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Grump Trump

Dumps on Plump

12/21/2006 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Does The Donald hate fat people?

The thrice-married (to two models and a beauty queen), hair-challenged tycoon responded to Rosie O'Donnell's criticism of his handling of Miss USA's troubles -- by calling O'Donnell "fat little Rosie," a "fat slob," and saying "I'd like to take some money out of her fatass pockets," among other weight-directed insults. It's not the first time he's commented on size.

Just two months after current wife Melania gave birth to son Barron, the Donald was quick to point out her extra weight to the New York Post. Columnist Andrea Peyser described a visit to the family in their palatial Trump Tower pad: "I tell Melania she's lost her baby weight. Donald arrives just in time to correct me. 'She's almost lost all the baby weight,' he says, hanging his suit jacket on the crib and loosening his tie. 'Actually, Melania is probably the only woman I've ever known who can concentrate a 4-pound weight increase almost entirely on her cleavage.'" Four pounds.

In May of this year, a profanity-spewing Trump served as guest auctioneer at a swanky New York charity dinner. After one generous man bid $16,000 on a vacation to Costa Rica, Trump invited the portly gentleman onstage, crowing to the crowd when he got there, "You see, he wants to catch Montezuma's Revenge and lose 50 or 60 pounds!" How gracious.

And there's "The Apprentice", returning to NBC for a sixth season in January, for which Donald personally approves all candidates. Competing in the upcoming round, much as in the five previous, are 10 svelte females.

TMZ reached out to NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) to see how they felt on the matter. Spokeswoman Peggy Howell said, "Rather than be the bigger man, Donald attacked Rosie's physical appearance by calling her fat. We in NAAFA are not offended by the use of the word 'fat' as a descriptor, but do find it offensive when one uses it as a weapon of personal attack." She also pointed out that "Both of these intelligent, successful people serve as role models and their behavior is inexcusable."

A spokeswoman for NBC was mum on Trump's comments.


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Maybe it is high time we stop looking at these people as role models.

Neither speaks for me, neither represents me.

I'm ashamed I wasted this much time even reading about it.

2860 days ago


Rosie put her mouth where she not supposed to be. She should leave people alone, she is not famous anymore since she came out of the closet.
If she doen't have anything good to say then shut the hell up. nobody likes her anyway because she has big mouth. take her out of the view and please dont send her to the price is right show...PLEASE ......... PLEASE........

2860 days ago

christopher j sweeney    

I agree with Donald... Rosie is a fat slob and anyone else is who looks like her....Grow up people ....When you're a fatass admit it!!!!

2860 days ago


I enjoy Rosie and I enjoy the View. It's the best show on daytime.

2860 days ago


Personally, I am amused that anyone with THAT HAIR STYLE could have the balls to attack someone else on personal appearance. Hey, Donald, you are rich... buy a freaking rug and give up the super-combover!!

2860 days ago


Sit on it and Spin DONALD. Ur an asswhole. Tell it like it is Rosie.

2860 days ago


Here's another example of a rich person not having any class. I'm surprised The Donald didn't call Rosie a "poopy-head".

2860 days ago


Rosie on a talk show what should they talk about Kellog versus post cereal you wouldnt watch and you wouldnt be talking now

they bothe seem keen getting attention

It's about time some one mention that this 'paragon' of business has never worked under someone who would fire him. He's never had a real job..

Generally Men dont fare too well calling women fat .... and maybe someone will take Melania.. LIke she's with him for .....


2860 days ago

sue o'brien    

Hail Rosie-brave enough to speak out. I am not a flaming feminist, simply a fellow female who is saddened by the way this man appears to throw away the women who bear his children for younger meat on the hoof, like used dixie cups. Only God knows his true intentions regarding his modeling, and Miss America business, but it could easily be viewed as the lecherous indulgence of a narcissistic and insensitive person who is still all too bedazzled with his festering flesh pod. Come on grow up Mr. Skeffington.

2860 days ago


What a couple of childish, idiots! Who really cares. But more important, this is the example of supposedly "successful" people in our society? Nice job for the future entertainers and apprentices out there. Both of you, just crawl back into a hole somewhere and shut up!!!

2860 days ago


I usually cannot stand Rosie, but, she scored tons of points with her hilarious mockery of that fat sexist nasty pig Donald Trump. He is the creepiest looking man alive. Can you imagine kissing those puffy soft fat lips of his? I just threw up a little in my throat.

2860 days ago


Donald and Rosie are both losers.

2860 days ago


Donald is the LAST person to be talking about anyone's looks. With his ugly face and ugly hair piece? Those who live in glass houses...................

2860 days ago

Paps are Pigs    

Ladies, imagine Dumpy Trumpy naked...gawd, I'm gonna hurl!!

Poor Melania. She must have a mask on while listening to an iPod (Podcasts of the Sex is Fun show) to get through the two minutes of sex w/him a week.

Trump is a blowhard giant ego who deserves to be challenged on his
serial marriages and otherwise shallow, repulsive behavior. Rosie had
the guts to do it and it infuriated Trump the Smelley Dump. Has anyone
else noticed how most other celebs/infamous/famous whatever all tiptoe
around Trump for any number of reasons. Trump's response was just
downright immature and shows his ruthlessness. If I were related to
Trump, I would be hiding in shame and embarrassment over his
behavior. If he does that in public, imagine how mean he is in

2860 days ago


He is fat himself. He hides how fat he is behind his suits. I rememeber one episode of The Apprentice, one of the only times of him without a suit and he was on a golf course and played golf, no suit and he was HUGE. Bigger than Rosie. He is a coward who needs to go on a diet. A**HOLE!

2860 days ago
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