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Jagger and Bowie Busted -- It's TRUE!

12/17/2006 9:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David and Mick were dancing in the sheets, or at least just passed out naked when Angela Bowie walked in on the two. Angela went on the Joan Rivers show to dish on her ex-marriage, just after a ten-year silence agreement had expired. She got cold feet at first when Joan and fellow guest Howard Stern starting digging for the goods.
Jagger and Bowie
Eventually, she spilled the beans. She later reneged on the issue of bisexual implications, saying that the two were asleep and just happened to be naked. She later claimed that she believed what everyone else assumed. So, according to David Bowie's ex-wife, this legend is no myth.


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Q-Force Inc.    

Only a fool takes a rumor and states it as fact. At least check sources. That Richard Gere/Gerbil thing is insane. Even gay people find that one hard to believe for the simple fact that anyone who puts a gerbil up their ass is f@#king insane. That is a nightmare not a fantasy...get a dildo.

2735 days ago


as for the Wizard of Oz "hanging" what I see in that part are birds, yes, but if you look really close as the scene is about to end, you will see "something" on a rope swinging back and forth on time each....check it out.

2806 days ago


I actually won a radio contest about the Wizard of Oz for that reason. I heard it was a person on the set, not an actor, who committed suicide.

2806 days ago

We, are not amused.    

It's like we use to say in the Navy: Give one shipmate a BJ, and they call you a dirtyc**k sucker for life!

2806 days ago


I just love the last comment. You will sensor BJ but you write out the rest lol. Too funny.

2806 days ago

Heloisa Ferreira    

What is Stella McCartney doing in Angie Bowie's place on this pic?

2806 days ago


It was my understanding Richard Gere was treated at Cedar Sinai for removal of gerbils. Has that source been explored? I still will never believe the guy is straight. That marriage to Cindy Crawford, I believe, was a cover and occurred after the scandal broke.

2806 days ago


This was just a little to much info I wanted to read. Anyway,who care's about Jagger or Bowie.....In my opinion they are ,out of date anyway,not to leave out ugly!!

2806 days ago

the wise old owl    

Well that was an easy test to pass. 100 % correct . Now is TMZ going to send a certificate with my " grade " on it. Ha ha

Of course I remember the David and Mick incident. Who could forget the visual picture of those 2 together. LMAO when people who blog on here refuse to believe this ODD behavior desplayed by so many Celebrities. They've done it all , seen it all, had it all. The thrill is gone for many of them . I'm surprised she didn't catch David and Mick in bed with A sheep or a DONKEY ! Now that would be funny.

2806 days ago

S.R. Wilson    

"Shazam!!!" I love Jim Nabors!!!! Gomer Pyle was the 2nd greatest military comedy ever produced--2nd only to M*A*S*H!!!
Why would anyone believe that he would have been married to Rock Hudson? I mean really, lawmakerss are just becoming less antiquated in their thinking. Even if they were in a commited relationship, it would have been career suicide to announce this.

2806 days ago

cocky jocky    

i think the two rock stars just had a bisexual experience, probaly while hyped up on too much coko, afterall these 2 have gotten so much p***y the probaly wanted to have some pokey in their old stinkers

2806 days ago

Kimberly Clark    

I've heard that, gay or straight, Jim Nabors is hung - one of the biggest in Hollywood along with Milton Berle and Roddy McDowell. Anyone else heard any "Big Rumors" about stars. Of course Tommy Lee and Rob Lowe have impressive credentials caught on tape.

2805 days ago


Per 11's request for info on hung male stars: I dated a guy who dated a guy who serviced Huell Howser in the bathroom of an airliner. Apparently Huell (many of his neighbors in California's Inland Empire -- including a good friend of mine -- are well aware he is gay... No biggee for them) is hung like a donkey. True this is third-hand, but here it is...

2805 days ago

Pepsi Lover    

Stella is in the picture because she's upset that they are having sex on a duvet cover made of fur.

2805 days ago


what a wonderful world we live in, a place where david bowie and mick jagger have been caught in bed together. we should all give thanks.

2805 days ago
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