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Trump: Tara NOT Fired, Will Enter Rehab

12/19/2006 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald the Forgiving?

In a move that shocked anyone who has ever seen "The Apprentice," including Tara Conner, Donald Trump announced Tuesday morning that he will not fire the embattled Miss USA, despite allegations of drug use, underage drinking and sexual misconduct.

"She's agreed to go into rehab. She knows that if she makes even the slightest mistake from here on, she will be immediately replaced," said Trump. The carefully coifed billionaire explained that he will use Conner as a role model. "I believe she can do a tremendous service to young people."

Fighting back tears, and with her voice shaking, Conner thanked Trump for the pardon saying, "In no way did I think it would be possible for a second chance to be given to me." She then went on to shower the Donald in compliments; "I've had a very big blessing bestowed on me. It truly takes someone with a wonderful heart, a heart of gold and a blessed soul."

Midway through the press conference, Conner briefly ran offstage and donned her Miss USA sash, proving that she's keeping her crown.


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I cannot believe that Miss USA got to keep her crown. Vanessa Williams was stripped of her crown years ago for posing nude. She did not set a good example then & neither does this Miss USA. All you have to do is get $$$$$ behind you & God knows what else she has been doing & with whom. This just goes to show that Miss USA can tarnish her reputation due to her own sickening preference of kissing another woman vs kissing a man, therefore embarrassing the reputation of the Miss USA pageant & all is well. This is a sick world & Donald Trump is a sick man himself. I say everyone should boycott the Miss USA pageant. Look at Miss Teen USA, she was stripped of her title & crown. Donald Trump should follow suit. Some organizations still have morals, but undoubtedly Donald Trump has proven that he doesn't know what morals are. I guess benefits come in all kinds of packages. How can Miss USA represent the USA from a rehab center? That will look good on a resume. I have always been told that a leopard NEVER changes their spots. Miss USA has embarrassed the whole USA. Underage drinking, lesbianism..........we have a piss poor person to represent the USA.

2854 days ago

ms williams    

He didn't want a black Miss USA. She's not as marketable. CHING CHING. We all knew Tara would get a second chance she is of the right color. Had she been like VANESSA WILLIAMS they would have dethroned her right away. BLACK people please boycott THE APPRENTICE Trump only understands ratings which equal CHING CHING

2852 days ago


Trump and John Derek are very much alike. Get to a certain age and trade in for a newer model. Ok, it's gone on for years! No surprise! But rules should be rules! I don't care about second chances - she BROKE THE LAW - underaged drinking. Did the bar who served those drinks get into trouble? She gets a second chance because Donald Trump thinks she is cute or whatever is going on with them???? Did she sign any paperwork about how she was supposed to act and certain rules must apply? If so, did she break them? If she broke them, then she needs to go no matter what. Mr. Trump don't ever stand up and act like you love America and all that goes with it. Because there are several of underaged people all over America who drink - get caught - and get into a lot of trouble. Should they use your example in court? Will it work? Are you now the law? Wow - you are a bigger joke than your hair!

2851 days ago


Okay I for one don't think Tara Deserves a second chance but she dose need rehab
Two I think This is more than a black and white issue, if Tamiko would have been miss usa then not only would she have been black but she would have been the oldest miss wuteva

2847 days ago


The only ones who dont comprehend the black card are white racist...Though I love being black it is the perfection on all universal levels ....its power is so intimidating to others who dont share that energy.....Trump is a muti-billionare YET he cant go out into the Most powerful source of of energy sun withouth it rejecting him....burn baby burn.... so yes he along with many many others use all their power and influences to keep the forces of black energy down...but we cant be stopped...LoL...enough said

2846 days ago


Rosie is the one who needs to be sued for blowing her mouth off, just a few weeks before the ordeal with Donald giving someone another chance for which is none of Rosie's business, the had Danny Devito on the show drunk, didn't hear her cuss him out or run her mouth about that, they should have taken him off the show, but no continued the interview with him, was that like giving him a second chance???????? I think before you run your mouth about someone Rosie better check your facts, such as Trump filing bankruptcy, or being a pimp. I hope Donald does sue her, then maybe next time think before blubbering.

2846 days ago

S. N mc    

I honestly think he did not want a Black Miss USA. I think very carefully when I talk about race. I have mixed realtives, so I can sympathize with both side of the issue. Think about this the one time an African-American wins the title of Apprentice "The Trump" asked the winner to share the title, when the guy won it fair and square. He never asked this of any other winner, why do it then? I not only think he has issues with African-Americans, but I think he has issues with Homosexuals also. Why did Miss Nevada not get a second chance for something she did in her teens? I use to be a faithful Apprentice fan, but not this year. Mr. Trump has disappointed alot of people with his biggotry and arrogance.

2846 days ago


Number 11 you are a piece of sh*t - And you know NOTHING about Paris and Brit
You need to get f***ed in the ASS yourself and see how it bleeds! Bastard! No doubt you are a damn man! A**hole!

2845 days ago


We've had how many black Miss America's?? I've lost count. That's the real prize anyway, who cares about Miss USA? (Vanessa Williams was Miss America) When she was dethroned, the runner up was also black. Miss Florida, (Miss America) Erica (can't remember her last name) 2 years ago was black too. There have been others so get it straight people. I don't think "the Donald" cares what color his winnerl is, Miss California was a moron, beautiful but a not the sharpest tool in the shed. Did anyone watch the pagaent? She lost it herself with her ridiculous answer to that question, and she knew she'd f'd up! Get over yourselves, this whole thing isn't about "morality" it's about PUBLICITY!! Every hear there's no such thing as bad publicity??

