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Oprah's 'O'cademy

1/2/2007 4:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just call it the Oprah Winfrey School for Girls.

The billionaire talk show diva opened a school in a small town south of Johannesburg, South Africa today. The school for underprivileged girls boasts computer and science laboratories, a library and theater, and was built as a result of a meeting between Winfrey and the country's former President, Nelson Mandela.

The event was attended in South Africa by celebs Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Chris Tucker, Mary J. Blige and Spike Lee.

Of her decision to open a school in South Africa instead of the U.S., Winfrey dissed American kids by telling Newsweek, "If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers. In South Africa, they don't ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school."


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I'm just saying............

Bravo......Thanks for getting my point.............Nemaste' and Peace to you..........

2853 days ago


I'm just saying............

Bravo......Thanks for getting my point.............Nemaste' and Peace to you..........

2852 days ago

do something about it    

IF you dont like someone and how they spend their earnings BOYCOTT. NO ONE MADE YOU WATCH HER SHOW OR BUY HER MAGAZINES! An please your offended by her WHITE PEOPLE COMMENT! LOLOLOLOL! Tommy Hilfiger once said he didnt design his clothes to appeal to the "URBAN" population so do you know what he urban population did? They stopped buying his products. A little know fact oprah is not the prettiest woman in the world so do you think she made her money by looks? I DOUBT IT! She worked just like the some of us maybe even harder. I guess you guys are all personal bankers now and know what goes in and out of oprahs pockets. SO SINCE YOU HAVE TIME ON YOUR HANDS HOW ABOUT BRAKING DOWN OPRAHS WHOLE FORTUNE( THE WHOLE BILLION OR TWO) ON HOW YOU THINK IT SHOULD BE SPENT BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY WHAT SHES DOING ISNT GOOD ENOUGH. YOU PEOPLE ACT LIKE YOU NEVER HAD A PASSION IN LIFE AND THAT IF YOU WERE ABLE TO YOU WOULD SPEND AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU COULD "AFFORD" TO SUPPORT IT.

2852 days ago


Just trying to touch the surface..not as deep sided as you are.....
good for you...I respect your interests...and goodwill.....anyone can make a difference who said cash was needed, I won't be prideful....but good for you....

My statement to contact local representatives, and Bush...who should be responsible in solving the mess in LA, .....not Oprah........again just trying to get through the shallow posts and comments here ....I know the controlled by G Bush cronies.... but....I'd still like to believe that my vote counts....even after all the BS in the last 2 elections....
My education level has nothing to do with my opinions regarding some of the comments here....and you have no idea what my level.of education is...I still think the posts are biased and unfair...she holds no responsiblilty to her community....neither do I....or you...but, do as you will...
it's obvious many like her.... but, I did not make her wealthy... she had a big hand in that... can't deny's her persona...that keeps America paying attention....for what ..guessing 20 years.....I mean...really if she wasn't so well liked, there wouldn't be a show, no corp pushing....of new's a win win the corporate world....the people world, and in Oprah's world....
enough said...your thought's are fine with's an're am I...Peace
excuse typos...thanks

2852 days ago

Nevader Ferguson    

I want all you celebs who were kissing up to Oprah, and every American parent to know that we were just slapped in the face by a childless woman who thinks she is George Bush and can treat us (Americans) any way she wants to. She said that our children want ipods while the African children want uniforms. She knows nothing about children because she was busy raising her boy toy, and it's like I always thought--he never wanted to marry her (and have kids). She should have taken advice that she gives to other women and left if she didn't want to marry him. A lot of wealthy "countries" are sitting on their rich behinds and laughing at us because we want to take care of everybody. People are talking about this double talking woman running for president. I know we need a president, but not her. What would happen to our children? I know we have a lot that we can give our children--so does Africa and other countries, but why should they share the wealth when our citizens are doing everything for them. What if the people who gave her an opportunity to grown had given it to a child in Africa?

2852 days ago


I love all races and religions..we are all one really!
What I have a problem with is how Oprah has changed....even on her road trip with Gail (while some parts were fun to watch..other parts were hard to watch) how Oprah just goes into this wedding and makes it all about was the BRIDES Day Not Yours! I would've been so pissed if she did that to me on my wedding day! Who does she think she is!

2852 days ago


and though Oprah makes it like she has no prejudice, I have heard her utter one too many prejudice remarks...some were slips of the your tongue Oprah....I thought she was better than that!

2852 days ago

Allred Tree    

Linda, you are right on! Also, Nevader Ferguson. BOYCOTT OPRAH! Not one more red cent for her, her fwend Gail, Stedman or the slaves who work for her! Take the money you would spend on her magazine, products she (the supreme narcissist along with cling-along Gail) is pushing and donate to the charity of YOUR CHOICE! She reminds me of Tammy Faye Baker's minister husband and the scandal with his church and also that JIM BAKER and HIS CULT. When is Okra going to start passing out the cool-aid?

