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Mike Tyson Popped for DUI, Cocaine

12/29/2006 11:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike TysonFormer heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson was arrested for driving under the influence, and possession of cocaine in Scottsdale, Arizona early Friday morning. And TMZ has learned Tyson told cops he had been using illegal substances in the past few days.

Cops say they stopped Iron Mike after he ran a stop sign and almost almost crashed into a sheriff's vehicle around 1:45 AM. The arresting officer was part of a special holiday DUI task force.

Police say Tyson was coopertive and acted like a gentleman.

Tyson was booked at a Maricopa County sheriff's jail, and is expected to have an initial appearance before a judge later today to determine bail.

Mike Tyson: Click to watchThis isn't Tyson's first brush in the law in Arizona. In 2004, the embattled boxer was arrested and charged with suspicion of criminal damage after cops say he left a nightclub and jumped on the hood of a stranger's car, causing about $1400 in damage.


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Lenn K    

#3 I know you're dumb, but not be an idiot on top of that. If you almost hit a sheriff's car at 1:45 in the morning, it goes to reason that you're going to get pulled over. Race is your way of explaining any faults that blacks have.

2856 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

This guy belongs in a zoo with the rest of the gorillas.

2856 days ago

blah blah blah    

Sorry #3 but you are way out of line with that excuse of a comment!
I don't usually make many disagreements with other opinions but this one definitely grabbed my attention.
By all means PRINCE...........................Please re-read the blog in general and you will see how much of a hypocrite you come across being with such a statement!

The Blog Reads, AND I QUOTE:

Cops say they stopped Iron Mike after he ran a stop sign and almost almost crashed into a sheriff's vehicle around 1:45 AM. The arresting officer was part of a special holiday DUI task force.

Enough Said!

2856 days ago


Mike Tyson on Coke.......Nah!!!!!!!
His is already lit up with his anger issues; add coke to that, Holy SH**!!!!!!!!

2856 days ago


PEOPLE...NUMBER THREE is just trying to get you guys riled up and you guys fall for it every single time! IGNORE THE IGNORANT COMMENTS! Common sense people!!!

2856 days ago

gotta getta life    

At what point did Mike Tyson become a superstar? Instant "stardom" is meaningless-just like a third grade graduation ceremony.

2856 days ago


To # 3: WOW!!! You really are stupid. I live here in Scottsdale and it does not matter if you are white, black, purple or green. If you party at the clubs here and leave wasted with a bunch of blow in your car you are going to jail. It does not matter who you are or who you think you are or how much money you have. They don't f*** around here with DUI's. Everyone who lives here knows that and that's what cabs are for, you racist piece of sh*t.,

2856 days ago

Bill S    

yeah it was cause he was black yeah right ! and his reputation was already tarnished with the woman beating rape and all i think a coke charge is the most normal thing he's ever been Arrested for
and furthermore to prince it's ignorant pieces of sh*t like u that are the reason this country is in the crapper go scottsdale pd i hope they fry his ass and to iron mike better luck next year Home Boy

2856 days ago



Am I the only one who thought PRINCE's (#3's) comments were meant sarcastically?

I thought it was hilarious.

2856 days ago


Tyson is an idiot...however, I don't really think that there are many cabs in Scottsdale...or any of Phoenix for that matter. That's the one thing I miss about living in NY-getting a cab at any hour of the night. Still doesn't excuse his driving drunk and coked up, however!

2855 days ago

Bob Bitchin    

Okay let's not get too's the plan...he does his time and we capture him and taking an idea brought up from another commentor, we let him wrestle out of Vegas! Yah, we bring him to ring like Hannibal know, restrained on some kind of gurney with a muzzle on his face, then let him loose! In a cage. Wow, people would pay for that...and part time he could do Siegfried and Roy...

2854 days ago


It's really a shame what happened to Mike Tyson's life. If he had stayed with Kevin Rooney (who by the way has fallen into alcoholism and is a ruined man) and Cus Damato, I wonder if the story might be different. Anyway, he made his own choices, albiet bad ones, but he is still one of the best fighter's to come down the pike in a long time.

2853 days ago


As much as I dislike Robin Givens, she was prophetic in her statement that Tyson would be the "All-American Tragedy". I, too, feel sorry for him, #13. Not because he was on top of the world and lost it all but because the spotlight is no place for a troubled soul and he was much too ignorant to know it. He is not much different than most of America's population, in that most of us couldn't handle celebrity status except most of us don't get the chance to prove our ignorance so dramatically. Stop broadcasting his life. He's ruined okay? Media, you did your job...congratulations! Are you aiming at "rockier bottom"? As far as #3's comments, we should strive to be bigger than responding in anger to such ridiculous and worthless nonsense. We all know the police are guilty of racial profiling but to say it was the cause of Tyson being pulled over is not even worth commenting on...and I'm African American. I also feel sorry for #3 to know that some people are in such a hopeless state of despair personally. We need to understand that racism is just a part of a plan to control us and we should all realize that unless you have money, you are just a pawn to the government and, therefore, expendible. If you would like to begin an awakening on what is really going on in our society, go to and check out "INDIVIDUALITY, The War on Conformatism, The Message" by Michael A. Harrison. It will take you on a trip!

2824 days ago
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