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Donald to Miss USA: Go Back to Kentucky

12/16/2006 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump has told hard-partying Miss USA Tara Connor to pack her bags and move out of her Trump Plaza apartment.
Tara Connor
"She does not live here anymore," a doorman at the posh property tells the New York Post. "She is not allowed on Trump property. I don't think it was her choice, really."

Trump says pageant officials are still looking into the "situation," and plan to make an announcement Tuesday. But we already broke the news that the Kentucky native will be passing the tiara over to runner-up Tamiko Nash.

Since being crowned in April, Tara has been seen partying with Travis Barker, Ryan Seacrest and MTV VJ Damien Fahey. "Honestly, she's kind of like Lindsay Lohan," says a source.

Britney SpearsBrit Bares More Naughty Bits

Just when we thought we had seen it all, it looks like Britney Spears is mixing it up a bit. The party mom was spotted at L.A. hotspot Element, sans Paris ... and a bra. US reports that Brit sported a super short skirt and a skintight, see-through top. A couple days later, the pop princess was at a burlesque show, and apparently wanted to be part of the action so badly that she took off her shirt and danced around in just a bra and miniskirt.

BeyonceJay-Z to Marry Beyonce -- and Sasha?

No wonder they're not hitched yet. Beyonce told Parade magazine that she has an onstage alter ego named Sasha. "I wouldn't like her if I met her," the diva admits. "She's too aggressive, too strong, too sassy, too sexy. I'm not her in real life at all." Beyonce transforms into Sasha so that when she's offstage, she doesn't "have to think about what it is I do" for a living. C'mon, Beyonce, it isn't that bad!

Party Favors: O.J.'s Publisher Canned ... Oprah Winfrey Gears Up for Reality Shows ... Anna Nicole Smith Lands on U.S. Soil

Publisher Judith Regan, who commissioned the doomed O.J. book, "If I Did It," was fired from HarperCollins. The news comes a month after the release of the misguided tell-all was canceled ... Oprah Winfrey is working on not one but two reality shows for ABC, "The Big Give" and "Your Money or Your life." "The Big Give" will feature 10 people helping others and competing for the chance to realize their "wildest" dreams, while "Your Money or Your Life" will feature families in crisis ... Anna Nicole Smith left the Bahamas for the first time since the birth of her daughter, DannieLynn, and the death of her son, Daniel. She appeared in a San Francisco courthouse where she continued to fight for her late husband's fortune.

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No Avatar


Is it MissUSA or PissedUSA? So she parties...why Mr Trump, is that a felony in your make-believe world? Good thing she doesn't hold babies over balconies, drive under the influence, adopt a baby from africa, marry a baby in all those ordinary celebrities you seem to endorse. How can she possibly HURT your image Trump? Go look in the mirror.

2833 days ago


Tara who?

2833 days ago


Whats so cool about being a Wasted Slut? Dirty genitals, cloudy mind, fake personality, fake friends. Real cool

2833 days ago


How the heck did that girl win with those eyebrows?? Horrible!

2833 days ago


Yeah, that Ms. USA looks like trouble. I'm suprised she even won! I wonder what her "talent" was...

Good call Trump.

2833 days ago

Tony J.    

She is SMOKIN' hot! Just like Vanessa Williams, if she's smart, she'll go to Playboy and get paid for a spread. Then it's on to interviews, book deals, etc. Who needs Miss USA?

2833 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Tara Connor, Ms. 'do as I say, not as I do.'

2833 days ago


I just don't get it. Tara looks really bad in my opinion. What's with her eyebrows? I think she would look much prettier with a more natural look. Why do some of these stars look so fake? There are other stars who don't wear a pound of makeup etc. and they look so much better!

2833 days ago


Excuse me. I was raised in the south. Georgia, as a matter of record. My English is fine. Ya'll is not incorrect English, it is a contracton of you all, just like I'm is a contraction of I am. If you think that is improper English, go back to school.

Being from the South is not the reason for bad English. Not paying attention and not caring, is the problem.

2833 days ago

Brian Croner    

Tara Connor appears to be a lesbian. Lesbians make for bad girlfriends. All 5 of the girlfriends I've dated turned out to be lesbos. I couldn't stand it. I also think Donald Trump is a homosexual man, which makes for even less chemistry. I couldn't see how he could stand it. Lesbians are awesome women. Lipstick ones, like this one, can be so gorgeous. But emotionally, between any man and a lesbian, the connection is not there. Plus, if Donald is gay, then he'd need her mostly for show to decorate his arm, and she'd be unsuitable if he couldn't stand to touch her.

2832 days ago


How in blazes did that girl win with those eyebrows? Looks like she got in a fight with the wax machine! EWWW!

2832 days ago


Brian, it sounds as if you have a hell of a "gay complex...." Not everyone is gay, honey. Sorry to hear about your experience...

2832 days ago


For number 56: y'all is a contraction of you all. But it is mainly perceived as a term used only by southerners since it was created in the south. Perhaps because people did not want to say you all/ so they invented ya'll. It is a common term and not often used in a grammatical sense. Try using y'all in a Research Paper and see if you don't get an F. So stop offending people by sending them back to school.

2832 days ago


Are you guys kidding me? Miss America is hot as hell. PLEASE. I'd like to see how you all measure up to her. Boy, if that is ugly now-a-days, you must all be spectacular looking!

2832 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Oh I see, Beyonce is now positioning herself as an "actress" (rolls eyes)......

2832 days ago
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