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Jessica -- My Christmas Sucks

12/27/2006 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonFor Jessica Simpson, it's the most miserable time of the year, with no man and a career that's going off the rails.

Jessica didn't leave her trailer on the Louisiana set of her movie "Blonde Ambition" for two days, according to In Touch Weekly, prompting an emergency intervention by sister Ashlee. Then, when the thought of sun and warmth in Hawaii was just too much to bear, Jessica decided to go to blizzard-ridden Colorado instead.

Britney SpearsHer dark moods are being blamed partly on her recent "9 to 5" debacle at the Kennedy Center Honors -- only a brief glimpse of her arm could be seen during the broadcast of the tribute to Dolly Parton last night. And the mag says, Jess' second Christmas without ex-hubby Nick Lachey has been particularly hard, especially because Nick is constantly and very publicly out and about with girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo.

Is Carrie Stealing Jess' Cowboy?

Jessica isn't getting action from her ex-boytoy, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo -- but Carrie Underwood might be. Underwood, says In Touch Weekly, was a surprise guest at Texas Stadium for the Cowboys' Christmas Day game against Philadelphia, and gave Romo a hug on the field before kickoff.

Kelly Clarkson

Romo told a small-town paper in central Illinois, where he went to college, that he was dating the "American Idol" chanteuse. Christmas wasn't her first appearance at a Cowboys game -- she sang at Texas Stadium on Thanksgiving Day. Of course, Carrie might want to skip the next game – Romo had a terrible outing against the Eagles as she watched from the sideline.

Tara Conner photogalleryWho is Miss USA Sleeping With?

The answer: Herself.

Tarnished beauty-pageant tart Tara Conner won't be having many debauched late nights – or fast guys to spend them with -- at her latest home, the Caron Foundation rehab center in Pennsylvania. In fact, reports the New York Daily News, Tara will be in bed by 11 o'clock at night, up at 6:30 in the AM, and will be doing chores like mopping, cleaning and making her own bed, just like all the other attendees of the $24,000-per-month facility.

And even if she gets a little boy-craving during her 28-day stay there, she'll have to squelch it, because men and women are segregated at Caron. Still, there's no word on whether she'll be able to, you know, lend her support to other female rehabbers like she allegedly did to Miss Teen USA Katie Blair.

Ben affleck and jen garnerParty Favors: Affleck and Garner's Stealthy Baptism ... Governator Will Be Back ... Sandler Gives Sick Kids Gifts

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck snuck into Garner's hometown church in Charleston, W. VA on Sunday to have their baby daughter Violet baptized. The congregation was surprised, says the AP, and some parishioners didn't even notice until the end of the service ... Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been cleared to resume being the Governator, says his doctor. Ahnuld will probably be on crutches during his inauguration next week, says the Los Angeles Times. The operation to fix his right thigh bone lasted 90 minutes ... Adam Sandler made it a very merry Christmas (or is that a happy Hanukkah?) for a couple New Hampshire kids who are suffering from cancer, giving them a PlayStation 3 loaded with games, as well as signed DVDs and jerseys.

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No Avatar


No talent, hachett faced...sicko dad and a very pretty sister.......

2824 days ago


Thats Show Business!!!!! And who cares anyway....its all so drama!!!!

2824 days ago


Jessica Simpson is NOT beautiful! If you've ever looked at the Dukes of Hazzard DVD cover her face looks like someone took it and stretched it out. I talk about her because she is an ugly human being on the inside too. She has NO talent her music is awful. She looks stupid as hell when she sings.

2824 days ago


i think it is about time these lovely ladies realize that now that we have seen their boobs, their butts , their navels and most of their private part, we've seen enough. Cover themselves up and look glamourous when they are presenting themselves. Most private parts look alike and fake boobs, (boob jobs ) look alike so the only way they can compete now and hold the interest of the majority is to dress and make their faces to look beautiful. I for one and most of my college buddies just laugh at you girls when you flash your nudity around and think it makes you attractive. We are tired of seeing ugly private parts. Dress to
accent your fimaninity and pretty faces.

2824 days ago


I think.....there are more important things to worry about. Let's get our priorities
straight, folks!!

2824 days ago

do something about it    

I dont think me nor the people that posted negative comments are jealous of her to say the least. I never had the desire to have fake hair(I do have a great gay hairstylist), injected lips, a cleft chin, failing music career, bad acting, overbearing father, embarrassing little sister and awful romantic life. For the record I am good in the finance department, have a great boyfriend, talented sister, ect. I think people are just tired of having this less than talented singer shoved in our face. It took forever to get her boring career off the ground! If anything I am jealous of someone like Beyonce, Natalie portman, scarlett johanson, or christina agulira Atleast they can sell a hit record or make a good movie without having to re-release it.

2824 days ago


Jessica is very pretty,but I just don't think she can sing.I think Nick is a much better singer.She was crazy for ever letting him go!Come on guys,have some compassion.If there is anyone here who hasn't screwed up,you are lying.

2824 days ago


This kind of shows that Jess isn't the one who did the dumping. Ole Nick is flaunting his new flame, and Jess is being a lady. So she screwed up during the show. Name a single celeb who hasn't? I think she's cute as can be, and funny. Nick is and always will be a jerk. Hang in there, kid.

2824 days ago

Jeanne Baker    

What a pity these poor little rich girls can't have what they want all the time. They are selfish and igotistical brats that have never grown up. I wouldnt waste 1 minute watching them or reading about them ever again. They score a zero in brains and manners and reality.

2824 days ago


Please! I have no sympathy for Jessica and I don't believe Nick cheated on her! But if he did, who could blame him! Jessica always acted like she thought she was too good for him. I saw all the newlywed episodes and it felt to me like he was the only one with the genuine feelings in that relationship! She was too much of a fake! I think she should thank Nick for making her look good on that show!

2824 days ago


Does anyone know who Bill Hemmer from Fox news is dating?

2824 days ago


Jessica, your a sweetheart and very talented and a very attractive lady and you will alway's have my vote. I would be very proud to know you as a friend. You go girl, and don't ever think your not everything, because you are and then some.

2824 days ago

Lisa Adams    

I just feel that Nick and Jessica would still be a "Hollywood Royalty" couple if Jess would have told her dad to stop being a 3rd wheel in her marriage and personal life.Then again,it's been a year now since they've been divorced and Nick has already moved on,Clearly.Jessica,move on with your life.Your young,pretty,talented and you'll find someone else to love you.As far as the dolly messup.Sh*t happens.People make mistakes all the time.Don't killyourself over it.It'll be okay gurl.I still support you no matter what happens.Besides,your personal life is your business.Love ya!

2824 days ago

Barbara Franklin    

I think Jessica's problems right now are due to the fact she is having a hard time getting over her love, Nick. Even though she is beautiful, she is insecure, as their real life TV show gave us a glimpse of. Give her a break, she's alone, sad, and having a rough time. How would you like your love life strewn across the magazines for the world to judge?

2824 days ago


All of you guys that are putting down Jessica Simpson are just jealous! She is a beautiful girl that can sing better than all of you put together! People who put others down like that are just showing the world how insecure they are with themselves. Good Job Guys!

2824 days ago
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