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Don't Threaten Us, Dane Cook!

12/20/2006 2:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Star Catcher - Click to WatchTMZ superstar Josh Levine hit the streets of Hollywood last night and got a few words of warning from funnyman Dane Cook outside the Laugh Factory.

"I'm going to steal your camera one of these days," Dane joked. "I'm going to steal it and run away with it." Dane then predicted how we'd react. "Cut to me puking in a bush ... green screen." Well, Dane, since you asked for it ...

Meanwhile, Travis Barker rolled through the backdoor of Hyde nightclub, with a Shanna Moakler look-a-like on his arm.

Also soaking up the moonlight, Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Michael Vartan.

Check out all the celeb action in today's Star Catcher.


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what a tool

2533 days ago


dane cook is better than talking to jamie or johnny mac on the phone

2533 days ago



2872 days ago


ugh, he is gross.

2872 days ago

South Florida    

TMZ has a superstar.....Josh Levine......ROFLOL
This site keeps getting more pathetic with each new day.
Josh is most likely Harvey Levin's son or his alias....

2872 days ago



Josh Levine and TMZ are hard up for news, more on the story at 10.

2872 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

Comments 1-5 totally right on! He is the most overrated comedian ever. I tried to watch that show he had on HBO, and it was torture. I cannot believe anyone thinks he is remotely funny. Putting him up against comedic retard Jessica Simpson was brilliant. Probably the only person in Hollywood with less talent than Dane Cook. He can't act, his stand up sucks and he is not attractive.

2872 days ago


Dane Cook is way too funny, its' just that some of you people cannot stand good humor, its like all of you are prudes. Get a grip on life, Dane Cook, is like Tupac but in a comedy scene. He is bringing the world what we want and what we do, and he is showing us the newgeneration of how we think and express and go about our daily lives. Another prime example is Larry the Cable Guy, now he is comedy, just like Dane Cook is.

2872 days ago


Dane is just like Panic at the Disco. Everyone LOVES him. The same stupid morons who are dissing him are the same ones who were laughing at his jokes 4-5 months ago. OMG HES POPULAR NOW LETS NOT LIKE HIM. Bunch of morons.

2872 days ago


sure if noise making, face contortions, stage prancing, jerry lewis style comedy is your thing--than Dane's your guy. havent heard the man do anything original yet. copy cat who makes noises.

2872 days ago


Dane Cook is so annoying. He tries to hard to be funny which he fails at miserably.

2872 days ago

Bobby D.    

Dane Cook definitely sux...I am glad there are people who can see he is not funny and his stand-up is actually boring!!! I have tried to watch his HBO series and stand-up routines, but couldn't!!! Why?? All he does is talk through his smile and is not humorous at all....period!!!! Try making a Crest commercial instead :-)

2872 days ago


Who is Dane Cook?

2872 days ago


k, my girlfriend loves him... i can't stand him... he's not funny, at all. i mean, i've watched two of his recorded acts... there's OCCASIONALLY a thing he does that's funny... but he's nothing compared to say... Eddie Izzard, or any of the other great comedians out there (can't think of any at the moment...)

2872 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

DJ and Daniel,

You guys have to be kidding or you are Dane Cook, because they were both as intelligent and as funny as Dane Cook. NOT AT ALL!!!

No need to name call. Dane Cook is overrated and not funny. It's my opinion and from the looks of it, many people agree. I know that we may not all be cool enough to understand the coolness factor of Panic at the Disco. Only my 11 year old step daughter can do that. So, keep laughing.

2872 days ago
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