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Former Miss Nevada a Dairy Queen

12/27/2006 8:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Look what we found! Katie Rees, former Miss Nevada, was up to her old tricks ... this time at Tia's Mexican Restaurant in Tampa, Florida.

The revealing picture was taken in June, 2004 and has been posted on a website since June 30, 2004. You'll recall, of course, other revealing photos of Katie were taken at Fletcher's Backstreet Grill in Tampa that same year.

Last week, Katie's lawyer said the photos taken at Fletcher's "was an isolated incident." Maybe not so isolated.


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skanky ho's for sure.tmz please stop showing this stuff.its getting old!!!!!!!!

2822 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

This slut is absolutely vomitous.

2822 days ago


to the guy who said this was obviously the same night, you are blind. that girl whose breast shes kissing has on a totally different shirt. and katie rees' hair was curly in the first set of pictures, and in this one it's straight. this was obviously not an "isolated incident." she's disgusting and shameful.

2822 days ago


i have to agree with #61. Unless she went out and restyled her hair, its not the same night. Maybe the same shirt but not the same night

2822 days ago


In America- when you are stripped of a title- you get to be on a People mag cover , cry fake tears in your public apology, and then sell your life story to a publisher for millions. There are no losers in the shame game. Shame on anyone who benefits from this media crap.

2822 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

this should be a lesson to all those idiotic girls(?) who think that pulling sh*t like this (Tara) or doing Girls Gone Wild, is not going to come back to bite you on the ass, thing again!! remember, once it's out there on the Net, that is like, FOREVER!! also, potential future employers have people in their HR Deparatments to check out these same sites just like the rest of us!!!!! just remember that!!!

2822 days ago


maybe she has a tongue fetish?

2822 days ago


If her parents attended church- they dont now!

2822 days ago

tasha parham    

Dear Miss Nevada,
We from tv land have awarded you with the top #1 spot of
"MOST NASTY & STANK" of 2006. I'm sorry, but what these pictures show is someone who has won an award for nothing & being looked up to by kids. Her title should have been taken away and never returned. It's females like her that make true & clean females get looked at as hoes. If anything after that night she should have washed her mouth out to get at least some of those germs out, I mean I'm pretty sure she has a habit of doing this, just think how nasty her mouth really is. GERMS! GERMS!! GERMS!!!. I personally think she should not have been crowned Miss Nevada but Miss Bacteria Carrier of 2006 instead.

2822 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

#69, you have no idea just how right you are!!! you know, women/girls blame alot of things on men (and believe me, there's a lot of reasons they SHOULD), but in the case of people like Tara or Miss Nevada or Girls Gone Wild videos, those chicks have NO ONE but themselves to blame!! its almost as if WE are our own worst enemies!!! why on earth would you WILLINGLY play into a man's sick fantasies like that? and don't anyone say how its "liberating or empowering" or any of that sh*t!! that's NOT what women's liberation was meant for!! we should be encouraging to each other, not staying quiet about these and other issues that demean us!!

just some food for thought!

2822 days ago

All American Girl    

Too many girls in the world who are degrading to all women. I don't see women moving ahead, I see them going backwards.

2822 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

#72, the only way to put an end to this BS is to always CONDEMN the crap that's thrown at us, whether its on the Net or TV.... when one is silent about these things, then it is assumed by everyone that this behavior is ok, when in fact, it will NEVER be, no matter how you "dress it up".. wrong is wrong!!!

2822 days ago


Nancy Grace does this same sh*t with Judge Judy,but at least they do it behind closed doors.

2822 days ago

Lost fanatic    

Damn-girl has a long tongue!

2822 days ago

CrazY DiamonD    

That is quite the long tonque. SO she's not pagent material..who gives a sh*t. who really wants to be a beauty queen anyway?

I'm a chick, and I would def mess around with this girl. Not in front of the camera's but yeah she's pretty hot.

2822 days ago
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