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Star Jonesing After Oprah

12/20/2006 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones gallery: Click to launch photosStar Jones is admitting to the world what it already knew – that she's been a diva with a capital D – and it seems that she may be using her pal Oprah Winfrey to help her shed that image and get back on her professional feet.

Miss Jones told "EXTRA" that this New Year's, she's going with O and Gayle King to South Africa as Oprah visits the girls academies she built down there. Though the two aren't bosom pals like O & G, Oprah and Star have appeared on one another's shows, and Star could be looking to use some of the Queen of Daytime's reflected glory to land a new gig.

Meanwhile, Star says her only correspondence with her former colleagues at "The View," which she abruptly exited over the summer, was in the form of "sweet, wonderful" cards from Elisabeth. "I've gone on with my life," said Jones to 'EXTRA.'

Tara Conner gallery: Click to launch photosTara Keeps Tiara

Tara Conner got a last-minute reprieve from Donald Trump yesterday, but it might not be too long before the bad-girl beauty queen really gets the boot from the Donald.

At yesterday's press conference, Tara was a tear-streaked picture of contrition. But just a few hours later, in a phone interview with MSNBC, Tara already seemed to be pooh-poohing her boozing, saying, "I wouldn't say that I have a big drinking problem." What's more, as the New York Daily News points out, Tara verbally shrugged her shoulders at the treatment program the Miss Universe organization is providing her: "Anytime anyone gives you free anything, like therapy or rehab, you take it."

Still, no matter what her urges, Tara will find it difficult to cavort without getting caught. As one veteran paparazzo told TMZ, "That girl won't be able to hit the pavement [in New York] without cameras watching her every move."

Britney Spears gallery: Click to launch photosBritney Kicks K-Fed When He's Down

Britney's having her man-cake and shoving it in her ex's face too. According to In Touch Weekly, Spears called the Fed-Ex to ask him if he'd seen pictures of her kissing music producer "J.R." Rotem and then bragged about a sexual escapade she'd just had. What's more, Britney, according to In Touch's sources, has been taunting Federline about his newly-reduced financial status. "It was really bad," says an eyewitness. "[Brit] just started pushing his buttons ... he started screaming at her."

Eminem gallery: Click to launch galleryParty Favors: Eminem Divorced From Same Woman Twice ... Babwa To Talk to Fidel? ... Nas Wanted to Use "N-Word" in Title ... Scarlett and Josh – On Again?

Rapper Eminem and his high school sweetheart wife, Kim, divorced yesterday for the second time -- less than a year after they remarried. According to a judge, they "are a fine couple to deal with." They will share custody of their 10-year-old daughter ... Barbara Walters might be getting the last interview ever with Fidel Castro, if reports of his failing health are to believed. According to, Walters will meet with Castro alongside another rabidly anti-U.S. dictator type, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez ... Rapper Nas wanted to call his latest album "N****r" because, he tells Rush & Molloy, "I don't care about sales" but had to rethink and called it "Hip Hop is Dead" instead ... Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson, rumored to be on the outs, were spotted last weekend getting cozy at a Manhattan eatery, says Page Six.

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No Avatar

Last Place    

MISS AMEriCa is A crack head,
Britney still alive
eminem divorce again
all this going on and i still dont care about these peoples lifes,


2862 days ago

Mr Marcus    

Star is such a drama Queen! She is where she is now because, you get what you give out of life. She is a very nasty person. I worked for her.

2862 days ago


Star Jones looks like that little black guy with the shruken head on Howard Stern. Check it out and you'll see what I mean.

2862 days ago


BRITNEY gets exactly what she deserves dealing with someones hardly leftovers people are nothing when they wrong someone else and you being rich does not make you exempt.Were she went wrong was treating him such a lavish lifestyle in which he is already use to so why stop ?

2862 days ago


I'm sick of hearing about Britney and her escapades, with or without the ex, Paris and her sexploits, and all the other trash that seems to be occupying the media's attention these days. Surely there's something better and more positive that can be reported on.

2862 days ago


Miss America, what a role model, drug addict. Give up the crown dopey.

2862 days ago


Who the hell does "STAR" think she is? She was horrible in interviewing people, because she thinks EVERYTHINGS about her! She is a nobody wanting everybody to pay attention to her. Lets see how long her husband stays around. I could image what her home life would be like. Poor STAR.....wha...wha...wha... Grow up and play with your friends right.

2862 days ago


Breaking up is always hard, there would never had been a marriage had not her Ex had feelings. But down the road he will really be pleased he got away from Brit. She is about as low as they come and would had caused him more grief than what she has already caused. I have absolutely no feelings for that broad at all, just looking at pics of her makes me want to vomit.

2862 days ago


I CANNOT stand Star Jones Reynolds ( Whatever )
I thought by now she'd be long gone..Too Bad!
I really don't think that Oprah & Gail are gonna bring her back to T.V.
Go back to being a lawyer!

2862 days ago


LMAO, #15, SO TRUE!!!!

2862 days ago


britney needs to grow up and act like a mom now

2862 days ago

evelyn harrington    

Britney should move on with her life
never take K - fed back if he tries to get back with her
she should continue being a star
enjoy her life

2862 days ago


I feel that the current Miss USA is a spoiled, brat. and has lived a very sheltered life, up until just a few days ago. She is another blonde(bimbo) that Trump can manipulate to be has "slave." Those tears(if there were any)were so fake, and plastic just like the act she displayed while on camera, and she is just as fake. Does she really think that we all bought that act, I just wanted to hurl! Now Mr.
Mr. Trump is going to give her a 2nd chance(boy has she got him suckered, there is a sucker born every minute), because she is going to have her rehab paid for, and her apt. in the Trump towers paid for, probably for the rest of her life. He has a definite weakness for blonde bimbos! She is only 20 yrs. old, she has not even got the "diaper pin marks off of her," and still "is wet behind the ears." As my father used to say, she had better get over her self, and get out into the real world and go to work at a real job, like all the rest of the poor working class does every day of their natural lives. And have to pay a mortgage, and for health insurance, and bills!!!! She makes me want to puke! She knew exactly what she was doing!

2862 days ago


Flying Finn
that might not make you a dictator but siding with the actions of Fidel Castro makes you a dictator suporter...which is the same darn thing.
get a life!

2862 days ago


i dont care what the world says id screw brittany all day and night then ask for payment for my services,i know im good enough to get paid ask my italian redheard girlfriend ,she loves the meat!!come get it brit,love ya

2862 days ago
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