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Tara Sinks;

Trump Likes the Ink

12/18/2006 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It won't be a very happy 21st birthday today for Tara Conner: The Kentucky beauty is on the verge of losing her Miss USA crown over allegations of drug use and excessive partying, and sources tell TMZ she will be replaced tomorrow officially by Tamiko Nash, Miss California.

The damning evidence continues to mount against Conner, whose tumultuous reign began in April. Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that Conner had failed a drug test for cocaine. Sources confirm to TMZ that after she was "caught red-handed," she took a hair follicle drug test that returned positive for coke.

What's more, we're told that pageant officials knew they had a problem with Conner and her wild ways "the minute she was crowned," and have been deeply troubled by her friendship with 18-year-old Miss Teen USA Katie Blair. The pair have been spotted kissing (yes -- each other) in bars, and returning together to her posh Trump Place apartment -- which Conner has since vacated -- late at night with a variety of men. To be clear, a rep for the pageant says that the allegations about Miss Teen USA are totally unfounded.

Meanwhile, TMZ has learned that The Donald himself could have made a decision on Conner's future weeks ago, and allowed the matter to pass with a minimum of media attention. However, according to a well-placed insider, Trump has been relishing the publicity that the Conner situation has generated for his pageant and let the fiasco continue to play out.

Tara may be cheered a bit to learn that at least one payday awaits: Penthouse magazine has been actively courting her services for a photo spread...


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71: We're trying to make the world a better place by getting Farrah off these message boards! Ha!

2836 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

you all bee whacky.......

2836 days ago


Well it looks like Farrah finally gave up! That or she had to run down to the welfare office to pick up her check.

2836 days ago

coco puff    

Not all blacks are on public assistance. There are actually more white people receiving welfare than African Americans. And I will never give up the fight of racism. I need to educate you'll, you seem to be very ignorant.

2836 days ago


The woman who won is far more beautiful than the runner up who will replace her. This contest is based on beauty and the white woman, although acting like an idiot, is just more beautiful. None of this really matters as a year or two from now no one will even remember their names.

2836 days ago

We, are not amused.    

It seems that you have forgotten...let me refresh your memories:
Girl Girls=HOT,
especially if they are engaging in random sex with picked up dudes AND doing the lesbo p***y grind!
Say what you will, Donald Thrump knows how to promote his business intrest!

2836 days ago


yep it is racist just like black people are racist

2836 days ago

tim meyers    

the whole thing is stupid and not worth the paper or screen it's printed on

2836 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Trump is just using this to try and get attention back on his beauty pageants.. now that he owns them.

2836 days ago

charlene mccluskey    

Wow, a lot of judgement here on-line with people who have bad grammer nice to live in a glass house people

2836 days ago


Farrah, Get over it! I certianly agree with your point about Tara Conner being less than what the pagent officials and the American Public would have liked their idea of the all american girl to look and act like, but as a Black American I am tired of race always being the excuse for everything. Coo raises a very good point there are numerous pagents indigenious only to Balck American women so tread carefully when using the race card, it would be a shame that when you really needed it and there was really a bias no one listened because that is the only point you ever make, fortunately, though their is much work to be done on the race issue in America this is certianly not one of those times or issues, there have been Black Miss America's. Simply Tara Conner bad choice Black, White , Red, Yellow, Brown, whatever her color, the fact is she is more Penthouse than Miss America.

2836 days ago


yeah farrah,god forbid there be an all white pageant,or something similar to the bet network for whites...quit bitchin and accept the facts,race is not the reason for everything that u dont agree with...

2836 days ago


Hey Farrah, wanna talk racism? OK what about the United Negro College Fund? Racism? I think so! If I started the United White College Fund, I would be called a racist. Why separate it? Why not one college fund for needy students? Not just needy negros? If you want to be treated as equal, don't separate youself when it is to your benefit.
As far as the pagent being racist, you are a moron. I seem to remember that Vanessa Williams won in the '80's. She was later robbed of her crown for a stupid reason. Beside the point. Anyway, why must race be brought into everything? I like everyone until they give me a reason not to. This regardless of the color of their skin.Your are a ugly person no matter what color you may be. I think that you just like to create contraversary. PS Just a FYI My husband is African American and he agrees, your are an insult to his race.

2836 days ago


Maybe Farah needs to look at the past. Can she say Vanessa Williams? Oh well that is not politically correct. I must apologize. I guess only whites make mistakes

2836 days ago


Farrah, it sounds like "you" are the racist . Also, it appears you are an uneducated person from the North. Get over it . WE have .

2836 days ago
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