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Katharine McPhee's Near Crotch Shot

12/15/2006 3:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In her first album cover, the gorgeous American Idol runner-up is riding the coat-tails of the "Year of the Beaver," and transforming herself into a Flashdance-inspired temptress.
Katharine McPhee Album Cover
Unlike most of today's artists, who rarely produce a track alone, Katharine is giving us 100 percent McPhee; there are no collaborations. Distancing herself from her giggly American Idol image may be just what the highly-tressed songstress needs to make her career soar. It worked for Kelly Clarkson!

The sultry siren's album is set to drop January 30.


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Grow up, Its a great shot and she looks great. TMZ tried a cheap trick to get everyone to look at their page so they can get lots of hits so they can charge more to advertise on their site. Come on TMZ this is in no way a near crotch shot! With all of the celebs acting like idiots by driving drunk, showing their crotches, going on ugly rants about jews and blacks there is enough dirt around to make your money. This girl has done NOTHING wrong! And to the readers posting, the shot has nothing to do with which Idol is going to sell the most records. The show is over, they were all talented and will all do ok. All of the finalists were under a lot of pressure and held up just fine. Why not wish them all well!

2836 days ago

Henry Burciaga    

As far as Katharine's recent album cover is concern, I think it is highly asthetic and artistic. It's composition is superb, and the subject, in this case Katharine, is a beautiful young woman. And yes, sex does sell. Just ask Modonna and Beyonce. But most important, she can carry a fine tune with those pipes of hers'.
Although I don't know Katharine personally, the manner she has presented herself in the public eye is professional, friendly and respectful. As far as her past trouble with her weight is concern, she did have an emotional issue (doesn't anybody ?), but she dealth with it and was able to surpass it. And for that alone, I respect her.

She's has a good singing future without a doubt and it's her time to shine; and for that I say, GO GIRL ! And for the few, such as Chris, who have trashed Katharine, either because you don't know her or are projecting your own baggage, I say : GET A LIFE ! or get some serious therapy. I can do some pro-bono time.

2836 days ago


What a white trash whore.

2836 days ago


You people make me sick. She is gorgeous with some weight or not. This have to be thin thing to be pretty is so stupid. You are all conditioned like Pavlov's dogs with the weight thing. Marilyn Monroe was hot, but nowadays you would all say she is a porker. How thin are you???

2836 days ago


Well with a name Henry Burciaga, you sound like a got damn pervert to me, but hey your bitch Kat loves them types and as far as you telling me that i need therapy, you can kiss my ass motherf***er. Your the one who needs the damn therapy telling people that this bitch is a good singer. You must have had your head up your ass during the show, saying she was friendly, respectful and had manners on the show. Half of the time this bitch was arguing with the judges and showed no f***n remorse when Elliott was voted off. Why don't you get some therapy for being a pervert and getting all sexually aroused by seeing her legs spread wide open on her cover. That must really turn on old f***n bastards named Henry like you. F***n pervert. Go get some Viagra, maybe looking at her cover again can do something for you next time. A**hole.

2836 days ago


This bitch has some serious thunder thighs going on. Not even Super Models have big legs like that. Her posture is bad too. Check out the pictures at the AMA, they have a sh*t-load of poses with her hunch-back exposed.

2836 days ago


One thing is pretty much agreed uopn, and that is Almost 'Everbody Hates Kat' ! She is the most DISLIKED AI CONTESTANT in all 5 years and for good reason, she is a Biatch!!!!!

2836 days ago

Henry Burciaga    

To My Love: I see what you think of yourself. How can you respect others if you don't respect yourself.

2836 days ago

Henry Burciaga    

Hey Chris: You're a unique piece of work. You're a very sick and unstable individual and an abomination to the human race. I feel vey sorry for you and the individuals who care about you. You poor lost soul. Leave Katharine alone and start working on yourself because if you don't, you'll be a loser for the rest of your life. And by the way, you may want to stick a red-hot poker up where the sun dosen't shine.

2836 days ago


Catherine Mcfee Has a beautiful voice. She sang this year with some of the greats. Taylor Hicks however has been a damn embarrassment to American idol. He has done nothing origional. He is a professional song regurgator. I mean even Kellie Pickler has a song out on the charts...

2836 days ago


Catherine Mcfee Has a beautiful voice. She sang this year with some of the greats. Taylor Hicks however has been a damn embarrassment to American idol. He has done nothing origional. He is a professional song regurgator. I mean even Kellie Pickler has a song out on the charts...

2836 days ago


1.) She is beautiful.
2.) She has a great voice.
3.) The cover photo looks great, but it does not hold up to Idol image she tried to sell to everyone.
4.) She is being promoted well.
5.) Her new songs suck. Open Toes....God help us by never letting this song make it to the radio airwaves.
6.) The only CD sales will be from Kat fans buying multiple copies to boost sales.
7.) She shouldn't have made it past 4th place on the show. Against All Odds made my ears bleed.
8.) In her fans' eyes, she is perfect and can not do anything wrong, which includes putting out a bad CD or dressing in god awful fashion for award shows to mirror the other L.A. ho bags.

2835 days ago


Her 15 minutes are just about up, and should have been a while ago. She may be able to sing - who knows? The only thing I remember is that horrid "Somewhere over the Rainbow". She focused nearly solely on her looks, unlike Taylor who may does not have an opera type voice, but he's been hitting the bar circuit for like 10 years. He's into the music, not the look.

She also took constructive criticism very poorly - she's just another pretty face with possibly a good voice underneath.

2835 days ago


Looks like she is on her cell phone to me. It just doesn't capture a good look for her. I guess if you want to try to up the unit amounts sold it might work for males buying it. I guess the marketing skills are there to up the does sell.

I believe it was #82 maggie....Taylor Hicks has written several of the songs on his cd as have the others from AI who have cd's out.
Sometimes it is just in name if they helped on the tempo or the words but on an interview the other day Taylor does have a song he has done for several years on his cd. He has been in the business for several years and has alot of experience.
Kellie admitted she was new to it but wrote some on the bus during the tour. Chris did the same and never faked who he was on AI. He is who he is and I think will go far.
Carrie Underwood rules though. No one will ever break the records she has in the music industry from AI's last season. She has beat some of Kelly Clarkson's accomplishments but that is ok...I think Kelly is fantastic just needs to lose some attitude from her stardom.
It is really not a bad thing to be discovered from AI even if you don't win...look at Jennifer! She has talent and didn't have to do any tricks to sell herself.....fantastic.

2835 days ago


Hey Jimmy, you should know enough about sticking red hot pokers up your ass, if your gonna tell me to try it. You wouldn't last one minute in Long Island , NY tell ing people that sh*t that Katharine is the best singer ever in the world and how great she is.

2835 days ago
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