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Was Britney Drunk?

Did She Pass Out?

1/2/2007 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The first celeb controversy of 2007 -- Did Britney Spears get smashed at Pure nightclub in Vegas on New Year's Eve and pass out?

Britney Spears Photo Gallery
She was swigging champagne, passed out cold and fell to the floor, if you believe the New York Post. Brit's rep says it's all b.s. -- she was just so damn tired she was falling asleep.

Look at the pics of Brit at Pure. You be the judge


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OMG! Those pix are hysterical! What a freak! She does not appear to be drunk or out of control just stupid white trash as usual. WTF is up with the person's ear? It had an extra fold in it. Reminds me of a vulcan on Star Trek. Damn, totally freaky!

2814 days ago


While I agree that she should have been home with her kids [my husband and I took our 2 month old to a gathering but left at 10:30 to bring her home for bed while all our friends had fun] I don't think she looked drunk. Then again, looks can be deceiving. If there were video of her talking, I think we'd be able to get a better idea.

2814 days ago


is that kfed sitting next to her?

2814 days ago


Britney is looking like Donatella Versace and I don't believe that's a compliment. She needs to park her butt at home. I know she gets paid for all these openings she does, but dang girl, don't marry losers. It helps alot! And don't have kids that already have 2 and didn't more than likely contribute any $ to them. You can't change that. It's like a bad Jerry Springer show. And another thing, keep those panties on. So nasty.

2814 days ago

Lenn K    

I give Britney credit, she has started out 2007 like she left 2006. What will it take for her to get her head out of her ass?

2814 days ago

Get a grip Britney    

I think it's funny that her publicists think that we are stupid enough to believe that she fell asleep. What a load of crap! THE MORE LIES THEY TELL - THE MORE BRITNEY LOOKS LIKE A FOOL!

Maybe Brad and Angie should adopt her child

2814 days ago


Britney passed out cold. She was hoping for a Knight in Shining Armor to whisk her away. Marriage #3 wouldn't it be. She's the new Liz Taylor for the tweens. Well, that is not exactly how it goes-Liz has talent and class...............T.

2814 days ago


What ever happened to her comments that she didn't want nannies raising her kids, that she wanted to raise her own kids? This girl is a waste of flesh!! Her poor kids!! Can you imagine when they are teenagers and they have to hear how their momma is a whore! Once I had kids, everything I did I thought about what was in their best interest, and how my decisions affected them. Remember how she wanted to be a "young mom", and how important it was to her. Now she can't even be bothered to spend a few nights in a row at home with them? Looser!!!

2814 days ago


Brit...We look forward to you making an ass of your self this new year...keep up the good work, you are sure entertaining us....

2814 days ago


Tired and fell asleep.....well, it's a better excuse than food poisoning! Luckily she has PR people who can tell us the truth....NOT! She's a drunk.

2814 days ago

Merry Christmas    

She looks better than we've seen her in a long time. She doesn't look haggard and worn out. She actually looks happy and *gasp* her hair looks clean!

2814 days ago

Georgie Mac    

Of course she was drunk, or on something! Once again, she left the house without an artical of clothing. She wore a shirt, and forgot the pants. Don't need to wear dresses up to your crotch if you want to show off your leggs. Wearing clothing this short is just tackey, and it looks like she just has on a shirt. I see she is still wearing the straw on her head. Whoever does her hair should be shot for letting her leave the salon looking like this. I cannot believe she uses a mirror. Or does she think she never looks bad? She had such a cute haircut, sombody PLEASE tell this fashion-deprived person that if she wants to pretend to have long hair to at least get decent extentions!! She can certainly afford them, and some decent fitting clothes while she is at it.

2814 days ago

Georgie Mac    

Tara Ried all over again!

2814 days ago


Does anyone know of a website that is collecting money for all the therapy her kids are going to need?

2814 days ago


New Year's Resolutions for Britney
1-raise her children, spend quality time with them, nurture them
2-wear tasteful clothing- include shoes & undergarments
3-do not remarry or have more children
4-stay out of the public eye for a while
5-stop wearing wigs and extensions - keep it real (especially the color)
6-take classes on good parenting and etiquitte

2814 days ago
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