2845 days ago


It's not a black thing. It's a true factor. I don't believe in playing the race card however there are contestants a.k.a. Vanessa Williams who loss their crown for things they did long before they were crowned and unfortunately this one disgraced the crown right after winning it. If Donald was going to kick Miss Teen to the curb he should have kicked Miss USA. They were both underage and committed actions against their contracts.

2845 days ago


knowing this will never be read by donald trump or the crowned centerfold he calls a "role model" i will feel so much better just to vent. this is focused on his gross ignorance of addiction and the process of rehabilitation. as i am a recovering opioid addict with 4yrs behind me, and am at 45yrs old back in school to be an addiction counselor on the encouragement of my boys and two grandchildren that i am blessed to have in my lif. i want to be there for those who truely are caught in the grips of the disease of addiction, whichever substance they use.
the hardest part of the rehab process? the day you get coined out. that is when you go back to your life and the focus is on what you need to do for you. NOT TO RUN OUT THOSE DOORS TO GIVE INTERVIEWS TO SHOW HOW WONDERFUL THIS EXPERIENCE FIXED YOU? and , as trump repeated on so many news programs, the remaining 4months of her reign will be to help others.get the magic transformation in her life 3wks ago.
NOW, just in case anyone cares, a few nights out in nyc and tabloid rumors of her teenage "using" goes on the record as the fastest use, abuse, dependence and addiction..... on top of ( ive been to the rehab she went to)
going to a "celeb' catered rehab, getting recovery and taking her message to help others in a matter of what.... a month? and she appeared ( no tears)
to be perfectly made up for the announcement her life was a mess? wow
i had to go from having a house, kids, husband, great job etc to living in
one room with the clothes on my back,, 50lbs of fluid weight, to get that knock on the head. and worked on myself for the last 4yrs before trusting myself to help someone else who lost everything as well.
to see him on every channel telling how "insulted" he felt because of wrong info aired on him made this come out of me and im sorry the message in society right now is 24hr cov on white trash in hollywood, and not enough on
the coverage with president ford and his wife.
betty ford is truely my role model.
thanks for letting me share

2845 days ago


I agree with # 2 and disagree with # 4 an #7. Vanessa Williams didn't get a second chance. But that is what America has become, maybe the next Miss America will be a stripper. I see why men are sleeping with each other, they are tired of these air head, half naked, sorry ass bitches. But with a pass like Donald Trump he can't be too judgemental anyway....thin lip a**hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2842 days ago

Beverly Wilder    

A real man of any standards would never brag about their wealth, or use his riches for the purpose of taking a bite out of someone else's "Fat A_ s," by taking what they spent a life time to earn.

Rosie has always worked very hard, been a great commedian, has personality plus and excelled in her career. She had the right to say what she did about Donald Trump. Also, in today's society, Rosie weight is no more an issue than Donald's!

I'm a true believer in second chances; however, It's apparent that Tara Connor had many second chances. She didn't pick up those disgraceful behavior patterns over night and never would have stopped on her own had she not been caught. Yet, she is going to be rewarded by keeping her Title and Crown, instead of learning what tough love is all about.

Not only did Trump make a wrong decission, but another stupid mistake out of his own makings and if the truth hurts...well, so be it! Rosie did a good job by calling a Spade a Spade on her program. If this had not come out on Rosie's Program, I'm sure someone else would have quickly taken a pot-shot to tell him what they thought! Donald would have been just as nasty to someone else's opinion or constructive criticism as he has been to Rosie!

Donald, disgraced himself in front of the whole world with his revenge, using verbal, abusive degrading remarks of women on National T.V. It appears that Donald wears the face of a angry child, demanding to have his way and threatens people by the use of his riches to get what he wants.

Take heed to what this mouse has done! He has made Barbara Walters look like the lier of the century and has included Dave Letterman into his plight to smear Rosie. Doesn't look as Larry King is buying his act either. A true Friend fights his own battles!

No one is perfect! I'm sure that Rosie had low points in her career and personal life, but so have all of us including the one who never likes to admit he has ever been wrong...the perfect Mr. Trump! Sorry Donald, your money may buy you Attorneys and revenge against your critics, but will never bring you true joy or happiness. If you can't be humble enough to forgive others, how do you expect to be forgiven for slinging mud yourself? My Granny taught me years ago, if a person does wrong to others, it will come back around tri-fold to bite you where it hurts the most!

2842 days ago


Look at the donald the pimp he has the entire attention of all of the idiots that watch this circus called Television and Newspapers.. Is this what our sad little world has come to that all "we" can do is discuss this egostisticol insecure man who should be spending his money on all the needy people right here in NY, rather than giving his children jobs that they did NOT work towards he should be giving jobs to all of the college graduates that have graduated against all odds. Why em I wasting my time with this idiot that makes money off of us????? With his plastic surguried (is this a real word???) daughter that looks like she is over the hill at the ripe age of late twenties.. I cannot stand this man, who only marries trophy women to only dump them when the publicity has diminished. If he wants to leave this earth a real person he should marry a woman his age and with some type of brain, and do some good in this world.

2835 days ago

Mad Balls    

well the deal didn't fly . Mr Boil asked for creative control of his property and Harv hit the roof . Looks like this "best of" is going into its' second week . Oh well . At least we have " Best of "NASTY " boil " . ENJOY !
this ditty from Dec 19th 2006

WOW ! Tara and Lindsay in rehab at the same time . I'm there for their release ..I'll bring the beer and condoms . Dickhead . 92 percent of rehabs reurn for treatment . Good luck , logirl , we are pullin' for you . What ? you want me to insult the Lohan ??? No soup for you !! dickhead .

oh he makes me cry . .....sob..... crying yet laughing ...oh sorry Harvey ...yes of course ...please ... again I remind you , do not ask Us here at TMZ , to see if the Nasty is Boiling . Thank You !

2830 days ago
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