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Jessica -- My Christmas Sucks

12/27/2006 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonFor Jessica Simpson, it's the most miserable time of the year, with no man and a career that's going off the rails.

Jessica didn't leave her trailer on the Louisiana set of her movie "Blonde Ambition" for two days, according to In Touch Weekly, prompting an emergency intervention by sister Ashlee. Then, when the thought of sun and warmth in Hawaii was just too much to bear, Jessica decided to go to blizzard-ridden Colorado instead.

Britney SpearsHer dark moods are being blamed partly on her recent "9 to 5" debacle at the Kennedy Center Honors -- only a brief glimpse of her arm could be seen during the broadcast of the tribute to Dolly Parton last night. And the mag says, Jess' second Christmas without ex-hubby Nick Lachey has been particularly hard, especially because Nick is constantly and very publicly out and about with girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo.

Is Carrie Stealing Jess' Cowboy?

Jessica isn't getting action from her ex-boytoy, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo -- but Carrie Underwood might be. Underwood, says In Touch Weekly, was a surprise guest at Texas Stadium for the Cowboys' Christmas Day game against Philadelphia, and gave Romo a hug on the field before kickoff.

Kelly Clarkson

Romo told a small-town paper in central Illinois, where he went to college, that he was dating the "American Idol" chanteuse. Christmas wasn't her first appearance at a Cowboys game -- she sang at Texas Stadium on Thanksgiving Day. Of course, Carrie might want to skip the next game – Romo had a terrible outing against the Eagles as she watched from the sideline.

Tara Conner photogalleryWho is Miss USA Sleeping With?

The answer: Herself.

Tarnished beauty-pageant tart Tara Conner won't be having many debauched late nights – or fast guys to spend them with -- at her latest home, the Caron Foundation rehab center in Pennsylvania. In fact, reports the New York Daily News, Tara will be in bed by 11 o'clock at night, up at 6:30 in the AM, and will be doing chores like mopping, cleaning and making her own bed, just like all the other attendees of the $24,000-per-month facility.

And even if she gets a little boy-craving during her 28-day stay there, she'll have to squelch it, because men and women are segregated at Caron. Still, there's no word on whether she'll be able to, you know, lend her support to other female rehabbers like she allegedly did to Miss Teen USA Katie Blair.

Ben affleck and jen garnerParty Favors: Affleck and Garner's Stealthy Baptism ... Governator Will Be Back ... Sandler Gives Sick Kids Gifts

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck snuck into Garner's hometown church in Charleston, W. VA on Sunday to have their baby daughter Violet baptized. The congregation was surprised, says the AP, and some parishioners didn't even notice until the end of the service ... Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been cleared to resume being the Governator, says his doctor. Ahnuld will probably be on crutches during his inauguration next week, says the Los Angeles Times. The operation to fix his right thigh bone lasted 90 minutes ... Adam Sandler made it a very merry Christmas (or is that a happy Hanukkah?) for a couple New Hampshire kids who are suffering from cancer, giving them a PlayStation 3 loaded with games, as well as signed DVDs and jerseys.

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No Avatar

Mad Balls    

You guys know how much of a fan I am to Jessica . But she blew it with me bigtime when she did'nt realize that I live for the Kennedy Center honors show ever year . This year was no exception with Austrian classical music , Smokey Robinson Motown revue and F. L. Weber and the music of the night . Too bad you couldn't get you sh*t together , Jess, as this was a great night . Too bad you are choosing to concentrate on Movies as your music sucks and suffers . What ever happened to that fresh faced girl that knocked out a bluesy tune at a special appearance on MAD TV so many years ago ?

2823 days ago

Tom Cruise has landed    

The problem with Jessica Simpson is that without her reality show, she would have already been tucked away as a no talent has been. She got lucky with the show and everyone was interested in her for a while, but she really and honestly (like her or hate her) has absolutely no talent at all. I mean people will stay interested in a celebrity for a while, but she cannot produce anything that is not torture to watch. The weird facial expressions when she sings ( oh that awful voice, don't even get me started) and the atrocious acting makes it hard for people to continue to stay intersted in her.

