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Jessica -- My Christmas Sucks

12/27/2006 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SimpsonFor Jessica Simpson, it's the most miserable time of the year, with no man and a career that's going off the rails.

Jessica didn't leave her trailer on the Louisiana set of her movie "Blonde Ambition" for two days, according to In Touch Weekly, prompting an emergency intervention by sister Ashlee. Then, when the thought of sun and warmth in Hawaii was just too much to bear, Jessica decided to go to blizzard-ridden Colorado instead.

Britney SpearsHer dark moods are being blamed partly on her recent "9 to 5" debacle at the Kennedy Center Honors -- only a brief glimpse of her arm could be seen during the broadcast of the tribute to Dolly Parton last night. And the mag says, Jess' second Christmas without ex-hubby Nick Lachey has been particularly hard, especially because Nick is constantly and very publicly out and about with girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo.

Is Carrie Stealing Jess' Cowboy?

Jessica isn't getting action from her ex-boytoy, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo -- but Carrie Underwood might be. Underwood, says In Touch Weekly, was a surprise guest at Texas Stadium for the Cowboys' Christmas Day game against Philadelphia, and gave Romo a hug on the field before kickoff.

Kelly Clarkson

Romo told a small-town paper in central Illinois, where he went to college, that he was dating the "American Idol" chanteuse. Christmas wasn't her first appearance at a Cowboys game -- she sang at Texas Stadium on Thanksgiving Day. Of course, Carrie might want to skip the next game – Romo had a terrible outing against the Eagles as she watched from the sideline.

Tara Conner photogalleryWho is Miss USA Sleeping With?

The answer: Herself.

Tarnished beauty-pageant tart Tara Conner won't be having many debauched late nights – or fast guys to spend them with -- at her latest home, the Caron Foundation rehab center in Pennsylvania. In fact, reports the New York Daily News, Tara will be in bed by 11 o'clock at night, up at 6:30 in the AM, and will be doing chores like mopping, cleaning and making her own bed, just like all the other attendees of the $24,000-per-month facility.

And even if she gets a little boy-craving during her 28-day stay there, she'll have to squelch it, because men and women are segregated at Caron. Still, there's no word on whether she'll be able to, you know, lend her support to other female rehabbers like she allegedly did to Miss Teen USA Katie Blair.

Ben affleck and jen garnerParty Favors: Affleck and Garner's Stealthy Baptism ... Governator Will Be Back ... Sandler Gives Sick Kids Gifts

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck snuck into Garner's hometown church in Charleston, W. VA on Sunday to have their baby daughter Violet baptized. The congregation was surprised, says the AP, and some parishioners didn't even notice until the end of the service ... Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has been cleared to resume being the Governator, says his doctor. Ahnuld will probably be on crutches during his inauguration next week, says the Los Angeles Times. The operation to fix his right thigh bone lasted 90 minutes ... Adam Sandler made it a very merry Christmas (or is that a happy Hanukkah?) for a couple New Hampshire kids who are suffering from cancer, giving them a PlayStation 3 loaded with games, as well as signed DVDs and jerseys.

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No Avatar


jessica simpson had a little talent, but she has lost it because she got so distracted by fame and money that she lost sight of being a real person, working things out with nick should have been her main goal, but instead she traded love for money.

Jessica, some advise, next time, your priorities should be , Love, family, friends than career and Money, not vice versa.

Maybe you will learn for next time, Your father had a lot to do with your break up with nick and now your career going down hill. Keep your family life seperate and be your own woman.

Good luck girl, you need it, you have a lot of growing up to do and checking to see who around you is helping or hurting you the most.

I watched newlyweds from the beginning and at first I watched for nick, but than you won us over with your funny, child like antics, but soon you turned concieted and nasty, that showed up on screen too!!

2823 days ago


that's what you get when you choose the "perv" over the "prince"

2823 days ago


Stupid is as stupid does. Blonde and bimbo material. Nick new he made a huge mistake as soon as the honeymoon was over and they did that reality show. She couldn't even take care of herself let alone a husband or an animal. Glad she has not reproduced yet. Her parents aren't any better, being the girls agents, they are making a bundle off them. Keep them working any way you can Joe, and you will reap the benefits.

