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Grump Trump

Dumps on Plump

12/21/2006 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Does The Donald hate fat people?

The thrice-married (to two models and a beauty queen), hair-challenged tycoon responded to Rosie O'Donnell's criticism of his handling of Miss USA's troubles -- by calling O'Donnell "fat little Rosie," a "fat slob," and saying "I'd like to take some money out of her fatass pockets," among other weight-directed insults. It's not the first time he's commented on size.

Just two months after current wife Melania gave birth to son Barron, the Donald was quick to point out her extra weight to the New York Post. Columnist Andrea Peyser described a visit to the family in their palatial Trump Tower pad: "I tell Melania she's lost her baby weight. Donald arrives just in time to correct me. 'She's almost lost all the baby weight,' he says, hanging his suit jacket on the crib and loosening his tie. 'Actually, Melania is probably the only woman I've ever known who can concentrate a 4-pound weight increase almost entirely on her cleavage.'" Four pounds.

In May of this year, a profanity-spewing Trump served as guest auctioneer at a swanky New York charity dinner. After one generous man bid $16,000 on a vacation to Costa Rica, Trump invited the portly gentleman onstage, crowing to the crowd when he got there, "You see, he wants to catch Montezuma's Revenge and lose 50 or 60 pounds!" How gracious.

And there's "The Apprentice", returning to NBC for a sixth season in January, for which Donald personally approves all candidates. Competing in the upcoming round, much as in the five previous, are 10 svelte females.

TMZ reached out to NAAFA (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) to see how they felt on the matter. Spokeswoman Peggy Howell said, "Rather than be the bigger man, Donald attacked Rosie's physical appearance by calling her fat. We in NAAFA are not offended by the use of the word 'fat' as a descriptor, but do find it offensive when one uses it as a weapon of personal attack." She also pointed out that "Both of these intelligent, successful people serve as role models and their behavior is inexcusable."

A spokeswoman for NBC was mum on Trump's comments.


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Heather Dawn    

I'm not huge fans of either of them. She's brutally honest, not always good, and he's moronic. I do agree that if it weren't for his money, he'd never get the girls. He must be foolish to actually think that these young, beautiful him? Please....get a grip. I'm not nearly as beautiful or skinny as your wives have been.....and I wouldn't look twice at you. I wouldn't look at Rosie either though.

2859 days ago



She is completely right. He is a snake oil salesman that wants everyone to believe he made his own fortune. It was his father that built that fortune not him. Donald Trump has a problem with women. He disposes of them like plastic folks.

2859 days ago


OK, "The Donald" cannot dispute one thing Ms. O'Donnell said regarding his marital status(Marla, Melania and the children from those unions).
Several of his casino's went into chapter 11- ( is this not a form of bankruptcy?)
while he was getting rid of the first wive??

As for her talk show-I thought she didn't want any more and didn't the court rule that the magazine's publishers have to pay her?

She is with Kelli approx 10 years and raising 4 children- that strikes me as a committment.

Here's a thought, maybe he is jealous!!!

2859 days ago


With his gawd awful hairdo and wrinkled prune face he has one hell of a nerve making comments about anyone's looks or body size. This is not a good way for him to end the year acting like a gossiping junior highschool student.

2859 days ago

Mad Balls    

This Picture of trump and the boys is very greasy bearish . Lets' see if you can find the " Mistakes" in the Picture .
1. HA ha ... The big guy is smoking behind Trump -- Rosie would like to Smoke Dons' behind .
2. One fat man appears to have wet his pants -- Don wet his pants when he heard Taru might get fired .
3. One man is wearing sunglasses -- look at your own reflection -- EH ?
4. That one went way over many peoples heads
5. Subliminal Andy Dick in the corner -- way cool !
6. White suits represent CRAZY MFs' .
7. I count seven chins on trump -- THE SIGN OF THE SEALS ?!?!?!?
8. Is that harry levine eating Trumps shoulder in some kinda canabulistic ritual ? No ? I must be mistaken .
9. Sceintology sign for the overlords invasion -- six fat guys in white and a fat dude that stands out like a dork in a tuxedo .

