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Paris Gives Brit Bitch Gift

12/20/2006 5:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After an online New York Dog magazine poll bestowed Britney Spears with the title "Worst Celebrity Dog Owner," she received a consolation prize from her new BFF, and last year's winner, Paris Hilton.

From Paris to Britney
Hilton gave Spears a Bali puppy carrying case from The $500 orchid colored bag is made of Italian leather and comes with a detachable fur-lined pad. Only the best for Brit's bitches!

At last, we can take comfort in knowing that at least one of Britney's pets will remained covered in public.


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Sorry for taking this off topic I the only douf with nothing better to do than notice and keep track of the fact that under the "HOT CELEBS" heading on the left side here that Paris has the most comments with 284, Britney with 273 follwed up at a distant third with Lindsey at 168. It looks like Paris will win for the year unless Brit parties without her drawers and "two out " on top for the rest of the year and Paris does something outragiously outstanding going down to the wire. Its a close race but my money is still on Paris winning that outstanding title, SLUT of the YEAR 2006 . DON'T look for this as a special awards show on TV.

2802 days ago


After an online PARENTING magazine poll bestowed Britney Spears with the title "Worst Celebrity PARENT," she received a consolation prize from her new BFF, and HOPEFULLY NEXT year's winner, Paris Hilton.... A Diamond Encrusted Set of Matching Baby Car Seat / Highchair.

The Parenting Magazine Offered Mama Brit a Nanny 911 Gift Certificate, to which she declined.

2802 days ago

beth has similar but with a cute stuffed puppy that Brit can't abandon. And at least the money goes to a pet charity! Heey Paris, why didn't you get this for her?

2802 days ago


I agree with you, MANDY. Why can't we ever hear of these two doing anything useful or charitable with all their $$$?

2802 days ago


Everyone in here are all b!tches, go learn some MYOB.
anway i dont mind party with one of them :-')

2802 days ago

Lenn K    

What did Paris give Lindsay Lohan?

2802 days ago


35. What did Paris give Lindsay Lohan?

Posted at 8:24PM on Dec 20th 2006 by Lenn K


2802 days ago


how stupid must one be to form an oppinion on anyone based on the information one gets from the media? You don't even know how your spouse/boyfriend/etc. spends his/her day, how on earth does any of you think that they are an expert on how Britney spends her life? You have no idea at what time these pics are taken. Why not go out once the kids are asleep. ANd during the daytime she does not have to be glued to the kids. Why not go out while the kids sleep. No one knows how much time she does or doesn't spend with them. If you people ae so impressionable by the media, and take that as fact and dare put judgment on a complete stranger, that just reflects poorly on you, because it means you are stupid. You are easy to be manipulated and are stuck on kindergarten level. Bitney doesn't need you approval, does not care about you opinion, she got he dough, family and life, you should be more worried about YOUR life, and what you got to do in order to make it in life. Take care of your bills and how YOU behave, don't worry about well known strangers so much. And the whole Kevin versus Britney debate is equally pathetic. "Oh this week, I vote for Brit, oh no, she did so and so, now I like Kevink, neve thought I would say that hahaha". Does that sound childish and embarrassing to anyone? Good, that means you are not a lost case. No one has the facts as to what went on between the two of them. The facts we do have, are the following: Britney pusued a man, who had a child and pegnant girl-friend, that makes her behaviour dispicable. Kevin left his pregnant girl-friend for practically a complete stranger, that means he had sub-human standards for the little family he made, and had no consideration fo how that affects them. She has a poor character based on that and so does he, now who are any of you to judge every single act of each of them, when you got no idea about of the validity of those assumptions. We know in the big picture, that both of them have been very selfish and morally wrong to even get involved with each other, but that does not let you know for sure as to what type of mother she is, o if he stayed away so much, because Britney was so intolerable, or because he is simply a macho-type of guy who has no desire to raise his kids. You just don't know. Maybe he truly wanted to provide and make it in order not to be this pasasite fo the rest of his life, and maybe she did not even want him to be financially independent so she could keep contol over him, and maybe he got sick of it. And maybe she is so hurt, because he did cheat, that now she wantd him to know she is intimate with someone else, because she hurts so much. The true victims are the kids, all of them are from a broken home now, and his ex-girlfiend. I am so sorry, that she had to go though he pregnancy, not only alone, but also in the public eye, with eveyone knowing that Bitney is intimate with the father of he not even all born yet children. That must hurt so deep.
Britney sort of was alone through her pregnancies, too. Funny how that goes.
Kevin committed a major sin against his two children and his ex, and now his second set of kids, but that is between God, them and him. That does not pertain to you or me, and futhermoe all those hateful comments reminds me of the Nazis, they also need someone to hate so badly and they keep repeating also how bad a certain group of people ae over and over. So what he does not know how to sing or dress, at least he tries and once again, what does that have to do with you life? And same with Bitney, so what she parties and has no clothes on, no one is harmed by that, of course her kids are safe, safer than most of yours, just by virtue of the resources she has and applies towards security. She is a woman of poor morals, once again, no reason to comment on every move she makes, that is just so ridiculous. If your life was meaningful you would not be so busy talking trash about every step she makes.
Wau, I can not believe I wrote so much about this, but I am just so put off by how so many people think they are the police of othe people's lifes and how they should live it, when they haven't figured out their own. I am happy that I neve involved mysef with a man who has kids o pregnant girl-friends, but that does not make me better than her. It does not. Every one of us is guilty of some big wong. What was it? Who is innocent throw the first stone? Don't misunderstand me, I despise what the two have done to his previous family unit, and they will and have gotten theirs. I hope Federline's little ones will be able to grow up with dignity despite their father's image. The mother seems sweet, I met her once.
And to the peole who call him ugly, please, maybe his inside is, and maybe that is all you can see, and soon enough the outside will catch on to his inside (have you ever notice, that some old people look really bitter, and those are usually nasty, and some look so sweet you want to ki

2802 days ago


The girls are so cute together, I like them being good friends.
And stop bitching about everything they do - it's just pure jealousy talking.

2802 days ago


#37 and 38 - blah blah blah what?

2802 days ago


no kiddin'

2802 days ago


no kiddin' to 37 and 38, right on!

39: of course that went right over your head.
blah blah how articulate, sums you up right there...

2802 days ago


Sheesh #37 must you write a freakin book?
Do you honestly believe anyone reads it?

2802 days ago

Jo Blo    

If you're going to act holier-than-thou #37, learn how to f***ing spell.

2802 days ago


Unfortunately these two are idolized by millions of young girls. They could care less about setting an example.

2802 days ago
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