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On Baby Buying Binge

12/15/2006 5:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa Minnillo tapped into her maternal instincts and went on a shopping spree on Tuesday... for baby things!

Vanessa Minnillo
The "TRL" host hit L.A.'s Petit Tresor, a fave of stars like Katie Holmes and Madonna, and dropped around $600 on items for a boy.

We're told Vanessa came in alone (boyfriend Nick Lachey was nowhere to be found), and was in the holiday spirit. Among the items Minnillo went gaga for: a chenille baby basket for $189, a pair of adorable dinosaur slippers for $32, a frog plush toy for $38 and a blue Ultrasuede blanket for $269. Vanessa took all the gifts with her and had none of them wrapped.

It's looking like a very Merry Christmas for at least one boy in Vanessa's life.


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Janine, I'll go even further than Charlie and ask why the hypocrisy? You bitch at that commenter for basing their comment on Jessica and Nick's reality show, and then you do it yourself.

2869 days ago

Keeping it Real    

Charlie, why do you have to automatically play the "Nick wouldn't want you" card?
You know a person can comment passionately, without wanting to be the man's love slave. Where is the hypocrisy, when somebody is saying that the man checked out of his marriage because HE wanted to be with other women, and that it was evident on their show because he wasn't always nice to her?

2869 days ago


The hypocrisy is that, unless you are a close, personal friend of Jessica's, you are basing your assumptions of her in the same manner that you accuse the others of judging Nick ( the media, their show). If you can judge Jessica based on these things, then let others have their opinion of Nick based on the same.

2869 days ago


BWWWAAHHH HHHAAAHHH HHHAAAAHHHH!!! Jessic**t Simpslut was SO out classed! The mens room attendants have more style than her washed up ass!! GOOD! I hope she cries her way into a bottle and never crawls out. She a talentless suckass who PROVED that she has NO sense of professionalism!NICK WIL NEVER EVER GO WITH HER!!

2869 days ago


NEWLYWEDS that was funny. And I'll have to side with Janine I dont think she wants nick passionately she's just posting an opinion. That Vanessa is an ugly lookin slut nobody like's her, ugly nasty ass bitch. Even if she is pregnant that baby will be an ugly little thing. And honestly everyone keeps saying Jessica is jealous and wants Nick back I dont think she cares about Nick she doesnt look jealous at all to me. Jessica is probably relieved that Vanessa took Nick off her hands. I think jessica is happier now rid of nick.

2869 days ago


If you read back, no one attacked Janine for her opinion until after she went bolistic because someone had a different opinion from hers.

2869 days ago


Wow, these Team Minnillo people are so classy.

2869 days ago


I dont like Jessica or Vanessa Nick went from bad to worse. Whats with the team this and that Jessica filed for divorce. Im sure she knew that Nick would date and marry some other girl after that. Why does everyone instigate? If I file for divorce from my husband I'll want my husband to move on with someone else. I'll feel better that way. Do you think Jessica expected Nick to give up dating and to never be with a woman ever again? Vanessa looks like the bigger idiot she has Jessica's reject she has jessica's old trash. Vanessa will be the 2nd wife. She will always be second place. Jessica preety much said "Hey vanessa do me a favor and take my nasty ass husband I dont want the scum bag. Have fun with him bye! Jessica is having a time of her life now.

2869 days ago


Vanessa is a common chick taking her 15 minutes of fame all the way into labor and delivery.....Nick LOVES Jessica....but, with her, he felt over shadowed and unimportant....he couldn't stand the fact that she was the star, and he was her arm jewlery.....and now, he's had a come back album....which is ALL about Jessica, and his love for her...and his life being destroyed......if your life is destroyed, it probably has somethiung to do with you and Vanessa M.......she's gross.....and fake.....Jessica may have been a ditz, but that is her....that is how she REALLY is....don't be surprised if Vanessa shows her TRUE colors after getting the baby and the ring......

2851 days ago


uhmm.. vanessa has a team? wow shes a vj shes soo talented. let me tell you. COMON SHES A NOBODY. shes friggin ugly 2. shes only being notcied because of nick. vanessa is fake. she really doesnt compare 2 jessica. jessica is beautiful.. & is known everywhere. i dont even know if vanessa is even known throughout america. team minnillo- jessica cans ing- & what does vanessa do? ohh yes i remeber she talks on mtv & ET. wow what a career. jessica & her millions r probably jealous of her gold digging ugly ass. shes using nick... i mean do u seriously think she loves him? if they have a kid tis going 2 be gross. if jess is so jealous she'd ask nick 4 a sec. chance. & if she did do that nick would take her back in a hearbeat. did you read the rolling stone magazien where he said he'd marry jessica again - & if she cheat on him 5 times over he'd always love her? VANESSA YOU & YOURE UGLY ASS SHOULD GO BACK 2 DEREK JETER .

2849 days ago
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