2859 days ago


Trump is just an aging bitter man who picks on Rosie because she is an easy target. He should worry about what a bafoon he looks like with his damn hair piece before he passes judgement on other people's looks.

2859 days ago


trump's just pissed off because he lost out to the pequot indian tribe to build a casino dynasty in some part of rural pennsylvania. i guess the state of penn. told him he was fired!

2859 days ago


It's called projection. You bitch about certain things concerns other people because of the frustration that very thing causes you. Meaning he always points out fat people because he really wish he wasn't so fat. Projection.

2859 days ago


the donald is racist that is the TRUTH that is the REASON why rosie's is pissed and SHE has that right. For him to call her fat honey she can lose the weight just as much as hes losing his hair all hes does is cheat on all his women and have all these children that are going to grow up to hate him... by the way rosie's show what lasted 10 yrs at least ( if im wrong tell me ) PEOPLE DONT LIKE HER BECAUSE SHE IS JUST LIKE ME... PEOPLE DONT LIKE BECAUSE SHE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS AND SHE DONT CARE WHO IT HURTS WE SHOULD ALL BE LIKE HER

2859 days ago

Hello Kitty    

He has no room to call anyone fat with his waistline.

2859 days ago


What kind of friend is Donald? Would you want to claim him among your friends? He claims that he and Barbara Walters had a private conversation where she says how much she cannot stand Rosie and regrets hiring her. Did Ms. Walters really say that? If she did, don't you think that she meant it to be private between the two of them, and not broadcasted out to the world? If she didn't say that, but he says that she did just for power over Rosie (fighting like a little girl - "Barbara doesn't like you, she is my friend, not yours"). Why would anyone want Trump as a friend? Trump is stirring things up, and makes Ms. Walters actually look pretty badly-speaking about her employees behind their backs. Maybe Ms. Walters is not a person to trust, and is a backstabber? See, he puts it out there, when Ms. Walters denies publicly that she doesn't regret hiring Rosie for the View; that is her public statement, but she talks smack behind the backs of others. Rosie on the otherhand comes straight out and says what she thinks. You may not like what she says, but at least you know what her opinions are. But Trump makes you believe that Barbara Walters is two faced and can't be trusted. So why would Barbara want a friend like Trump who speaks about her like that?

2859 days ago


The last I checked Donald was no slim chick himself. Chapter 11 is aform of bankruptcy. If Donald has a problem with the general public knowing about his finances, maybe he is embarrasses by his past and needs to quit putting himself out there for ridicule.

As for everyone on this site calling Rosie a dyke and other vile names, I take offense. My little sister is a lesbian. She and her partner have a child through A.I. They upstanding citizens and have well paying jobs. Not every lesbian is loud and out spoken. Thats a matter of personality and upbringing not on account of their sexual preferences or proclivities. I am not a fan of Rosie, but if your going to condemn her please do so for the right reasons and not because of her sexual preferences. Thanks.

2859 days ago


Okay, Donald does have problems. Miss USA is supposed to be a role model to millions of young girls and for her not to be stripped of the crown, for underage drinking, and to just enter rehab is absoloutly ridiculous. I mean Nicole Richie has entered rehab like 4 times, and she just admitted to using Vicodin and herion then driving. So look where it got her. Rosie is correct. She should counter-sue for slander, his stupidity, and that hidious combover. (Way like 90 years ago, Donald)

2859 days ago


The only person making an ass out of Donald Trump is.....Donald Trump! He would have been better off just keeping his mouth shut! Rosie O'Donnell was hilarious making fun of him and she was right on the money!

2859 days ago


Ummm, All you guys calling Rosie a narrow-minded lesbian. That's beside the point. Why does her sexuality even enter in? You like Trump are just terrified that she can buy a bigger dick than all of yours and that it arrives man, baby-making and disease free.

She's satisfied one woman all this time. How about Trump and the rest of you middle-class straight, white, never-been-marginalized male fools?

And yes, I'm a dyke but I'm a cute one who gets the pleasure of swatting off desparate idiots like you guys who hit on me all the time.

2859 days ago
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