2823 days ago

doris sullivan    


2823 days ago



2823 days ago


Please!!! NO more sympathy for Jess!! She skipped rehearsals for the Kennedy Center Honors, had to read the lyrics for the song on cards: she was a disaster because she didn't take the time to prepare!! As for the Nick issue:

He was the bigger star and money earner when they married, so the argument he was riding her coattails is invalid. She became famous and had llots of business offers AFTER Newlyweds was airing. Then, she dumped him because she thought her career was going to skyrocket. Oops!!! Please, shes over! She proven she cannot compete with the likes of Christina and Beyonce. Good Riddance!!!

2823 days ago


Jessica Simpson is one of the most beautiful women around so everybody stop haten just because u cant be her saying she ugly with no talent whats wrong with u people shes sexy and has loads of talent.

2823 days ago


Everyone says Nick cheated and Jessica cheated, we don't know for sure about that. all I can say is Jessica wanted out to move on, she was the first one dating while Nick hoped it would work out. she thought she was bigger than him, she was nothing before him, she wouldn't have her name out there if it wasn't for Newlyweds and he should of received half because of that. he proved her wrong she's a nobody, a good home town girl to slutsville. Nick is so much better off with Vanessa instead of superficial Jessica.

2823 days ago


Everyone who finds enjoyment in putting people down will eventually get theirs in return. Jessica Simpson is going threw a hard time in her life and all of you still feel the need to put her down even more. She is still human!!! No matter what went on or is going on maybe the truth to the whole thing is that you people who are putting people, who you don't know, down need to GROW UP!!!

2823 days ago

Darren Vaughn    

Kick her when she's down? She kicked Nick to the curb and kept kicking ! Just because she was board and wanted somthing new ,doesn't mean she should act on that impulse . She should have worked on her new marrage a little harder ! Someone with that much cash will never be down for very long , some leach will always be there to tell her what she wants or needs to hear . But on a brighter note, if she is truly sorry , and Nick wants to forgive her, and she starts living right , ( those are big if's) then I hope every thing goes well for her ! And Nick ! A'm glad that Nick found someone else ! I hope that she ends up being a little more caring ! And may Jessica learn from all of this , or it will have been for not !

2823 days ago


Jessica Simpleton CAN NOT SING. I cringe at the sound of her voice. I don't care anything about her or her personal life, but I'm tired of being tortured with her music all over the radio. She has plenty of our money, she can take her goofy self and donald duck lips and retire!!!! And for all of you who think everyone who doesn't like Ms. Simp are just jealous, Well you just keep believing that and keep lining her pockets with your hard earned cash. She has alot to be sad about.. being rich and all... having a nice home and cars... and die hard fans who are tone def!!!!

2823 days ago

Glenna Porter    

The person or persons that had "Jessica" even try to sing a "Dolly" song should be ashamed. She(Jessica)is not even in her (Dolly's) league.Jessica can not sing ,nor act,because that dumb blonde is no act.

2823 days ago


Anyone who is as annoying and clingy as she is deserved to be cheated on in my opinion-The fact that all she did was whine and shop for 2,000 dollar sheets on MtVs Newlyweds, should have given everyone a clue that she really had no talent. I think the only talent she did have was bugging the hell outta poor Nick's funny how people are quick to say it was his fault, he seems to be really content with his life now-Jess was on Rachel Ray's show yesterday, and when asked by an audience member what other talents she had besides singing and acting, her answer was 'Well, I can burp really loud" Ha! Typical DB-

2823 days ago


My St. Bernard has more talent! Ever heard that saying "it is what it is"? Yes she is beautiful. Yes she has big boobs. She is indeed everything "exterior" anyone could dream of. However..... exterior means nothing if there is nothing on the "interior". You can cover dog chit up with whip cream and it looks edible, truth is if you take a bite of it, it's still going to taste like dog chit.

2823 days ago


People should not be hateful. I like Jessica because shes inocent and sweet. I like her movies. Nick I dont see what everyone seems to see in him. Hes not that cute and I think he will never find another Jessica.

2823 days ago
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