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Still The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz

12/30/2006 9:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Brown has once again proven that he's still got flair ... even though he died nearly a week ago.
James Brown
The Godfather of Soul, who passed away on Christmas day, underwent one last costume change for his second viewing in Augusta, GA early Saturday morning.

Brown rocked a shiny blue blazer with a matching tie this time around, a drastic change from the suit he wore during the New York viewing on Thursday.

Eat your heart out, Cher!


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Ricky Ticky Tock    

"you have got to be kidding me"

shut up and try to get a sense of humor you over sensitive poop stain.

Let us not forget:

*gets down*

2820 days ago

beth c    

I'm sorry folks, call me racist or any other name but never have I seen a white person dragged out of their casket for a costume change....not once, but twice!!! Were we suppose to imagine he is still alive and just napping? Was he going somewhere after the viewing??? I think that is the freakiest thing about it all...changing a dead man's clothes..,..and everyone ...try to remember that this is TMZ....they are going to bust their balls to post the money shots..the more shocking the better...I bet Harv is sh*tting himself that he can't get ahold of the actual hanging of's out there Harv..I dare you to put it up.....

2820 days ago

Pete Best    

#35 - I don't believe they changed caskets. The lighting from the first viewing at the Apollo made it look like a different box. Still the same shiny gold box.

2819 days ago



2819 days ago


As a person born in Africa, I can stand outside of the crowd here and objectively address the biases that I have read on these pages. The injection of racist jokes, ideas and remarks into the death of this remarkable man is so appaling. Here is one of the greatest and most accomplished persons in the history of mankind. He deserves respect, encomiums and accolades, not disrespect and foolish jokes. Even if he was ordinary, the dead need to be respected. Was he perfect? Of course not. As is none of us perfect? He is great not because he did not stumble, but because he overcame all his demons and offered a legacy. Let's have good memories of him. He should not be compared to Reagan, Ford or anybody. They all had their own demons too. However his family chooses to bury their dead is their business. You can bury you own dad within one second of death - or a year after. That will be your business. And you can even let him go naked. That will be your business. Let's respect each other's culture. Whites are not blacks and blacks are not whites. We are different people. To Africans, funerals are a celebration. In Africa, burial takes longer and involves more than you see with James Brown. It means the culture that Africans in America brought with them have not died. You do not question culture. If it works for them, why do you have to sweat over that. Afterall, James Brown never tried to be white. He said he was black and proud. Let me continue to be black, even in death. Stop racist remarks, and let's just be human for once here.

2819 days ago

beth c    

I agree with you Mr. Foreigner...white is white and black is black. So tell me this, why, whenever something is mentioned in the most benign way that acknowledges these differences, we are called racist. The tradition being followed is in utter accord with the family wishes but it is not a white custom. So if it is remarked upon we are suddenly being ignorant to black people and ridiculing them. They can bury him upside down with no clothes on for all I care but in reality what is going on is a different custom from ours. So why am I racist because I mention it????? Can someone tell me why if whites point out a cultural difference we are suddenly against all the blacks?

2819 days ago


These predominately White blog sites shouldn't even be allowed to put great Black superstars like James Brown on their blog sites because most White people are too evil and are not capable of giving great Black superstars their due honor and respect because of their biggotry and hatefulness. It is an insult to put the "Godfather of Soul" on here with these vultures. A king like James Brown belongs on a blog site (predominately Black) where he is given the highest salute and tribute of a true King or "Godfather".
Just like the predominately Black blog sites are giving him as we speak. They are rolling out the red carpet for James Brown's casket with bands playing and white horses. A tribute fit for a "Godfather".

2819 days ago


To #7-Linda Lou

FYI-In case you didn't know this. Black people don't have to rush to bury their dead because unlike White people their skin keeps their natural color and with White people, after a few days their skin color starts changing to a variety of hues. White people have to be buried fast or they won't be recognizable, unless they are kept in a freezer on ice.

2819 days ago

Linda Lou    

I admire James Brown's talent, so don't call me a vulture. He is also still ahead of Keith Richards in the live hard, die old club.

I would like to know the roots of the Black custom of doing the funeral ritual differently. Like Beth said, why attack us for noting the different cultural tradition and wondering about it.

2819 days ago

Pete Best    

IMHO, I thought that Brown's corpse looked more natural at the Georgia funeral than at the event at the Apollo - which TMZ is still incorrectly matching the photos to.

And, since many other news sites featured pictures of Brown lying in his coffin, I don't see why TMZ has to issue a "dead person warning" with the pictures. I understand they may be upsetting to some people - but it's not like it was a picture of someone murdered, lying in a pool of their own blood. I too think wakes are ghoulish, but I did think the photos were tastefully done.

2819 days ago


A musical legend indeed, .....and what or musician in today's world is without sin, Remember this man's incredible talent, not his sin.... James

Uh Tommie...I am white...and not racist...I believe many commenting here are also white and are not ....all racist...respect is matter what race you are....your post..#51...regarding white blogs...and posts with black people......WTF is that..if not racist.??? Everyone is entitled to an opinion here ..this is are an ignorant. racist a**hole.... Nemaste

2819 days ago


Color has nothing to do with the deterioration of a person...(we are all HUMAN black or white) we are all embalmed...the same way....just another stupid comment coming from you...don't you ever give it a you go from blog to blog spewing some type of racist*t...I can remember you from months ago...same BS

There is truth in the funerals...or the length of time...for some black people...some wait for 5 days...before a showing then a has to do with some spiritual LA..New Orleans...there is a longer wait period ...before the resting period, then a funeral as well...different cultures do it differently...
it's there do as they please...
State funerals....much to do regarding the entire Funeral...especially for a President, and Reagan...had a long funeral...because of the amount of people in CA that wanted to pay was days...for just that..

The changing of clothes..well ...bit strange...but if that was his be it....not my gig.....
"It's the Godfather of Soul"'s his ....GIG

2819 days ago


hey tommie,
yeah ok the people you mention are rolling out the red carpet for james brown, while his son has a homeless shelter roll away cot to sleep in because his so called father didnt give 2 sh*ts about the life that he brought into this world!
i think james brown was an a**hole to have his 5 yr old son and his mother locked out of the estate after his death. oh by the way, im white!!!

2819 days ago


Very tasteless to post these photos. Regardless of anyones opinion of the man, respect for his family should be first and foremost. Boo to TMZ on this one.

2819 days ago

robin g    

#7: "drug"?? ....DRAGGED
& #14: thank-you!! (& yes, i've been there)

2819 days ago
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