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Jingle Bells ... Britney Smells ...

12/19/2006 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Leave it to Britney Spears to decorate a Christmas tree with her own perfume.

To promote her Elizabeth Arden fragrance collection, the festive Britster invited cameras into her Malibu manger to shoot an ad -- just in time for the holidays. The awkward promo shows the panty-challenged scent-hawker putting ornaments on her tree that are shaped like her 'Curious' and 'Fantasy' perfume bottles, while explaining why each fragrance would make a great gift.

Ah, the green smell of licensing fees.


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LOL #51!

2843 days ago


I wonder if shes acting out?? lol...In a way I think she is trying to get back at KFed because she couldnt control him. I like Brit but she needs to clean it up, go down the straight and narrow and disappear for a month or two for her own benefit. I think she should start the new year as a beautiful mother fo 2 that still rocks out but tastefully. I really hope this part of her life is over, she needs intervention from her family and peace within herself.

2843 days ago

let me know    

Briteny is broke cHeAP Commerical her perfume has vagina fungus on it BeWaRe If you want that go buy it you f***ers

2843 days ago

let me know    

This is for #6

this is not the best mom almost dropping her baby / front car with her baby no car seat / the car seat was not install right / drop the baby on the floor when he was on his high chair etc. you are wrong you don't know what is a good mother maybe you are like that white slut putting her baby in danger just to get publicity you slut f***ers I see other celebrity moms better then her like angelina jolie reese witherspoon they leave thir children with a family member britney leave her kids with c**k sucker paris hilton or with a guy that is just had f*** her up

2843 days ago

let me know    

Jingle bell.........Britney Smells......... LIKE VAGINA AND C**K

2843 days ago


Some of you need to remember let those cast the first stone who has nothing to hide. She is a young mom of two baby boys, newly separated, lived her whole life in front of the camera. She has never had a normal life (dating, friends, etc.). She has made mistakes but that is the learning process of not being able to me normal. She is going through a rough time right now and trying to figure it all out and raise two kids. She is not a stuck up Diva like some of the other rich and famous. She pumps her own gas, goes and buys her own things at the drug stores. I seen where they said something about her having a $40,000 car. She supports a lot of her family and her mother totally. So she has a lot of people depending on her for their livelyhood. That in itself is very scary. She seems like a little girl trying to find her way and doing the best she can with what little she has learned of a normal life. Everyone knows when they first break up with someone (especially someone who has cheated on you) you want to show them that hey I can go on without you and look at what you lost. She was hurt by what Kevin did to her and she was lashing out which is a perfectly normal reaction but the only difference is everyone was watching her every move. When you see her and how she acts, you cannot deny that she is a very sweet person. So if you are her fan give her the support she needs at this time. If you are not her fan just give her some compassion for all she is going through and put yourself in her shoes for a while and think about how you would feel.

2843 days ago

LATINA LOVER and loving it    

HA HA HA HA HA...I love some of the posts that say she is hot, apparently you people don't know what the hell hot is. Brit use to be an attractive girl, I guess she still is for those of you use to the trailer scene!!! For all those die hard fans plz drop her a line and tell her to (1) Go home to the babies at least for 1 WHOLE weekend, (2) Wash that greasy ass hair sometime this week plz (3) Just sign over custody to Kevin because at this rate he might get them anyway (4) Stay away from your sister so she doesn't pick up any of your whorish ways (5) Read some the blogs out there all about your nasty ways(might help her get a clue) Last but not least... If you don't want the babies give them to someone that does and that will love the like they deserve. Really I couldn't care less about what she is (isn't doing) but every time I see her the new stunts I can't help but think about the babies. It may not affect them now but someone will have all this sh*t saved up just to pass on to the boys!

2843 days ago

LATINA LOVER and loving it    

To #59 You sound like a compasionate good person however... growing up in the "lime light" is NO reason to neglect your children! She can lash out all she wants but when she decied to have babies (with man that left his pregnant girlfriend) priorities change instantly. I also USE to like her but apparently she has no respect for herself so I sure have non. She needs to sit her ass down take care of the children first . Hope she hasn't ruined her career, there are alot of people that lost it for her before she married K-Fed due to the circumstances they "hooked up" under. I am one of those people, Im a new mother and a woman that respects her self and others. Britney has shown that she is not so I have a hard time feeling even a little bit sorry for her. Like #60 wrote the children are the only concern I wish she would see that for herself.

2843 days ago


now it wasnt that bad

2843 days ago


Brittany is acting out like a rebellious teenager. She needs a good slap back into reality if she ever wants to be close to what she was before she hooked up with that disturbing looking K-Fed. I'm thinking all this partying just gets her away from her children which have to remind her of K-Fed every second and how she probably wishes she had never married him let alone have his babies. I always thought she was a beautiful, amazing dancer and performer, but lately she hasn't been too pretty. Unfortunately, if she doesn't change her ways and start acting like a lady and mother that she is now, no one is going to be interested in her musical comeback especially anyone that was thinking of using her as a spokesperson. Brittany get your sh*t together you're looking like a lost soul and Kevin is starting to look better than you...

2843 days ago


OH!! .........btw............... #62.....*L* takes one to know one...seems you know alot about trailor trash.....

2843 days ago


Anyone who supports Britney Spears has to have there own issues. Yeah, we're all haters...we Love to Hate her, why, I don't know myself, but she's entertaining in the worst way. I never understood her fame in the 1st place, she can't sing, she's dumb, and she was hot, but so are LOTS of other girls. She was the WORST role model for young girls and God forbid she comes back! Like I want my little girl looking up to that trash! I may as well spend the day with some classy trailor park folk. PS....this clip was ridiculous...what was the point?

2843 days ago


Is that what those are?? Bags? I like them. I want some. I thought bags were black circles under your eyes like when your too trashed to take off your make up and sleep in it. She needs to sell some perfume so she can hire her old hairdresser back. That new color looks like it came right out of a box!

2843 days ago


#6-8-10-14 ''upyours'' or should I say Britney?..(better known as slutney) Stop flattering yourself and go sniff Paris' bloomers!!!
If you're not Britney..then get a life. Go idolize someone worth idolizing!!!!

2843 days ago


Look at those bags under her eyes . . . . booze blot if
I ever saw it . . . and I bet she is so squeezed under that
shirt into the pants she is about to explode.
And her stuff smells

2843 days ago
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