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Was Britney Drunk?

Did She Pass Out?

1/2/2007 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The first celeb controversy of 2007 -- Did Britney Spears get smashed at Pure nightclub in Vegas on New Year's Eve and pass out?

Britney Spears Photo Gallery
She was swigging champagne, passed out cold and fell to the floor, if you believe the New York Post. Brit's rep says it's all b.s. -- she was just so damn tired she was falling asleep.

Look at the pics of Brit at Pure. You be the judge


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I think she looks great. There are no pictures of her looking wasted, or anywhere close to passing out. It's just a made up story so people can rip on her. I think she rocks

2850 days ago


IDIOT-we need to find her handlers and jail them! Where are her kids while she drinks their memory away. where are her reps and parents to protect her? SHes obvioulsy not smart enough about life as an adult to know what to do. Shame on her Manager-Parents-Fans. We should all interveine and help her before she really screws up. We are all bad! SAVE BRITTANY!

2850 days ago


When will the State take away these abandoned children of this reckless woman?

2850 days ago


she doesnt look drunk to me either. but britney need to change her ways now a days. cuz she have kids. she should know that when kids are younger they need to attached to here parents and its clearly show to me that she is not doing that. she need to stop partying. If she couldnt handle been parents then in first place dont bring a kids into this world.

2850 days ago

Tom OBrien    

She doesn't look drunk to me. Not even tipsy. What's all the scorn about? Did those people who made negative comments even look at the pictures? Her eyes are open, she's on her feet, she appears to be aware. She's only actually drinking in one picture and that's probably the midnight toast. So, what's up?
What is the point of this anyway?

2850 days ago


What a slut. I don't care if she was drunk or not New Year's Eve... she is a parent's worst nightmare, and a nightmare parent. Those kids of hers are going to end up just like her if she doesn't wise up.

2850 days ago


It really is no surprise that someone passes out at a Vegas New Year's Eve party. The way Britney has been partying lately it probably just caught up with her. Maybe in 2007 she will realize this and spend more time with her kids.

2850 days ago


Britney certainly did not look drunk to me, in fact I think she looked beautiful. I truly hope Britney can get back on track in 2007, although I'm sure most of you would rather hear of her having difficulties, so you can feel better about your own insufficiencies. Best of luck Britney!

2850 days ago


I think this is the best she's looked in a long time. Besides, Britney isn't the only mother who's gone to parties and left her kids home on New Years. I'm sure she spends plenty of time with her babies during the day...and its not like her kids are alone and unwatched.

2850 days ago


I don't put anything past this woman anymore! It was probably some stupid publicity stunt! She sure as sh*t didn't look tired to me! All that laughing and dancing....yeah, that's how I get myself to fall asleep at night! I just forget about a bed, go straight to a bar and dance until I finally nod off and collapse.

2850 days ago

Zulu Dawn    

Her Kids are Sooooo lucky that Mommy goes to clubs to get wasted and pass out. Nothing sadder than watching your primary care giver tossing her cookies onto the new rug while you cry in hunger.
Bring on the Mexican nannies! At least with them the kids have a good chance of being normal and happy.
How nice for her newborn to be breast fed later that day with the alcohol/coke tinged nectar that seeps from her dangling mammaries.
She's just country ya'all!

2850 days ago

Berne Coles    

The HO should have the 2 little babies taken from her and put in a loving home, the HO is more interested in showing off her "port' abd aping the Hilton slut.

2850 days ago


I find all these comments to be very entertaining. Especially the ones calling her a slut, not taking care of her kids, calling her a whore. My question is those that are being rude and negative to Brit why are you still reading these posts? You have to care somewhat to read about her, and care even more to comment about her. If you do not like someone, or respect them leave them the hell alone. To each his own. Let her do her thing, and you do yours. I for one am Team Brit! If you do not know someone personally, do not be negative towards them, we do not walk in her shoes.

2850 days ago


...bitch need to stay the hell out of Vegas!!!!!!!, and K-F*** too!

2850 days ago


It's no one's business what she does! Yes I understand that she is in the limelight and that everyone has eyes on her but I'm sorry what an individual does is no one's business but her own! People should worry about what's going on in the world like the war and innocent people dying, young children who don't have a home, or being abused....focus on the more important things in life!!!!!!!!!!

2850 days ago
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