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Jingle Bells ... Britney Smells ...

12/19/2006 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Leave it to Britney Spears to decorate a Christmas tree with her own perfume.

To promote her Elizabeth Arden fragrance collection, the festive Britster invited cameras into her Malibu manger to shoot an ad -- just in time for the holidays. The awkward promo shows the panty-challenged scent-hawker putting ornaments on her tree that are shaped like her 'Curious' and 'Fantasy' perfume bottles, while explaining why each fragrance would make a great gift.

Ah, the green smell of licensing fees.


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I don't even like the perfume. I think it is so desperate to promote it as part of Christmas tree decor. I mean an entire tree w/Brit & her perfume. No thanks, I am Christian and NOT interested. Next thing we know she'll add the perfume to a Menorah!!!
For Christmas is a personal celebration, not chance to make trashy Brit richer! Couldn't she have stayed out of the public eye, been with her kids or DONATED time/money to kid's charities in the spirit (not smell) of Christmas???
Brit always did sing, "I'm not that innocent" and SHE ISN'T!!! My girls & I have seen her perform-she wasn't that NICE or attentive to her fans. We were very disappointed. So, for her to run around smoking, drinking, marrying twice, driving w/her child on her lap, having the child in ER for head injuries, and running around several day in public W/O panties is NO surprise! Where are her past dogs? Bit-Bit? ETC? Why did she dump on Madonna? She needs a friend with career excellence & longevity!
I do NOT feel sorry for Brit, who at age 25 has NO maturity and that money hasn't bought her class! Remember the t-shirts w/negative sayings? Brit running around the beach w/paparazzi taken her pics w/KEVIN who was expecting a baby with another woman????????? Brit should've found a single man at least, then to ask him to marry her and have 2 kids...UGH! I haven't seen KEVIN act half as immature, crude & selfish. BooHoo Brit...your former fans are old enough to know better...they've grown up and will not buy your new cd! in fact, your items are available at our local 99cent store in Los Angeles...and NO ONE is even buying those. I only have sympathy for Sean & Jayden. Possibly KEVIN, who maintains a relationship w/his "ex" and his other kids has PROVEN to be the better parent for physical custody!
Christmas? tree? Britney? ALL I CAN SAY IS HO!HO!HO!!!!!!!!!!

2831 days ago


OMG I was laughing so hard at #51 I almost puked HAHAHAHAHA.

2831 days ago


That was ALMOST as painful to watch as Jessica Simpson's movie, commercials and Proactive ads.

2831 days ago

mike owens    

Britney, if weren't such a prilage for them, I'd tell those nosy celeb chasers to kiss your rear!!! You are a beautiful woman, good mom and enjoying life! If others don't like it then to bad! I only wish I could join you. (like that could happen..) Enjoy!!! Mike

2831 days ago


Not hating or anything but I purchased her "FANTASY" perfume, the one that comes in that dark aqua colored bottle and it stinks!!! I smelled like a FRENCH WHORE!!! I couldn;t wait to go home and take a shower. I don;t recomend this perfume unless u want to feel CHEAP & SLEEZY!!!!!!!

2831 days ago


How desperate and pathetic, she's a tired ass looking has been and her fragrance is lame.

2831 days ago


What the hell is wrong with her head? Why is she bobbing it around like that? And if she's trying to hawk her perfume called "Fantasy" she should learn to say fantasy. What is she saying?

She is a smelly skank.

2831 days ago


Can she ever say anything without gyrating her head every which way?

2831 days ago


I thought Brit was gonna make a great come back when she broke with K-Fed...I am so disappointed ...well...Brit, you made quite a splash...but ya sunk to the bottom with're off my list girlfriend!!!!!

2831 days ago

Underwear anyone?    

I don't know about you guys....but, I'm rushing right out to buy 'Curious" Because I want to feel sexy and seductive for the holidays! BLAH!!! Thanks Brit! I needed a good laugh!

2831 days ago


i just realized that she is morphing into another Kirstie Alley. except KA is classier.

2831 days ago


The clip was fun and Britney looked a lot more relaxed when advertising her two different perfumes near the Christmas tree. don't know if that's her real home or someone else's--most celebrities are surprisingly private. That might have been filmed before she had that shorter haircut and divorcing Kevin Federline.

2831 days ago


she's such a dumb whore.

2831 days ago


Doesn't the girl know she has left usnothing to be curious or to Fantasies about

2827 days ago


That girl is a t-r-a-i-n-w-r-e-c-k!!!

2827 days ago
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