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Trump: Tara NOT Fired, Will Enter Rehab

12/19/2006 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald the Forgiving?

In a move that shocked anyone who has ever seen "The Apprentice," including Tara Conner, Donald Trump announced Tuesday morning that he will not fire the embattled Miss USA, despite allegations of drug use, underage drinking and sexual misconduct.

"She's agreed to go into rehab. She knows that if she makes even the slightest mistake from here on, she will be immediately replaced," said Trump. The carefully coifed billionaire explained that he will use Conner as a role model. "I believe she can do a tremendous service to young people."

Fighting back tears, and with her voice shaking, Conner thanked Trump for the pardon saying, "In no way did I think it would be possible for a second chance to be given to me." She then went on to shower the Donald in compliments; "I've had a very big blessing bestowed on me. It truly takes someone with a wonderful heart, a heart of gold and a blessed soul."

Midway through the press conference, Conner briefly ran offstage and donned her Miss USA sash, proving that she's keeping her crown.


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Mad Balls    

I still say tara would look great , crying like that , with her mouth open and shining the Nastys' golden globes . FIRE HER ? Hell give her a raise for spicing up a lame contest . Dickheads .

2858 days ago


Well I am a white grandmother and even I could see they were trying to shut out black women at that damn pageant. Remember Vanessa Williams? All she did was a few photos to keep paying her bills and they tossed her out of her crown! Come on people, wake up! Racism is still alive and well...and what "black card"? I am sick of white people who are in total denial and call us (and yes I am white too) crazy. It is not a "black card" it is RACISM, pure and simple. If Tara were black she would NOT be in rehab, she would be collecting unemployment. White counts, even poor white trash, ask Britney.

2858 days ago


Alice, you are a liar and the Mother of it, get my drift?

2858 days ago


I could not resist slapping you ALICE in the face! Interpretation of any historical
literature especially the bible is always going to be different depending on it's reader. So not all people see the bible the same. You must have had a very limited and confining upbringing, You should use some time to do research on the early history of the bible before Europe got a hold of it. That's where all the fairy tales come from. It's not your fault completely, It is you that took it literally,you had a bad teacher.You are so busy trying to prove how smart you are ,but you can't be that smart if you are believing you are superior because you don't understand GOD. That is called obsessive Pride and you are about to fall.Ican best explain God this way, He is always the miracles that I experience daily.He is not santa clause that is a fairy tale. Ihope you see the difference and experience the beauty of a loving God .Seek Him and ask Him to come in your life. GOD is not a church ,a book that has been changed or the pictures you see of a man hanging from a cross.God is Love beyond anything you can describe.Heaven and Hell is also a state of mind...........peace and good luck !

2857 days ago



2857 days ago


Has Tara gotten into any trouble for sexual escapades or just her drugs and drink. I know she made out with Katie Blair but are there any rumors of lots and lots of guys while living as Miss USA. I read a lot about how she is such a "whore" but I have not hear any stories. Enlighten me.

2857 days ago


who gives a f*** about the so call god talk crap. this white trash coke head slut.can get f***ed.into the gutter

2857 days ago


This is so stupid she needs no second chance. I don't care what you say she is a small town girl, so what. I'm from NYC and I have never tried cocaine and never thought of it. She makes young American females look disgraceful. They took Vanessa Williams' crown away when they found out she had a posed topless a many years back. Now what she did is way worse than that. Second chance my ass.

2857 days ago


I am tired of everyone bitching about blacks pulling the race card. It doesn't even have anything to do with it. It's the principle, he rather give that skank trash a second chance than give the runner up a crown. Now if the runner up had done that then she would have been gone. I speak the truth. Hate it or love it!!!!!

2857 days ago


I wish I had second chance in my workplace.
Too bad I'm not white blonde female with tiara on my head and my boss is Donald Trump.

2856 days ago


Have you ever had your kids cry and there are no tears.....well that is exactly what I see in Miss USA...she needs to lose her crown...come on Miss USA in drug rehab?????????

2856 days ago


my comment is tar is a sexy girl pretty hot in fact if she had a drink or two so what and as far as making out with other girls thats awesome all this comes out as no one has anything better to do not a racial thing or any b.s like that give it a rest i will back her anytime

2856 days ago

Reynaldo Nieves    

so what she went out to celebrate a week before she turned 21. its not the end of the world. on a scale of 1-10 on how petty this is, its a 10. didnt anyone ever do something they shouldn't have done? all she did was drink.

2856 days ago


She is setting a bad example for our younger generation,giving a second chance is just telling our young people that it's ok to do drugs and br promiscus.

2855 days ago

Karen Lyles    

It's a joke....Tara should have lost her Title....I'm not going to watch anymore. I also think the blow ups between Don and Rosie are ridiculous...It's all about getting media attention.....It's all hype......As for Tara, the only example she is, is a BAD example.

2855 days ago
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