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Tara Sinks;

Trump Likes the Ink

12/18/2006 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It won't be a very happy 21st birthday today for Tara Conner: The Kentucky beauty is on the verge of losing her Miss USA crown over allegations of drug use and excessive partying, and sources tell TMZ she will be replaced tomorrow officially by Tamiko Nash, Miss California.

The damning evidence continues to mount against Conner, whose tumultuous reign began in April. Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that Conner had failed a drug test for cocaine. Sources confirm to TMZ that after she was "caught red-handed," she took a hair follicle drug test that returned positive for coke.

What's more, we're told that pageant officials knew they had a problem with Conner and her wild ways "the minute she was crowned," and have been deeply troubled by her friendship with 18-year-old Miss Teen USA Katie Blair. The pair have been spotted kissing (yes -- each other) in bars, and returning together to her posh Trump Place apartment -- which Conner has since vacated -- late at night with a variety of men. To be clear, a rep for the pageant says that the allegations about Miss Teen USA are totally unfounded.

Meanwhile, TMZ has learned that The Donald himself could have made a decision on Conner's future weeks ago, and allowed the matter to pass with a minimum of media attention. However, according to a well-placed insider, Trump has been relishing the publicity that the Conner situation has generated for his pageant and let the fiasco continue to play out.

Tara may be cheered a bit to learn that at least one payday awaits: Penthouse magazine has been actively courting her services for a photo spread...


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Here we ago again with another everything is racist remark from Farrah. Everything is racist. Right. I'm so sick of idiots like Farrah making these ignorant remarks. It has nothing to do with racism. Stop with the stupid dumb ass allegations. Your a fool Farrah.

2830 days ago


I would like to ask Farrah why in the first line of your comment you would call somebody "White Trash", and then talk about something being racist? The contest is probably a little racist, but one way to cut down on this is to not make comments like that.

2830 days ago

coco puff    

Damn! There are some dumb-ass motherf***ers on here. People think they know me by how I write. Who the hell are you to judge motherf***er? And how the f*** do I know if you are black or white? By the way you write or because you feel the need to say what color you are. Racism is rampent in this country and we should close our eyes and believe it's not there. I only hope that I can change or open some minds. That's my mission.

2830 days ago

coco puff    

Kyle, you can't be a little racist. That's like a woman saying she's a little pregnant. And as far as my comment about her being "white trash", what do you call a 19 year old from Kentucky who is snorting coke and boozing it up. She's supposed to be a role model, so I feel white trash is appropriate. If she was African American, white people would be calling her a nigger.

2830 days ago


Tara Conner is just another pretty slut who happened to win the MissUSA pagent. So, she likes to party. Let her enjoy herself. All the hype over beauty pagents is BS anyway. These girls are groomed all of their young lives to be something that soceity thinks they should be. It's a wonder they can even think for themselves.
And for my friend Farrah, take your racist bull somewhere else. You are the racist biaaatch.

2830 days ago


Hey fahrrah, keep your stupid racist remarks to yourself. You always want to blame everything on race...Get over it!!!

2830 days ago

im just sayin    

let it go. if your black get over it. you your parents your grandparents were never slaved. Its old seriously. There are terrorists out there now that want to kill all of us. They dont care if were black, white, chinese. Dont you think that is way more important now than you bitchin about stupid racial sh*t thats old and never affected you anyway!!!!!!

2830 days ago


You guys are retards. How many of those pageants girls do you think don't use coke. I bet a fair amount do-- helps keep their weight down.

2830 days ago

coco puff    

I said it before and I'll say it again. Pretending racism no longer exists will not make it go away. We need to get it out in the open, like Michael Richards did, in order for the healing process to begin. No justice, no peace.

2830 days ago


Farrah, No facts have come out and your already calling names and claiming racist. I'll bet you think eveything you don't agree with is because of racism. Shut up stupid.

2830 days ago

im just sayin    

I was at the zoo the other day and I could not get over the resemblence between the gorillas and the black people standing next to me. It was uncanny.
Now that was racist!!

2830 days ago


Thats what I am trying to say you don't want people calling you a nigger because it is a racist comment. You complain about something being racist and then say the exact same thing about someone that is white and from the south.

2830 days ago


Farrah, What is wrong with you? You say you want to make people aware and hopefully change minds. First, change the language in #108, what are you gaining by using such profane and ignorant language? Secondly, yes there are still racial issues in this country that need to be addressed, but this is not one of them, nor is this the forum to debate this issue. You may want to reevaluate your mission and find a way to get your point across in a forum built for that discussion, along with modifying your commentary in a way that people will be receptive to your ideals and listen to what you have to say. The ignorant Angry Black Woman or Minority act is played out and ineffective. Yes, you've gotten some responses and yes you have simply enraged or turned off anyone who may have been receptive or simpathetic to your cause by the volitale way you express yourself. Again, as a Black American I have a hard time believing that you are a Black American and yes I make that acsertion by what and how you are writing your commentary. Sorry to prejudge but you opened the door, now close it and move on!

2830 days ago


Farrah you are a racist! not everything that happens in the world today has to do with this white person treating this black person badly because they black.This is not one of the issues and most of the time RACE doesnt have a DAM thing to do with whatever is going on. I think its black people who get things going with "why does it have to be about race" ," they wouldnt have done it like that if they were black",and so on and so on.This happens to be about this woman who went crazy and used her crown as a ticket to get what she could.Plain and simple,she screwed up,and she is going to pay for it.SO STOP SEENING IN BLACK AND WHITE,ITS GETTING OLD!

2830 days ago


I competed in the top five against Tara in several pageants. She was a self-absorbed whore back then. I'm glad the Miss Universe organization finally found a way to get rid of her. Karma's a bitch!

2830 days ago
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