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Was Britney Drunk?

Did She Pass Out?

1/2/2007 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The first celeb controversy of 2007 -- Did Britney Spears get smashed at Pure nightclub in Vegas on New Year's Eve and pass out?

Britney Spears Photo Gallery
She was swigging champagne, passed out cold and fell to the floor, if you believe the New York Post. Brit's rep says it's all b.s. -- she was just so damn tired she was falling asleep.

Look at the pics of Brit at Pure. You be the judge


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I don't think she looks drunk, but her fake ass hair extensions look ghettos as all get out. Brit Brit, what happened to you girl? Your making Paris look like a classy girl!

2816 days ago


everyone of you should just get a life!!!! mind your own. dont worry about others. if you dont like what she is doing then quit reading about it!!!!!!! move on already!!!!

2816 days ago

Nurse Jane    

What does this girl have against wearing attractive, well-fitting clothes? I agree, she looks like she left home only half dressed. This is getting old, let's leave this faze behind, and soon!

2816 days ago


she's 25 and looks 45. sad

2816 days ago


I I think Brit was starving herself to be thin and had no food and pased out from starvation. Leave the Girl alone, she is only Human.

2816 days ago


Amy-If don't like peoples comments........Take your own ADVICE, IDIOT!

2816 days ago


She acts like this because she knows her money will get her out of anything. Behave however she wants to, then have her people spin her out of it. There's been many reports of her family and others who have tried to help her and talk some sense into her, but she just threatens to cut off their money and they shut up.

She won't stop herself but we can stop her. Don't buy her CD when it comes out. Ignore her. She apparently has bought the manual for self-destuction and/or how to ruin a career and she's following it to the letter. Let's make she she fades into oblivion like she seems to want so desperately. And just hope that Children's Services come get those neglected children of hers. She doesn't deserve them.

2816 days ago


Guess what MORONS Britney wasnt the ONLY MOTHER OUT PARTYING ON NEW YEARS EVE.... I know alot of parents who had sitters and went out to celebrate the new year.... DAMN ... Im glad all you people DONT HAVE KIDS... ....

2816 days ago

mary lou    

she didn't look like she was feeling great in the pre midnight picture, put on smile, and her eyes looked either sad, tired, or not feeling well. And when you're not feel up to par, it doesn't take much alcohol to cause you to feel like you're going to slide out of your chair, or fall to the floor.

People why do you insist she has to be a bad mother just because she goes out while her children are sleeping and don't know she's not with them any way. She doesn't work a 8-5 job and can spend more time with her kids than you do. She can pay someone to do all her household chores and play with her kids when they're awake and nap when they nap.

2816 days ago


Who really cares?? What is she famous for anymore. She was cool then its like get over it. She immature and needs to raise her children.

2816 days ago


though she DOES NOT look drunk to me... I think she should be spending the New Year home with family n her kids. Its time to GROW UP. YOU desided to make the babies its time to live life as a PARENT!!! Stay home and start traditions for your kids to have when they are older. Its not about YOU anymore.
BTW... Lose the dude ewww....that guy looks to much like Kfed... i think im gonna be sick!
Happy New Year All!

2816 days ago


Coke keeps you awake, DiRTyBuNNy.

2816 days ago


this has nothing to do with her collapsing, but it seems like Las Vegas is Britney's town, which makes perfect sense.. She is just as tacky and irritating as Las Vegas itself. She has a future there enteraining tourists as one of those old fallen stars with hideous hair and too much makeup..

2816 days ago


I find it interesting that there are pictures showing her looking like any other girl at a party but no pictures showing her of what she is being accused of....passing out. Pretty sh*tty accusations.

2816 days ago


This just shows how truly irresponsible she is and that her family never cared about anything but the money, or they would be reeling her in in a hurry before she loses those kids to an even BIGGER loser than her!

2816 days ago
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