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This Week's Biggest Losers 12/23/06

12/23/2006 2:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the line between beauty pageants and Girls Gone Wild now completely blurred, maybe NBC should have Joe Francis host the next Miss USA telecast. In advance of that tantalizing prospect, here are the finalists for the sparkling TMZ tiara.
donald trumpDonald Trump: Apparently, last winter's squabble with Martha Stewart was only a warm-up. In what can only be interpreted as a delirious desire to prevent anything from soiling the January 7 debut of Season 6 of "The Apprentice," The Donald relocated this week to the Trump Glower, and hurled down an unbelievable stream of invective at the rosiest rabble-rouser of "The View." O'Donnell, meanwhile, has cut and pasted some rather unflattering Wikipedia info about Trump into her blog, adding that she will let readers know "if kelli leaves me for one of his pals." This is David Gest vs. Liza Minnelli on Viagra and estrogen, an East Coast battle that suddenly renders the premiere of tonight's new E! special "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds" moot.

ivy supersonicIvy Supersonic: Okay, it's not quite on the level of Rosie vs. The Donald, but we're still getting a kick out the wonky ways this hottie and hat-designer-to-the-stars continues to amp up her beef with News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch. In case you missed it, Supersonic has been fighting in New York's Court of Appeals to prove that Murdoch's 20th Century Fox stole, from right Down Under her nose, the "Ice Age" animated character of Scrat. She isn't going to win the hearts of any would-be jurors with appearances like this week's disheveled Howard Stern drop-by. During the program, both Stern and Robin Quivers expressed concern about Supersonic's mental health, and a blogful of plaintiff well-wishers notwithstanding, Supersonic definitely came across as an acorn short of an iceberg.

bob dylan Harvey & Bob Weinstein: A spokesperson for The Weinstein Company proudly boasted that releasing "genre films" during the holiday season is an unabashed company tradition. But following last Xmas' serial killer import, "Wolf Creek," religious groups are howling over this Monday's release of the Michelle Trachtenberg/Lacey Chabert slasher flick, "Black Christmas." The house that Gwyneth built is having quite the litigious holiday, what with Bob Dylan suing to prevent the brothers' "Factory Girl" -- featuring a Dylan-like character played by Hayden Christensen -- from hitting theaters December 29. One can only assume that on the first day of next Christmas, the Weinsteins will be checking the box office grosses for "A Pervert in a Pear Tree."

bonnie fuller and janice min Bonnie Fuller, Janice Min: You may not know the names, but you sure as heck know the magazines. Fuller and Min, the respective Managing Editors of Star and US Weekly magazines, woke up Friday morning to the news that Vanity Fair -- after horning in on their Brad-Jen territory -- is apparently poised to be the exclusive first purveyor of Britney's K-Fed confessions. Then again, rumors earlier this year that Britney was going to pull a Demi on the cover of the magazine soon petered-out into a fully clothed cross-town Elle photo shoot. Now, with the Jen-fronted September 2006 issue of Vanity Fair ranking as the magazine's all-time bestseller, and Britney potentially set for a new '07 mark, it could be only a matter of time before K-Fed sits down with Charlie Rose for the full hour.

robert deniro Robert DeNiro
: Speaking of horning in on someone's territory, the month of December is supposed to be a time of highbrow Oscar contenders, not low-level Stallone sequels. Meanwhile, as you read this, "Rocky Balboa," in 2,752 theaters, is applying a surprising box-office knockout punch to the Raging Bull's second directorial effort, "The Good Shepherd," is playing on 2,182 screens. True, any movie that has Angelina Jolie as its significant other, rather than Burt Young, can't be considered a total loss (she is simply ravishing in glossy red lipstick and lace summer dress). Although DeNiro was only joking when he said at a Tuesday L.A. screening that the CIA had funded his film, a part of him probably now wishes the agency could at least handle the "Rocky Balboa" exit polling.

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His picture looks worse then miss USA....she looks like she has been partying HARD and looks ALL USED UP.....she looks so much diffrent then when she won....thats what partying hard does to people...( alcohol & drugs).

Donald YOUR THE BIGGEST LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should have FIRED the BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2858 days ago


These people are all boring and so are you.

2858 days ago


He deserves to have his picture up as the BIGGEST LOSER!

2858 days ago


Now, do you really think he would be good in bed? NO!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks like he cant do least he has money to get the girl!!!

I wonder if his wife really loves him or is it just the money she get from him.

2858 days ago

Psychic Clara    

I don't think Donald Trump is the biggest loser, I love his bluntness and his arrogance. We should have more people like that. I hate Rosie O'Donnell.
I predict the feud between them will continue after a small break.

Psychic Clara.

2858 days ago

Don Delury    

Oh yes #14, like Rosie and her lover can do a lot in bed too with their strap-ons or paper bags.

2858 days ago

Psychic Clara    

don't think Donald Trump is the biggest loser, I love his bluntness and his arrogance. We should have more people like that. I hate Rosie O'Donnell.
I predict the feud between them will continue after a small break.

Psychic Clara.

