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Oasis Man Slams Pete; Hates Green Day

12/20/2006 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Noel GallagherNoel Gallagher of Oasis has never been one to shy away from self-promotion, and the one thing he seems to like to do even more than tooting his own horn, is to denigrate others. His latest targets include President Bush, Tony Blair, Green Day and Kate Moss' fiance Pete Doherty.

In an interview you'll find in the latest issue of Stuff Magazine, when asked his opinion of Mr. Doherty, Noel says:

Pete Doherty"Overrated. He's marginally talented, but not anywhere as good as me. If he wasn't [BLANK]-ing a supermodel, no one outside of NME would give a s@*! about him."

Ouch, tell us how you really feel Noel. Kate's man, however, isn't Noel's only target. Noel also slags his bandmates for ingesting cheap drugs and takes on the boys in Green Day. Noel seems to think Billy Joe and company need to be knocked off their high horse:

"They consider themselves to be - and I quote - "a kick-ass rock 'n' roll band." They could not be less kick-ass if they tried."

Green DayWait, that's not all ... Noel goes even further and calls Green Day musical thieves, saying, "they ripped off one of my songs!" The singer believes that Green Day's big hit, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," has a strikingly similar arrangement to Oasis' smash, "Wonderwall." Wow, it's one thing to say a band is overrated, but quite another to say they've ripped off your tune. We'll see if Billy Joe (also not afraid to speak out) responds.

Of course, Noel doesn't seem to care who responds to his rants, he just seems like to hear himself talk. Get the rest of Noel's unvarnished self-indulgence in the January issue of Stuff, on newsstands now.


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Noel's a fucking jealous idiot. I wonder why he waited 2 years after "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" to say it was a "rip-off". Oh I know. Oasis has a Greatest Hits cd coming out. Publicity whore. "Wonderwall" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" don't even sound alike. What a fucking moron. Plus, he has no room to talk since Oasis are the biggest fucking Beatles rip-offs ever.

2763 days ago

Garry Roberts    

I agree with Noel. Agree 100%.
Pete Doherty LOOKS good - he's got the rock 'n' roll image down to a tee.
But a genius? He's got a long way to go yet. When little Pete was a Libertine, it was quite clear that his older "buddy" Carl "500 words per second" Barat was by far the superior talent, and that the Hancock-loving chappie from Hexham was perpetually in awe of Big Bro Carl's lyrical, vocal and guitarical prowess. Just listen to those two superb albums, and it's quite clear that C.B. was the head honcho. Pete's songs (excepting the brilliant PROBLEM) were, by contrast, rather tediously "poetic" and anaemic. Morrissey Mach II he weren't! Carl's intonation of the song lyrics, his musical ability, were far more pronounced than Pete's comparatively feeble contributions. But then, when you're more concerned about getting an armful or noseful of smack than focusing on making an album with your loyal bandmates, what can you expect? These days, Pete attempts to retain (or regain?) some of his former glory with Babyshambles, a band who possess undeniable musical ability, but who need the focus of a Barat to really make great music. I counted about two good(ish) songs on their first effort. Let's just hope that Pete can stop acting like a tit for long enough to realise that it's better to make good music OFF Class-A hard drugs than ON them. If you want to die, Pete, carry on the way you're going. But some of us out here actually care about you, because we feel you've got a lot of bloody great work still inside you. Please, quit kidding the world that you're "clean", and get clean and show some respect to the people who genuinely love you. And by the way, I love Tony Hancock too.

2809 days ago


whatever. GREEN DAY RULES AND YOU KNOW IT! Don't be dissin' my favorite band!!!!!!! *or you will get it!* I love you Green Day!(especially tre) keep rockin' out!!!

2790 days ago

olivia the demon    

noel's an asshole...i bet if American Idiot had sucked, then he wouldn't be saying anything...
oh and it's BILLIE Joe. Just so yah know.

2749 days ago



1587 days ago


wonderwall and boulevard of broken dreams do sound alike as far as guitar. I LOVE GREEN DAY!!! THEYRE MY FAVORITE BAND!! but it does sound the same. do i think they copied them? no! it just sounds alike. noel is a publicity whore. i hate noel although oasis has great songs.

1446 days ago


Noel is allways insulting everybody. I love Oasis and I have some kind of aversion with Greenday, that skinny voice makes me wanna gag every time I listen to it. I cannot stand green day and I don't like the decaffeinated american punk rock.

1426 days ago


This guy's an idiot. Obviously trying to get every last bit of publicity until it's back to obscurity for him. The part where he accuses Green Day of ripping him off is the worst. This guy.

Btw, it's Billie Joe, not Billy Joe.

1272 days ago


The chords for both songs are the same. Fact. And hey, Noel steals too, its just that he admits it. Cigarettes and Alcohol IS T Rex. Ask Noel, he'll tell you. Its only when you try to play it off like there's nothing similar about them that it becomes a problem.
I am, however, surprised by the Pete comments. Noel's been extremely complimentary of the Libertines in the past.

929 days ago

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