The one thing I can give her credit for is her makeup line is a cute idea for teens and at least she isn't torturing and killing innocent animals like the pathetic joke P.Sh*tty and J.Ho. So jessica stick to QVC and stay off my TV.

2823 days ago


Give me a break Carrie Overwood. You blonde whores are all alike... you look in the media - see where someone has two seconds of fame and jump on it.. it's sh*t like that that give you whores bad names.. it's sickening. A guy that never got laid in high school - had a hard time getting laid in college and than throws a few good games when many of the passes could have been throw by Vern (minnie me) - it's outgrageous, it's sick and quite average - thanks for being average just like all other glory hounds.. and it's strange- it's not even glory; it's the fact that someone had two good games - but watch out.. I say on to the next quarterback you whore... please, please, break the cycle of whoreness and media hype

2823 days ago


I told her to start hanging out with paris , lindsey and brittney... coke binges are great over the holidays...

2823 days ago


Carrie is not dating QB Tony Romo. She said it herself. No idea why he's saying it!

2823 days ago


I don't feel sorry for her because she has more money than I will ever know, BUT I do think that most of the comments on here are horrible. She is a human with feelings and just because someone is a celebrity and they run into a bit of a bad streak everyone jumps on board. Did you ever hear of "hitting someone when they are down?" It's just not right.

2823 days ago


Jessica is an idiot!! She soooo thought she had it made when she dumped Nick. Right back at you dumb blond!! You are a brat and can't remember the lyrics to a song a 3rd grader could recite. Jess.......guys really don't like dumbsh*ts for girlfriends. You are too high maintainence. GO NICK!!

2823 days ago


Wow all of you are so good damn sad i hate jessica simpson but not because shes beautiful or has big breast that has nothing to do with it all of you sound so jealious get over it you all know if you had her money you would look the same way as her all of you hate her because you cant be her get over yourselfs and as for her leaving nick HE CHEATED ON HER but i guess since i was nick then its ok??? whatever you ppl are more shallow then both of them put togther

2823 days ago

Steve Hartman    

RE: JESSICA S. When the going gets tough, the tough keep going, which is exactly what poor Jessica is doing. It takes guts to cast away the drag downs on your life to start again by yourself. Personally, I think dumping the "latch key" kid was a positive. How many adorable leeches (aka bloodsuckers) have each of you known in your lives? And aren't you better off that they're out of your life now? Think about it.......

Me? I'm rootin' for the girl to make her way back.

2823 days ago


You guys are all so stupid!! First of all, It sounds as though you are all jealous of Jessica Simpson, because she is beautiful and talented. In fact, she has more talent in her little toe than Nick has in his whole body!! Second, if someone is hurting because they were in love, does that mean they have no talent and that they are stupid? No, it just means they are human!!! Lastly, if Nick was such a great catch, why did he need to marry Jessica Simpson to be noticed? He would have been a big deal before he married her! NICK WHO??? YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GROW UP!!!!

2823 days ago


I see some bitter people have been posting about Jess.....Nick didn't do CRAP for YEARS, so why was she stupid for letting HIM go? If anything, she carried him the whole way through the marriage!!

2823 days ago


For Jessica's sake we all live and learn. Life is full of regrets and we then learn from them. She is making millions doing what she does even if it is bad.. Go Jessica!!!!!

2823 days ago


hmm thats funny u can tell whos had the better year

2823 days ago


Just goes to show money can't buy everything.... Atleast happiness anyway. Jessica should go back to where it all began, singing in church! Maybe then she might find what she really needs. Who cares who Carrie underwood is dating, she's human just like the rest of us, the tabloids will take the hug she gave and run a mile with it.

2823 days ago

Eric The Great    

You're all pretty much right about Big Pimpin' Poppa Joe and the 2 brainless, talentless, walking plastic surguries. Well, mostly talentless, as Jessica CAN actually sing very well, but she's made more money shaking her assets and being "blonde" than doing anything else. But what were they ever meant to be BUT eye candy, at least ever since sweet, innocent Jessica (sorry, just threw up in my mouth a little bit) had to whore herself up try to sell records like Britney and X-Tina were doing, then show her sister that T & A counts for more than true talent ever could in today's society.....

2823 days ago
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