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Oprah's 'O'cademy

1/2/2007 4:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just call it the Oprah Winfrey School for Girls.

The billionaire talk show diva opened a school in a small town south of Johannesburg, South Africa today. The school for underprivileged girls boasts computer and science laboratories, a library and theater, and was built as a result of a meeting between Winfrey and the country's former President, Nelson Mandela.

The event was attended in South Africa by celebs Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Chris Tucker, Mary J. Blige and Spike Lee.

Of her decision to open a school in South Africa instead of the U.S., Winfrey dissed American kids by telling Newsweek, "If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers. In South Africa, they don't ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school."


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Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

All one has to do is look at all the misspellings, bad grammar and incomplete sentences coming from the commenters on TMZ and Oprah's point has been proven. People would rather post on gossip sites than learn how to spell. All this in a country where there is free public education as well!.

2851 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Linda you don't watch her show now or you would KNOW how much oprah has given back to the US.

2851 days ago


Oprah screws American kids again

Sh could open a CHAIN of private schools in poor American areas and pay their bills

But I guess she gets more MEDIA ATTENTION fooling around in Africa

She is disgusting

2851 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

kay - the woman is an entire industry with an hour long show on every weekday and you think she's spending millions for ....exposure? i guess she doesn't get enough huh. think much?

2851 days ago

in the know    

I think what Oprah is doing is great, but you can't blame American kids for what they are exposed to on TV and from other kids who have money. The children who will attend Oprah's school have never been exposed to this technology or material things so how could they desire it? They probaly never even saw a TV. Many Many billionaires like Bill Gates give millions away a year and you never hear about it. Why does Oprah constantly publicize every event that involves her giving away cars, Katrina victims etc. She seems to constantly need the glory. I don't comdemm what she does but how she does it.

2851 days ago

lisa nichols    

I would like to remind her that one of the reasons why USA kids think mostly about consumption is becasue of TV (where she has made her billions!). It advertising... not stop kids getting hit over the head with ads - BUY_BUY_BUY
Do South African kids have 500 tv channels too? No wonder all they want are uniforms for school. I think a good deed is a good deed..but it is only fair to point out that Oprah contribute to the problem she spoke out about. TELEVISION!!!!
When we were kids we watch PBS for childrens programming--and there were NO ADS!! F Oprah --as if our country couldn't use 40 million dollars for schools! Has she seen our schools in Las Vegas and California? Most don't have air conditioning!!!

2851 days ago


Oprah is doing something very positive with all her wealth. It does not make a difference which country or which only matters that she is saving lives and making a difference. If any of you don't like her choice of geographic location why don't you all donate $1.00 to your charity of choice in the USA. You can all make a difference in someone's life. The children she selected live in one room shacks without electricity or plumbing. Yet when asked what they would like they wanted a uniform to attend school. How could anyone not be moved by such a humble request. God Bless you Oprah!

2851 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

There are so many children in OUR OWN COUNTRY who need this kind of help! What is Oprah, Angelina and now Madonna now trying to get a country named after them or become queen of one! Why dont they do for their own country first! Boycott them all!

2851 days ago


# 4 I am guessing that you dont get it because you are not black, probably self-centered and selfish. These people in Africa had almost no hope had it not been for people such as, Oprah, Angelina, Bono and the many other celebreties who contribute so much to helping them.

2851 days ago


Being poor in Africa and being an inner city child in the USA (the richest country in the world) is VASTLY different. Those little girls are raped just trying to find water so that they don't DIE. So your child has to wait to get into preschool? BOO F***ING HOO. I'll bet she's got a nice bed, a roof over her head and food in her belly. And if not, apply for welfare that's what it's for. Oprah is not our welfare system. She's not out spending her hard-earned loot on cocaine or partying at Hyde and even if she was SO WHAT?! Some of you idiots act like she's required to spend her money how you want her to. Make your own damn money and spend it as you like then.


2851 days ago


Oprah is generous when it is beneficial to her. All of her "donations" are tax deductions, and if you know anything about tax brackets she HAS to donate money, or she would get so screwed by Uncle Sam it wouldn't be funny. All celebrities donate for other purposes, not just out of the kindness of their hearts.

Oprah, if you think american kids are spoiled, please come to Phoenix and visit the Pappas schools for the homeless kids. They are shutting down due to lack of funding. All those homeless kids are losing their school. The only stable thing in their lives. So take your comments and shove them up your big ass Oprah. Those kids would do anything for an education.

2851 days ago


Oprah is awesome and a great role model for us all. Thank goodness for people like her.

2851 days ago


(statements by some of the students overheard at the opening ceremonies of the school)

" let me see if I understand this. If I apply myself and study real hard, one day I can have white folks' hair like Oprah and Tina Turner?"

"You mean, in the United States, Mariah Carey is considered black? Geeeez...just how white ARE these Americans?"

Look, it's her money. She believes this will work. It can't be any worse than the programs approved by a committee of 535 folks who care most about keeping their phony-baloney jobs and not results.

2851 days ago

Yes I TYped IT    

I agree with #5 about these Black rappers and artist, not many many of them help those inner city kids in a positive way. They just encourage them to live a "Ghetto Fab."
lifestyle that's killing the Black community (pooer ones).
I hate those F***ers (some black artist) They are killing
our children . Destroying their future. They have the influence,
do something POSITIVE with it. YES I SAID IT!

2851 days ago


I feel like I have to say something here. South Africa is not a poor country by any stretch of imagination. Infact - it is the richest country in Africa & one of the 4 fastest growing economies in the world. Yes there is widespread poverty but most households do own a television set. PLEASE!!!!!

2851 days ago
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