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Jessica and John's "Public Affair"

1/2/2007 1:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After ringing in the new year together at Christina Aguilera's party at the Hudson in NYC on Sunday, Jessica Simpson and John Mayer continued partying at hot New York club Stereo.

With reports of the duo "making out" on New Year's Eve, a disheveled Simpson can be seen exiting the club with Mayer by her side.

While famous for micromanaging his daughter's career into the ground, where was Papa Joe (or Ken Paves!) with a hairbrush when she needed one?!


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She's the best thing to ever happen to John Mayer. Now he's havin some fun.

2786 days ago


Jessica and her no-talent bitch sister are both has-beens whose 15 minutes are up.

2786 days ago


Adam Levine, Bam Margera, and now John Mayer? Nothing like setting your sights low. At least Bam has talent and a promising career with Jackass 3 in the works....

2786 days ago


nASTY bOIL, you are right on the money!! Calling Mayer a blues guitarist is like saying RAP is actual music.

2786 days ago


Match made in heaven. Mayer is a smug dick and is deserving of someone as vapid and shallow as jessucka.

2786 days ago


Holy fat faces batman

2786 days ago


Wasn't Nick Lachey also in NYC with Vanessa Minillo?

2786 days ago


john must have a very short term memory. oh no wait, the grammy nods are out already, thats why he doesnt care anymore. he loves to 'trick' the media.. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. FINALLY the real johnny may comes to the surface. this guy is such a fraud its a tragedy to the music world. your words ARE DEAD!!!!!! hes all confident behind his blog calling people 'catty', he looked like a 10th grader who got caught with the sluttest girl in school on the ellen show. now that hes kissing perez's ass we'll never hear what really happens gossip wise. john, on your blog can you please instruct your FORMER fans how to refund tickets??? thats the least you could do you CLICHE!! dont you hate it when the person doesnt match the music, lyrics, or guitar?? yeaa riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. dont you admire your girlfriends music john?? you should put her in your myspace. by the way NO ONE is jealous of jessica simpson. shes not even a has been, shes a never was. ZERO talent. your remaining fans can await newlyweds part 2 with your dogs daisy & duke!! aww how CLICHE! i actually think papa joe, jessica & john make a better TRIO. you are the company you keep!! fakes like you and slutty shouldnt even be aloud to the grammys, thats for people with TALENT. splell it out for her john T-A-L-E-N-T. sellllllllllllll outtttttttttttttttttt you lost sooooooooo many fans, your over john!!! people will be laughing when you lovebirds walk down the red carpet together. remember your 3 quarter smile and mystic tan, put down the guitar & go away forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2786 days ago


You people.. well the spitting venom ones... are freaks. If you choose your music based on their celebrity cred.. then what are you listening to?! Sure.. I thought JM would go for an apparently smarter girl, but his music is thoughtful and interesting, and he has got guitar-ninja skills beyond any of those talentless R&B sampled-midi-keyboard wanna be NKOTB. This one will 'blow' over soon enough..

2786 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

#13, Wait until John Mayer makes a duet with Jessica I can see it coming and his fans going.
Which leads to me to #16, JS is just a Booty call with John Mayer who is a man whore.
#24, so right you are.
#25 Nick and Vanessa looked much more happy , real, and one good looking couple than Johnica or Jessucka ( LOVE those names people here made up.)

2786 days ago

andrea giacalone    

i dont blame her for looking upset im going thru a divorce myself when the ball drops thats when your feelings all come out its tuff celebrating the new year when you r going thru a divorce she is upset i think she was happy with nick

2786 days ago


She looks like a pissed off tittie dancer, that got turned down on a $20 table dance. Maybe she should stick to using a makeup artist.

2786 days ago

Used to Love her    

Hey - he doesn't write those songs idiots. Richard Marx wrote - Daughters. I can't believe you people THINK HE WRITES THOSE SONGS! ha ha He doesn't write the songs people - he sings them. I still love him though. If Richard Marx sung Daughters - now it wouldn't be the same would it? That's why Richard gets the big bucks. John Mayer plays guitar and sings other peoples songs. Like most singers out there. Get it straight. Do you like him less now? Does it matter? He can still sing. You still feel the same when you hear his songs don't you. They are still his songs aren't they? Or are they?

2786 days ago


He is way too smart for this douche bag! He will be over it after he bangs her a couple more times!

2786 days ago
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