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Goo Father?

12/28/2006 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Brown was laid out at Harlem's famed Apollo Theater today.

With Al Sharpton standing at the side of his gold coffin, thousands of fans paid their respects to the "Godfather of Soul."

The body will be taken to Georgia tonight for a second viewing and funeral. Brown died on Christmas morning of heart failure at age 73.


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Thank you TMZ for giving me a laugh. I mean a outright belly laugh. THANKS

2858 days ago


James Brown was a talented man and one hell of an entertainer-- a real icon--but like so many superstars, he had a few shortcomings in the "human being" department. What I can't stand is this bullsh*t of Al Sharpton standing there next to his coffin like the eff-ing national guard, cashing in on his death. I don't care if they were bff, Sharpton's just milking the situation for his own personal gain. Makes me sick. The Godfather of Soul "used" to the end...

2858 days ago


man...I feel really crummy right about wasting my life away...I'm sitting here at work...getting involved with ablog about the word "Goo"...on James Brown's death?

I need a cold shower and need to rethink what the hell am I gonna do with my life...but that's my thing....

let me add this...The "goo" things...its cheap...and beneath TMZ...I mean...dude....lets make fun of someone who's more deserving of our scorn and need to compensate for a lack of our own patheticness...?

come on..lets make more fun of britney's crotch, of hilton's crotch, of fill in the hot chick of the moments crotch.....

man...all of a sudden I feel better about myself......awesome.....!!!

2858 days ago


Al Sharpton makes me ill! Can't this bottom feeder go do something else? There has to be a black woman somewhere accusing rape that needs to be saved. Here's a tip Al, Tawana Brawley and that Duke stripper are not going to get you elected to any type of office......God help New York City if he is ever elected mayor! I'll be the first to head north to Westchester County.

2858 days ago

coco puff    

That's what you get for not letting me use your bathroom, BITCH!!!

2858 days ago


Isin't it ironic that whenever a US president dies, we also have a great Afican American die duing the same time. ex Ronald Regan-Ray Charles,
Ford-James Brown


2858 days ago


Tacky - Tacky - Tacky and slightly dis-tasteful.

2858 days ago

Al Sharpton is a racist    

I bet Sh*thead Sharpton rifled thru Brown's pockets to see if there was any loose change.

2858 days ago


to #8 pleaseeeeee, I couldn't of said it better myself. your awesome

2858 days ago

Lenn K    

Can someone, anyone, tell Al Sharpton there is no race problem here that he can take advantage of. Why for the love of God does Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton think they are the black top cops on everything black. There is more scum on both of their hands than anything. Al go run into traffic. Jessie stop impregnanting women who are not your wife.

2858 days ago


I burst out laughing - especially with Al S. stading next to the sign/flowers.

2858 days ago


Hee Hee father! That's friggin' funny!! I keep clicking back to this page while I'm at work & I laugh everytime! All of you other people who are freaking out...get over it, it's not like TMZ made the sign! And, yeah, he may be dead but that's no reason to not enjoy something humorous!

2858 days ago


Another wife-beating a**hole bites the dust! The sign should read "Thank God, Father!"

2858 days ago


That's incredibly disrespectful and unnecessary.

2858 days ago

Mad Balls    

N8gg*r Pimp ASS stole a girl from me AND stiffed me fo' whats' owed to Golly Gs' . Sho' hes' real nice to da ' fillies . HO HO lump O' coal if Ya' gots any testosterony on da' Boney . SHo' nuff , punkass . Chased his coffin down the street till is' found outs he aint got no money on 'im . punk ass . Should da' toke dat nasty Buck wilds Auntie bitch from 'im but he owed me green money -- not brown honey . SH*T . I'm F*cked . Peace out my ass Punkass b*tches .

2858 days ago
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