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Taye Rips PENarazzi: "You're a Parasite!"

12/19/2006 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't expect to find any autographed pictures of Taye Diggs on eBay anytime soon.

After reluctantly signing two photos for an eager signature seeker, the "Day Break" star reached his breaking point and refused to sign any more. "Makes me feel like you're a bit of a ... parasite" Diggs told the man. "You're getting something for nothing."

The man desperately defended his case saying, "I stand out here in the cold." But Diggs shot back, "That's your choice!" The autograph hound then likened his efforts to charity, but Taye didn't take the bait. "I get something out of that, I don't get anything out of this."


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I was waiting for the RACE card to be played!! AS USUAL!!!

2829 days ago

get a grip    

As for people who say that, "celebrities should stop complaining about being so famous, it comes with the territory..." they need to think again. An actor signs up to WORK. That's it. It's everyone else that makes a big scene. Don't get mad at the celebrity who can't even get to their car without being attacked. Blame all those people who have nothing better to do with their time then bother others for their own selfish wants.

Are you kidding!!!! You sound like you work for him...If you don't like being famous and being paid millions of dollars then pack your sh*t up and get out of acting otherwise shut the hell up and do what ever other actor has to do, suck it up and go home to your million dollar house. It is part of there job to keep fans happy w/ out us they are nothing...

2829 days ago


Is Taye a little pissy another of his sitcoms got the axe? Jesus dude don't take it out on the people who pay your salary! Dumb dingdong twit.

2829 days ago


Never heard of him.

2829 days ago


Taye was absolutley in the right. People who don't think Taye's sig is worth much obviously don't know anything about RENTheads. The guy got two autographs, Taye didn't have to sign a third. The man was obnoxious and you people should grow up and get a clue.

2829 days ago


Taye was here in downtown Long Beach filming something and I was at the cleaners across the street from where they were filming. When I heard who was there, I immediately got excited since i WAS a fan of his. I and two other ladies went over and he just brushed us off and when asked for a autographs and/or a picture he abruptly said "NO, NO, now get away from me". I don't care how talented you are or how popular you don't treat people that way. I yelled back to him and told him he just lost some fans. Apparently, seeing the early demise of "Kevin Hill" and now "Day Break" he must have lost more than us as fans. You can't do people wrong or treat them any ole way and don't expect the universe to take it into account.

2829 days ago

Yes I TYped IT    

Re-read the article people. The man had already signed two auto's for the guy! It was the same person getting the autograph more than once. That's why Diggs was annoyed. Those guys sell sell them online.

2829 days ago

Get Real    

CELEBRITIES SUCK!!!!!! they pray and pray for all this money and fame. They know "BEFOREHAND" all that is involved. They get a little taste of "FAME" and start acting like "PIECES OF SH*T!!!!"

2829 days ago


To be honest, I think he's done the right thing! That guy's obviously not taking his autograph as his fan but as an autograph seller or wtever those ppl are called! Celebs like Ewan McGregor & Patrick Stewart does that at the stage doors and no one complains!
Btw, Taye might not be an A list celeb, but just cuz of that doesn't mean he has to sign everything, maybe acting is his passion and is intention is not to be so big and always on the papers like ppl like Paris Hilton...etc shallow people!

2829 days ago


btw, come back to Broadway, we're much nicer here as someone mentioned above!

2829 days ago


He's pissed because another TV show he is the "star" of just got axed by ABC honchos...that makes 2 by my count. Movie star to tv show failure..?
Maybe someone should get him the script for Malibu's Most Wanted 2

2829 days ago

patty cake    

His show is cancelled...
He cheats on his witchy face wife..
and he's worried about an autograph..dude...
therapy...its on the SAG health plan...check into it

2829 days ago


The guy is just following after the main parasites...celebrity photographers (stalkers).

2828 days ago
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