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Donald to Miss USA: Go Back to Kentucky

12/16/2006 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump has told hard-partying Miss USA Tara Connor to pack her bags and move out of her Trump Plaza apartment.
Tara Connor
"She does not live here anymore," a doorman at the posh property tells the New York Post. "She is not allowed on Trump property. I don't think it was her choice, really."

Trump says pageant officials are still looking into the "situation," and plan to make an announcement Tuesday. But we already broke the news that the Kentucky native will be passing the tiara over to runner-up Tamiko Nash.

Since being crowned in April, Tara has been seen partying with Travis Barker, Ryan Seacrest and MTV VJ Damien Fahey. "Honestly, she's kind of like Lindsay Lohan," says a source.

Britney SpearsBrit Bares More Naughty Bits

Just when we thought we had seen it all, it looks like Britney Spears is mixing it up a bit. The party mom was spotted at L.A. hotspot Element, sans Paris ... and a bra. US reports that Brit sported a super short skirt and a skintight, see-through top. A couple days later, the pop princess was at a burlesque show, and apparently wanted to be part of the action so badly that she took off her shirt and danced around in just a bra and miniskirt.

BeyonceJay-Z to Marry Beyonce -- and Sasha?

No wonder they're not hitched yet. Beyonce told Parade magazine that she has an onstage alter ego named Sasha. "I wouldn't like her if I met her," the diva admits. "She's too aggressive, too strong, too sassy, too sexy. I'm not her in real life at all." Beyonce transforms into Sasha so that when she's offstage, she doesn't "have to think about what it is I do" for a living. C'mon, Beyonce, it isn't that bad!

Party Favors: O.J.'s Publisher Canned ... Oprah Winfrey Gears Up for Reality Shows ... Anna Nicole Smith Lands on U.S. Soil

Publisher Judith Regan, who commissioned the doomed O.J. book, "If I Did It," was fired from HarperCollins. The news comes a month after the release of the misguided tell-all was canceled ... Oprah Winfrey is working on not one but two reality shows for ABC, "The Big Give" and "Your Money or Your life." "The Big Give" will feature 10 people helping others and competing for the chance to realize their "wildest" dreams, while "Your Money or Your Life" will feature families in crisis ... Anna Nicole Smith left the Bahamas for the first time since the birth of her daughter, DannieLynn, and the death of her son, Daniel. She appeared in a San Francisco courthouse where she continued to fight for her late husband's fortune.

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No Avatar


You are so deep and philosophical. Just so you know, I'm not overweight. I'm six feet tall with hair to my waist. I'm no beauty queen, but I'm not ugly either. And if anyone were to compare my posts to yours, I think it's pretty evident who the dumb one is. You are a nameless, faceless drone making assumptions about people you don't know. Your opinion is irrelevant, as is mine. But you are entertaining. Thanks.

2846 days ago


Yes Ms. Back-To-Unlucky will find her 15 minutes of fame wherever and anyway she can but what a fool to botch up what, for her I'm sure seemed "the opportunity of a lifetime". Kentucky is a miserable, boring place compared to most other states - and yes I do know - I've spent most of my life in Kentucky so save your breath. That girl knew the rules, signed the dotted line and then irresponsibly wasted her ticket out of hell - what a moron. Donald kick her to the curb! Then contact your people and make sure she doesn't find work in either LA or NY - serves her dumb ass right!!!

2846 days ago


did Beyonce graduate from high school?

2846 days ago


Kentucky does "suck" if you like the arts, or nightlife. Or if you don't like college basketball. But I've also lived in Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Ohio and Mississippi. They weren't that great either. Maybe it depends on the city. I used to live in Louisville. It's gone to hell. But now I live in a small town, and it has been a great improvement. I agree, Tara Conner knew her obligations and responsiblities. I'm sure Miss California is excited. But honestly, does anybody take Miss USA seriously?

2846 days ago


Donald Trump is off my good list. First he fires Caroline and now he's stripping the crown from someone he gave it to - and her apartment too! Dirty pool.
The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away, huh Hairboy?

2846 days ago


To posters #1, #2, and #3: THANK GOD I'm not the only one thinking that Bitch-yonce sounds like a retard when she speaks. How this idiot made it in Hollywood is so idiotic and speaks volumes on what passes for ''talent'' nowadays. Her voice is nothing that great. I've heard just as good at my local theatre. Her acting stinks, too. I was literally questioning my sanity when I heard she was nominated for a Golden Globe! WHAT THE HELL??!! I hope that idiotic bitch (and her bigger bitch of a mother) drown in the blood of the animals that are tortured and skinned alive to make their ugly coats.

2846 days ago

Yes I TYped IT    

Hey , excuse me, I'm from the South and I do not
speak slow like Beyonce (that's not an excuse!) Her
parents kept her on stage and not in the classroom.
And have u noticed how she nods her head whe she
speaks? Strange huh? I guess that's how she gets
her words out. If u listen to her lyrics u can tell
English isn't her language.

2846 days ago

Yes I TYped IT    

Britney Spears ' parenting skills can be compared to those of of Hitler's mother. Those kids are going to be so screwed up.
On crack and meth mothers party throughout the week. What thethe hell is this child's problem? I said child because she's
acting like one. Talk about your unfit mother.

2846 days ago


#38: I'm no Beyonce fan either; but how can you wish that she and her mom "drown in the blood of animals" blah blah blah.....?? Do you enjoy your nice leather shoes and handbags?!?! Leather comes from animals too!!!! What's the difference in wearing a fur coat or a leather coat?!?! Animals are slaughtered everyday for fur, leather, and food. Get over it and go join PETA you IDIOT!

2846 days ago

duh...totally !    

~~ RIP~~

Donald Trump's hair piece died today...what will he do ???

very sad.....

2846 days ago


Beyonce is a hack. She is so overrated it's sick. JayZ is definatley slumming hooking up with that snatch.

2846 days ago

The Virgin    

im sure Miss USA's eyebrows didn't help her out!..she's pretty but her eyebrows are not cutting it

2846 days ago


That miss usa is one ugly cooter. Nice eyebrows bitch!

2846 days ago

nancy polston    

it should have been a black girl

2845 days ago

H. Davis    

Al Gore brought shame to the BlueGrass State long before Tara did!

2845 days ago
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