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Grump Trump

Dumps on Plump

12/21/2006 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Does The Donald hate fat people?

The thrice-married (to two models and a beauty queen), hair-challenged tycoon responded to Rosie O'Donnell's criticism of his handling of Miss USA's troubles -- by calling O'Donnell "fat little Rosie," a "fat slob," and saying "I'd like to take some money out of her fatass pockets," among other weight-directed insults. It's not the first time he's commented on size.

Just two months after current wife Melania gave birth to son Barron, the Donald was quick to point out her extra weight to the New York Post. Columnist Andrea Peyser described a visit to the family in their palatial Trump Tower pad: "I tell Melania she's lost her baby weight. Donald arrives just in time to correct me. 'She's almost lost all the baby weight,' he says, hanging his suit jacket on the crib and loosening his tie. 'Actually, Melania is probably the only woman I've ever known who can concentrate a 4-pound weight increase almost entirely on her cleavage.'" Four pounds.

In May of this year, a profanity-spewing Trump served as guest auctioneer at a swanky New York charity dinner. After one generous man bid $16,000 on a vacation to Costa Rica, Trump invited the portly gentleman onstage, crowing to the crowd when he got there, "You see, he wants to catch Montezuma's Revenge and lose 50 or 60 pounds!" How gracious.

And there's "The Apprentice", returning to NBC for a sixth season in January, for which Donald personally approves all candidates. Competing in the upcoming round, much as in the five previous, are 10 svelte females.

TMZ reached out to NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) to see how they felt on the matter. Spokeswoman Peggy Howell said, "Rather than be the bigger man, Donald attacked Rosie's physical appearance by calling her fat. We in NAAFA are not offended by the use of the word 'fat' as a descriptor, but do find it offensive when one uses it as a weapon of personal attack." She also pointed out that "Both of these intelligent, successful people serve as role models and their behavior is inexcusable."

A spokeswoman for NBC was mum on Trump's comments.


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I agree kr...of course if it wasn't for liberal, lesbian, small minded yet fat assed women like Rosie we wouldn't have this ridiculous sh*t to watch on TV. They keep bragging how the View has had ratings lifted by 50%...I think it is because people want to see what the stupid bitch has to say or who she wants to attack this week.

2829 days ago


That woman is a train wreck., who cares whose muff she munches.

But Barbara Walters is losing control of her show with that fat,ugly dyke creating constant controversies.

Just think, Barbara Walters used to interview heads of state and she was respected. Sad,so sad.

2829 days ago


you are all fat!!!!!!!!!!!!


(slaps every one's fat)

be proud.

2829 days ago


Fat people are disgusting.

2829 days ago


Here's an idea. Get Kelly, a dozen Chinese and the Don to show up one day on the View and then that show will take its final steps to the complete transformation into the Jerry Springer show. Boy would I love to see all of them kick Rosie's ass, of course it would probably take all of them to topple those huge hips of hers.

2829 days ago


Hey JOE . her show wasn't canceled. she stopped after winning several emmy's and years of being successful, to concentrate on her family. rosie may not be pretty but she's very charitable and does amazing things for kids and has given away a lot of her income to various charities. she's personally been down to N.O and helped after katrina. did you see donald chump down there helping anyone? he's the one that's ugly inside and only cares about himself. his version of charity is giving the party girl Miss America a second chance after she blew him in his office. He's disgusting!!

2829 days ago


Rosie lost me when she started moralizing about Paris and Brit - people in glass houses really shouldn't throw rocks at others.

Suuuuure, Brit stops going out - just as soon as Rosie stops eating p***y.

2829 days ago

Lindsay Cavalier    

You people are so rude. If you actually watch the View everyday, you'll know that Rosie is educated and knows a thing or two about what she says. Donald on the other hand is so used to having people speak for him that when something negative is said about him, look what happens..... I will never watch the Apprentice again, or stay at the Trump hotel in NYC. I would suggest Trump have his people do some major PR. NBC aires a show called "The Biggest Loser" and everything that Trump insulted Rosie with insults the contestants on that show..... not good. You'd think he would have something up in that big head of his other than air. This situation has nothing to do with Rosie being gay, fat, etc. It had to do with her calling Trump out for taking the PR road instead of the moral road. He showed that even underage alcoholic crack whores can do whatever they want after winning Miss USA, and no consequences for their actions. Someone needs to think twice about calling Rosie a bad role-model for her children....what about Trump? He is proving it is okay to call people "Stupid fat slob losers" when really he should have come back with an explanation for his actions that she was attacking. Granted, she shouldn't have done that stupid imitation of him on live television, but she in no way insulted his wife nor his physical appearance.

2829 days ago


"The Donald" is a joke. Does he own a mirror? Rosie calls it like she see it. He
is nothing but a gross man with a few bucks.

Sit and Spin, my friend! Love it

2829 days ago


Much to my dismay: Donald Trump allowed Tara to keep her Tiara maintaining his compassion for her indecent Miss USA behavior as a "learning lesson" when we all know that it was his (natural business savy instint) that his decision boost his Apprentice ratings. Now, he hits below the belt at Rosie for a weight issue (that has nothing to do with the important sustenance of life/moral issues) and what she was saying, which is: Donald, you are an idiot for using Tara as moral lesson. Tara is wrong and should suffer consequences. Donald, you are wrong and hopefully you too suffer the consequences!

2829 days ago


Personally I think Rosie is a loudmouth and Trump is a disgusting pig. Rosie did hit the nail on the head with the Trump remarks, but who does she think she is acting like the moral police? He's pissed because the truth stings.l say lock em in a a room and let em go at it.
I think it's sad that either of them are considered icons of our society. They are both a couple of pukes.

2829 days ago


It was just a matter of time when these two disgusting people would find each other. God! I'm glad they really dislike each other. Can you imagine if they liked each other and had children? Why are they on television anyway? Are there people out there that really like these guys?

2829 days ago


Rosie is obnoxious but the situation with Donald and the drunk coke-sniffing Miss USA was ridiculous. I thought it was hilarious that Rosie ripped on him. I never liked Rosie but this situation made me a fan for life. Donald's just pissed off at fat people because he know's he's one. Can you imagine what his saggy pasty ass looks like naked? Just the thought of his shriveled, frightened balls is making me gag! You'd think with all his money he'd try to do something to make himself more attractive instead he continues to walk around looking like a generic tampon.

2829 days ago


Donald has no room to talk!! He is UGLY, FAT, and his hair is f***ed up ( All the time) then he has nerve to point out what four pounds that his wife has to lose after SHE HAD A BABY!!! Donald needs to go away! With all that money he can get nutrisystem, hair transplant and try going for a face transplant.

Rosie needs to shut the f*** up and move on to another topic! its getting old already.

2829 days ago

Robin Foraker    

Donald Trump is FAT and UGLY and BALDING!
What a PIG!

2829 days ago
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