2858 days ago

C Mu    

How is it that homophobia goes unchallenged in this day and age? Rosie has as much right to comment on the Donald's morals as anyone else. He practiced deceit in his adultery which is quite different than being in a loving relationship. And, the Donald has as much right to respond as any other public figure. That's the First Amendment folks. As for the unbelievable comments in this blog about gay parenting, you might want to pick up a recent issue of TIME where the Christian right is blasted for misstating the research into the results of the success of same sex parents....there is no difference folks. The children of gay parents, like the children of straight parents, benefit when parents are loving and supportive. Whether the parents are gay or straight isn't significant.

2858 days ago

South Florida    

She attacks everyone and Barbara lets her......
SO that makes Barbara Walters just as REPULSIVE as Rosie.

I stopped watching the View when Rosie came on......
Rosie not only attacked Star Jones, she attacked Star's family as well.
She attacks everyone and gets away with it, I hope Donald slaps
a legel suit against her and ABC that will take them the next 10 years
to crawl out from under.

I think Rosie ran her mouth on the wrong person this time,
and its long overdue that someone puts her in her place.

Its a shame that a woman like Barbara Walters, who at one time was well is just a PATHETIC JOKE.

What goes around comes around........
I canNOT wait until The View just GOES AWAY.
Besides its just turned into Rosie's View.

You know whats really frightening, this woman [Rosie] is a parent of 4
children. She's so out of control, what could she possibly be teaching them?
Someone from child services truly needs to investigate that situation.
Shes so negative and such a bully ALL THE TIME, and so rude and disrespective.
What kind of atmosphere are those children really in? Talk about role model,

2858 days ago

Don Delury    

I can't wait until Bahbwah finally gets enough of the big mouth and says: Wosie, yar fahd!"

2858 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Rosie is a loose cannon. She often speaks before she thinks. However, the blatent irony of his 'giving Ms. U.S.A. a second chance' was not lost on me...but you can't say a guy's gone bankrupt (2 or 3 times) on NATIONAL T.V. and not expect fallout if it's not technically true. You just can't. Unprofessional, and asking for it... Did she say debt restructuring? Refinancing? No. She said bankrupt. Spoke before she thought, or did her research. She needs a few courses in diplomacy. Now she'll get a crash course.

And methinks the Donald doth protest far too much. He has struck back like a wounded 14 year old.
Embarrassing, major overreaction.
She obviously struck a very big nerve regarding his former 'relationships', and now has the hook to sue her with if he hasn't actually technically gone bankrupt.
Donald got his widdle pride hurt, and so is now going to go after Rosie with a ten ton hammer. I feel his ugly reaction in the media is making him look foolish and vindictive. He couldn't have picked up the phone and tuned her (and Barbara) in to the facts, to allow her a chance to eat big-time crow while recanting publicly and nationally the next day on the view? She did on the ching chong thing.

Personally, I'm sick to death of these two high maintenance media wh_ _ _ _. They're both acting like children. Them, them, them.

2858 days ago


Donald Trump IS the biggest looser.

If he were a true gentleman, he would have not given Rosie's comments the benefit of a response.

For him to stoop to talking about her looks; her girlfriend, and bringing Barbara Walters into this mess was a true BITCH MOVE!!!

He should be ashamed of himself for selling out the Miss USA pageant for ratings!!!

Not only is he the Biggest Loser........he's the Biggest ASS!!

2858 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Furthermore, they are BOTH poster children for how NOT to behave on a National forum, and a perfect example of how NOT to handle a dispute post line-crossing. The Donald made a lot of comments about Rosie not having any class... yet what I heard coming from his mouth the last couple of days is so far removed from anything to do with class that it's like the pot calling the kettle black. Barbara Walters was dragged into it, and the Donald had no business quoting their private conversation nationally. None whatsoever. Barbara didn't do this. She was guilty of trying to smooth things over. She is old school in her dealings.
Successfull people communicate with EACH OTHER, and try to iron out differences and misconceptions behind closed doors, mea culpa on air if necessary, and develop a friendship and begrudging respect for each other as a result. In an ideal world, people use misunderstandings to come closer together. THAT'S class, and that is what a real winner would do. Unfortunately, this schoolyard squabbling in the national media seems to be the new standard in the 21st century. I find journalism has lost its' professional integrity to ratings, and I no longer respect a good deal of it. That's not progress. Standards should get higher, not go the other way. It's capitalism; anything goes for a buck ,with no lines. We all know in good conscience that there should be lines.

2858 days ago


I know fans who love the Miss USA Pageant do NOT love Trump and what he has done. Look for a great big boo-fest when Trump and Tara are introduced come March 23rd on NBC's telecast of the Miss USA Pageant. As a pageant fan, WE ARE NOT AMMUSED at your behavior this week Mr. Trump. You can disagree with someone like Rosie O'Donnell but you NEVER denegrate a woman's looks in public like you did, no matter how you feel. Makes you look like a big sissy!

2858 days ago


#17 Donald TrAmp is a MAN.........women can get away with alot more they are two women.................the man is suppost to be BIG POWERFUL and VERY WELL ENDOWED!

I hope you agree?

2858 days ago
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