2852 days ago



You can't understand anything by "touching the surface." That's what 'O' did with the inner-city youth she's so "frustated" with. She forgot her roots! That's why it is so important to serve your community so you don't forget what's it's like when you become a success. With that said, it IS my responsibility and others that live in the community to help the less fortunate in that community. ; )

The education level comment was in response to what you posted to me. Go back and read your post to me if you need.

How is what I posted biased? Unfair? Like you said, we are all entitled to our opinion and this is a blog.

Finally, Oprah did work hard! However, to get rich it takes a lot of doors opened by friends and a ton of luck. Don't take my word for it; Bill Gates and Larry Ellison have 12 hour documentaries about their lives. You can rent one at Blockbuster. Both say it takes a tremendous amount of luck! Does anyone remember 'O's first shows? Who's your baby daddy was a regular topic. Now she only caters to middle aged white women. Just look at her audience for proof.

2852 days ago

Allred Tree    

Sorry folks. Jim Bakker was Tammy Faye's first husband and the one who was a minister involved in a huge church scandal. The cult was Jonestown and a number of black people were seduced and duped into committing suicide by the leader (Jim Jones) who convinced them to go to Africa and kill themselves by drinking cyanide laced Kool-Aid upon his command,
What and how did Oprah's infant son die? Someone posted she was glad when he did.

2852 days ago


I did you read what I wrote...after reading your recent posts you seem to be very deep, in thought and opinion...more than I....not too fond of O...I just see it differently than you...obviously....that's what makes us unique...right?

Your post seemed biased towards her ..your comment "self centered and arrogant."..hating the idea of America....were the words you used.... ...without going back and reading all posts.. That's why I ...posted that you were biased and unfair...
I think anyone can donate, help ,give back...if they choose, I also think the rich, famous...or poor, can donate help..or give back where they choose to do so...just like you and's a choice.

It's my opinion...of the situation...not just of found fault in her reasons for building a school... I , now ...understand ...that your concern lies with the operational levels...not just the school. goes back to a choice...of a woman that does as she wants...why is it wrong any forum...on any lervel...that's what I don't is a wonderful thing....a small book, a large building....I think it's great...didn't have to be Oprah...that doesn't seem discredit anyone that want's to any time of any opinion..I'm are you...
we will agree to disagree... Peace...

2852 days ago


###134 Gertrude...
WTF was that all about?

2852 days ago


Thank you Sandy for hearing the same words I heard Oprah speak yesterday, loud and clear "I don't think I have to appease white people of this Country"??? What's the difference between white people in Africa vs. white people in the United States. After witnessing the words come out of her month, and not hearing any conversation in the news today about her racial words, I am done watching her. If anyone else but her uttered that phrase, they would be blasted for being a racist. Oprah, who believes in "paying it forward", after that racist comment yesterday, she "paid it backward"!!! For someone who professes to try and bring the races together, she did a 180 yesterday. I am going to take the money from the O magazine I no longer will subscribe to and put it to good use in my own community. I used to admire her, but OH how she has changed. If she feels that way about all white people, will she still suck up to John Travolta, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Anniston, to name a few??? How many of her real readers can afford $700.00 cashmere sweaters on her Favorite Things list anyway??? Anybody out there want to buy a used black Oprah cap???

2852 days ago


Yea Oprah! Who helped this woman make all her millions that they can tell her where and how to spend it. No one is going into someone's household and saying with your next paycheck you need to do this, this and this with it. So why are people do it to Oprah? It's Oprah's money and no one else's. And I do agree with her. Those kids will appreciate it allot more than kids here. My daughter got so much stuff for Christmas it is almost sinful. I would never begrudge those girls a chance at things that I have taken for granted since I was a teen: getting my nails and pedicures, going to the beauty shop. Wow! I really wish I could meet her just to say thank you for doing something wonderful and positive.

2852 days ago


To Sandy (# 128) and any other bloggers with the same opinion................WELL SAID! I believe that Oprah does plenty good work, but she has become 'holier than thou' in the past few years and I felt her comment about not feeling the need to help Whites was a terribly racist remark. She can help whoever she wants, but the comment was unnecessary and will make me think very seriously about watching her program any more.

******** As for the bloggers who said that the African population need to stop having so much sex and begin to look after their children etc, you are obviously completely uneducated about anything except what goes on in the USA. Do you know that most of these people never went to school themselves, therefore have no education and are aware of birth control. Yes, plenty of them know about birth control, but many millions of them live far out in huts - have no electricity, no phones, no running water - and thus no communication and no ability to get what is needed for contraception. It is time to feel compassion and if you have any anger it should be directed towards the government of South Africa for not getting more help to these people for AIDS and for not getting the education necessary to them.

2852 days ago
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