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Taye Rips PENarazzi: "You're a Parasite!"

12/19/2006 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't expect to find any autographed pictures of Taye Diggs on eBay anytime soon.

After reluctantly signing two photos for an eager signature seeker, the "Day Break" star reached his breaking point and refused to sign any more. "Makes me feel like you're a bit of a ... parasite" Diggs told the man. "You're getting something for nothing."

The man desperately defended his case saying, "I stand out here in the cold." But Diggs shot back, "That's your choice!" The autograph hound then likened his efforts to charity, but Taye didn't take the bait. "I get something out of that, I don't get anything out of this."


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What a jerk. I'm not sure who he even is but come on!

2809 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Who in the hell would PAY for a Taye Diggs autograph? Can't wait for a "Where are they Now" about Taye Diggs in one year. He's a total nobody. Get over yourself!

2809 days ago


How is Taye Diggs wrong when he clearly states that he gets something out of it being done for charity, but not for this greedy bastard who's just gonna hike up the price to a ridiculous amount and sell it on eBay for his own personal gain?

As far as he knows, that guy hasn't ever even seen one of his movies.

Some of you people need to stop drinking that Haterade.

2809 days ago


Some of you don't even know who Taye Diggs is (you must be living under a rock), but you've decided you hate him.

I bet if somebody white (like Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, whom white people seem to love like he's God) had done this, you'd be slapping him on the back saying how cool he is.

2809 days ago


Don't forget Taye, it could all be taken aware from you tomorrow. And the only thing you'll be signing is an application for a pay-day loan.

2809 days ago


I agree with Taye Diggs on this one. What middle-aged white male is "fan" of Taye Diggs? And asking for MULTIPLE autographs of pictures that he just HAPPENED to have with him? C'mon people, wake up and smell the ebay!

2809 days ago

Get over it    

He already signed TWO autographs.What don't you understand? How many autographs does he have to sign for ONE person before he is allowed to say no, what is the cut off? Some of you people are idiots.

2809 days ago

skeptical at best    

25. The only thing any actor owes his/her "fans" is a good performance so the money we spend seeing them perform is well spent.
They do not OWE us an autograph, personal time or anything else.
And if someone is kind enough to give you one, DO NOT STAND THERE SHOVING MORE AND MORE PICS FOR THEM TO SIGN JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO LEECH A LIVING OFF OF SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK BY SELLING THE AUTOGRAPHS. Move out of your Mom's basement and get a life and a real job.

Totally right. He shouldn't have signed more than one. I would have told the guy he should have used those 2 hours he spent waiting looking for a real job instead of being greedy.

2809 days ago


what an ass****

2809 days ago

Mr. X    

If he walked up to me and introduced himself I wouldnt know who he was. Shut the hell up Taye you damn whiner.

2809 days ago

Ms Urban Legend    

Say what you will, but Taye can still get it... even if he is only 5'2.

2809 days ago


somethin for nuthin, huh? what do you call those swag-pig celebrities?

2809 days ago


The guy said no and no means NO!! Gawd!! This idiot kept bugging and begging for an autograph. NO where in a AMERICA should we be forced to do something like signing an autograph. He has every right to turn this loser down who was only in it for a buck anyhow.

I think taye handled it like a champ. This guy was obviously harrassing him. I would punched dude in the face after telling him NO 15 times!

2809 days ago


If you don't want the publicity and the exposure, then perhaps you should find another career (if acting can even be considered a career...)

It gets mighty old hearing about how tough their lives are being hounded by cameras and fans, especially since most celebrities wouldn't know what to do if the limelight were taken from them. I am sure that if the paparazzi and cameras were taken away, most of the celebrity losers would be desperately seeking other ways of getting their face plastered out there...they live for it, despite how much they whine and complain.

Getting paid millions of dollars to play pretend doesn't make you special or really even newsworthy. Hollywood and the average celebrity can be summed up quite easily...trash with cash.

2809 days ago


I am say good for Taye. He makes a living as an actor, and gets paid well. This does not mean that the public has the right to hound and try to make him feel like he owes anyone anything. He entertains us, and if we think that gives us the right ti expect more, then we have the problem.

Dont we all get paid for the job we do? We wouldnt like to be hounded by some dumb-ass. Imagine how many times a day they (stars) get stopped by all kinds of weirdos.

Good for you Taye!!! That guy WAS AN OBNOXIOUS PUNK!!
Autographs are a gift and you are lucky if you get one. They dont owe you their signature.

2809 days ago
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