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Was Britney Drunk?

Did She Pass Out?

1/2/2007 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The first celeb controversy of 2007 -- Did Britney Spears get smashed at Pure nightclub in Vegas on New Year's Eve and pass out?

Britney Spears Photo Gallery
She was swigging champagne, passed out cold and fell to the floor, if you believe the New York Post. Brit's rep says it's all b.s. -- she was just so damn tired she was falling asleep.

Look at the pics of Brit at Pure. You be the judge


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Jo Blo    

New York Times never lies.

2850 days ago

Linda Lou    

She looks fine in the pics, not overly tired or drunk. My money is on her doing a line of something in the bathroom (heroin?) and getting overcome quickly and passing out.

2850 days ago


Of course Britney was drunk, she was as pissed as a magget as usual. Hoe hum, whatever you sloshed up skank.

2850 days ago


its a known fact that people get tired when drinking wine, some people drink a glass everynight to help fall a sleep. think about it...... if your not used to standing on your feet for hours and you had a couple glasses of wine your gonna get tired.

it was said she traveled to vegas with her kids, she probably was with them all day new years eve and then went to work, give her a break she hasnt worked in 2 years and she had to show she was enjoying herself, im sure the club gave her the wine to drink,

so britney go get some sleep Zzzzzzzzzz'

2850 days ago


she dont look drunk to me, she looked tired in the video

2850 days ago

lisa mae magillacuddy    

i think some of the posters on this board are in need of serious professional help!! some of you sound like you're coming unhinged!!! ha ha ha ha

2850 days ago


How early were these photos taken? And where did the cameras go when she passed out? No one had a camera on the cell? Come on. And how is it she can keep up the party pace every other night but this one? And do yall really think she gets home in time to wake up when the kids do? She could be sleeping all day with the nannies up with them.. Let's hope not, lets hope that she really does get up and spend the day with them.

2850 days ago

Mad Balls    

I heard the DJ put one K-feds record right before she passed out . She must suddenly figured out the many millions wasted on the disc . She might have had an instance of self recognition and realized that she is building a case for K-fed to get more money in the divorce . NAW . She probably finnally put on some underwear and it cut off the blood supply to her crotch ... where her brain is . Dickhead .

2850 days ago


Those poor children of hers! With a brainless slut for a mother and a gold digging pimp of a father, those cute little boys might just grow up spoiled like the parents. Even though Britney Spears is legally an adult, she acts like a child. If her parents had spent more time properly raising her instead of using her as a paycheck, she might be more well adjusted and a better mom

2850 days ago


all i can say is which 1 of u people dont make mistakes get off your horse your just jealous of something u cant have or never will experience....

2850 days ago


She was drunk .She always drunk since her divorce it like the only way she function is by drinking.Which is sad.She will end up in rehab or in the hospital before this year end if she continue using alchol and drugs.She need help.THE sad part about it none of hr friends or family will tell her that she is destroying her life and her kids as well.She cannot raise herself how do u expect her to raised to kids problebly.She a useless and horible mom.IF those kids stay with her they will turn up exactly like her.Where are social servies they should be finish collecting those kids by now if it was an ordinary women that was doing the yhings she doing their kids will be custody of the states.I pray kevin should get custody of his kids .She oviously donot care about them.She wanted them to keep their dad with her when that did not workout she dump him and have dump them too.

2850 days ago



2850 days ago


I find it funny that there are no pictures or anything of her collasping or being carried out. It rings to me to be untrue. Supposedly she travelled all day with two kids who were in Vegas with her. How many of you so called parents didn't get a baby sitter for the nite and party? Yea, I thought so. To me the story was not just generated by a representative of Britney but by Larry Rudolph himself who is in the photos at all times. Come on many of you will believe everything you hear that is bad about this girl. She is small to begin with and if tired the alcohol has less time to get into the system. From all photos you see only a few shots of her with a drink in her hand. There are not enough photos to verify any of the first hand reports which in many instances are false to begin with. This girl was tired and for the Managing editor to call Larry Rudolph a liar is pure horse sh*t and deserves a complete and total apology to Britney and her people. All the major newspapers and AP are reporting the story from Larry not the crap on a gossip site.


2850 days ago


I sure hope this woman is not nursing her baby ... if so, the state better be stepping in on abuse charges. Ugh.

2850 days ago


I feel bad, I told her the stuf was strong tonight, but she snorted it all.

2850 days ago
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