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Celebrity Wish List: Suri Cruise

12/25/2006 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suri has everything that Scientology money can buy, so finding her a truly out of this world Christmas gift takes a little work.

The TomKat kitten may not need a thing, but what "human being" doesn't like getting gifts?

Watch the video to see our suggestions. Did we miss anything? Leave a comment with your own ideas!


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I think suri should get a new name for christmas. I mean, tell me one day we wont here about the zyon cult, that killed themselves along with there self impregnated cats, lead by suri the all knowing.

2758 days ago


Cant come up with anything better than this?

How about the godfather of soul dying?


2757 days ago


Leave the kid alone already. How tacky to pick on a baby.

2757 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Se d her back to her real parents.

2757 days ago


A new wig

2757 days ago


you people will root in hell now this is gone too far making fun of an innocent baby suri or any baby, you people are all scubbags look in the mirror.

2757 days ago


Suri has to hope and pray she was actually adopted from some orphanage far, far away....and that when the time is right, while Tom & TomKat go to church to get their daily dose of bullsh*t , her real parents will swoop in, rescue her, and return her to wherever she came from. Leave a tickle-me-elmo doll as a replacement. They'll never notice Suri is even gone.

2757 days ago


She needs Christ..

2757 days ago


Harvey Levin, Celebrity Justice reject, I'm surrpised that you and your staff of degenerates stoop so low as to insult a baby. If this is a new trend, where's the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt video? Double standard, eh?

2757 days ago

patsy white    

My gawd, leave that beautiful baby alone. I had a baby who had more hair that is not so unusual. She is a lovely, bright and alert looking little girl.

2757 days ago


This is pop culture sinking to a new low. There's an interview in the Dec 18 issue of New York mag with the niece of Georgio Armani who was there to host some artists event and she was asked about the Cruise family and she had lovely things to say. Try to find something similar about some of the people you are currently hyping. You seem to want to provoke the ugly thoughts of the people who post responses on this site. I realize that you get paid per click but have you no shame? S.

2757 days ago


Slow news day, idiots? This article was stupid!

2757 days ago

Mary Worth    

Is Christmas celebrated in the Scientology world?

Suri will need a lot of therapy in the future. And it will come all too soon!

2757 days ago


OMG get a sense of humor people. I for one, this Suri should get tapes of both Mom and Dad so she could see what they used to be like and see that her real parents are far from likable than L. Ron Hubbard really think them to be. Anyway, anyone who's trying to pass off a few month old who's really several months old needs a lesson learned. Suri looks about 5-6 months older than she is said to be. God's blessings for that baby, Godspeed for her well-being, and shameful that that Suri isn't blessed for who she is, but for what she wants them to be.

2757 days ago


These wish lists are so stupid!

My wish list is that you will be more creative next year!

2757 days ago
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