wish her all the luck, she is talented, she deserve it.

And it's incredible how a cd cover that show almost zero skin can cause controversy. Guess she can't help being sexy because it's not near bad as other covers, still cause so strong reactions.

2682 days ago


No thank you.......had quite enough of her ego and so-so singing on idol.

2682 days ago


Katharine is a star.

You cannot deny that fact.

2682 days ago


Ok listen up people. Taylor won get over it. He was the best out of everyone. He has struggled to make it in this business. He has real voice, real power, and a realness about him. He is not fake like the rest. So what if little miss McPhee had an eating disorder. I bet she prob. didn't and just made that statement to get her 15 minutes of fame back up cause she knows it isn't gonna last much longer. Look at Taylor he has a second album coming out, numorus deals in the works, and he has such a bright future in the business. I know why you all are haters, just cause Taylor is not the teenie bop type of singer and that he actually has soul, she gets the short end of the stick. Get over yourselfs. Soulpatrol all the way baby!

2682 days ago


Geez people, quit tripping the hell out over the other idols! Who the hell cares who won, the competition is over and Kat and TayTay have different music styles - I hope they both do well. Kat looks great in the picture - leave the poor sweet thing be.

Also, whoever said she's rude is so wrong, she's just the opposite - kind, gracious and very grateful to be where she's at. Would'nt the world be a happier place if we could appreciate when good things happen to others? Peace!

2682 days ago

Lenn K    

Now let me get this straight, this is a near crotch shot. How about a near plane crash, or a near drowning. Even better, how about a near DUI. OMG!

2682 days ago


She might as well have lifted that skirt up so that the whole world could see her once meaty crotch. Since she started out fat at the beginning of the season, i'm sure with her weight loss, her once meaty crotch turned into a flabby crotch. This ho has probably slept with David Foster already, considering he's working hard to make her album a hit, when we all know she will be a no hit wonderer. Jessica Beil and Jessica Alba are hotter than this dark poodle hair chic dressed like a hooker. McPee sucks.

2682 days ago
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