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Is Babwa Lying?

Trump Sticks to Claim

1/3/2007 7:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comBarbara Walters said she still loves Rosie, but Donald Trump isn't buying it.

On today's episode of "The View," Walters read a statement correcting specifics in a recent rant Rosie O'Donnell waged against Donald Trump, and added that she has never regretted hiring Rosie -- though Trump maintains the opposite was said to him.

Trump called into CNN Headline News' "Showbiz Tonight" and said Barbara's feelings towards Rosie are anything but cordial, and he believes she has to put up a front for the sake of the show. "Is she going to get on and say that 'I can't stand Rosie'? She has to work with her," adds Trump, "Barbara knows what she said to me, and if I really tell you what she said, it just creates havoc." Far be it from The Donald to want any havoc!

Although he says he has nothing but love for Barbara, there's "zero chance" Trump will appear on "The View" to hug it out with Ro anytime soon.

Hear Trump's towering interview tonight at 11pm ET.


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Paris Has A Penis Nose    

The women on the View are fat ugly slobs except for that ass kissing blonde who serves no purpose on the show. That woman Joy with the red hair is so ugly, she makes me want to vomit. Who would have kids with that filthy slob? She's married? Who'd marry, her?

2847 days ago

mama michele    

I lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeee Rosie The View was getting tired i watched it but it was losing my interest Rosie gave it new life Donald has nothing of substance to say so he resorts to childish insults fat , ugly......... Rosie just gave her opinion about the situation about the "Beauty Queen", and his past "morality". And all he come up with is insults about her looks. Grow up Donald your not in 5th grade anymore.

2847 days ago


I would like to see Donald Trump do one thing that was not selfish and did not line his own pockets. He is just another immature idiot who thinks becaue he has alot of money that he is always right...WAKE UP DONNIE BOY...YOU ARE NOT ALL THAT..Why don't you donate some of your fortune to help those less fortunate that your stinky self

2847 days ago


I don't like "The Donald' either...but in this case I believe him...Baba Wawa would say anything to save her old tired ass from getting kicked off her own show...she says it all when she states "The ratings have gone through the roof since Rosie joined us." She knows where her bread is buttered...who knows...maybe Rosie is buttering her bread for her too and eating it!

2847 days ago


Donald bad mouthed Martha Stewart for her show that he produced faileds then on Oprah I can recall many years ago Ivana being on the show seemed to only speak when Donald seemed to signal her and to top It off about her salary he said she gets a $1 a day and all the beautiful dresses she wants!


2847 days ago


Call me crazy but Trump dosen't have much room to talk when it comes to weight. I guess you can hide anything when you wear an expensive suit. I had the unfortunate opportunity to see Trump in Palm Beach, ewwwww! White shirt, white shorts that were crawling so far up his fat ass it was funny! I won't even go on about his pasty white child-like unmuscular legs or man boobs. I hope he reads this site to get a taste of his own medicine. I want a mirror like his, so i can lie to myself and make fun of others too!

2847 days ago


Rosie has done nothing but annoy people with her big mouth!!! (calling Kelly homophobic) Gee, now everyone knows Clay is gay even though he tried to deny it. (thanks Rosie) You do have a big mouth and I hope you get canned from the View because I am sick of you and your BIG mouth. Trump has every right to call u the names that you are. You think you are bettter than everyone. You call yourself a parent? What are you teaching your children? That it is nice to make fun of people? Grow up!!!

2847 days ago


trump sucks,barbra and rosie rule

2847 days ago


Donald Trump annoys me. I despise people who think they are always right just because they are rich. Rosie often opens her mouth without thinking.

And to #58, you are a lesbian. What, you're not?? Of course you are because I just said you are. Rosie insinuating another person is gay (or accusing K. Ripa of thinking someone is gay) doesn't make it true. Since when did Rosie O'Donnel become the all knowing??

2847 days ago


Rosie needs to keep her big mouth SHUT.

2847 days ago


Donald the donkey ass....absolutely no class

2847 days ago

luz ottens    

Number 5 - you might think The Donald is an idiot but I wonder how many millions you smart ass have? He has made his money by being tough and not taking any sh't from anyone. I use to like Rosie before she remined everyone that she was gay, like no one knew this!!! I don't like her shoving her views of sexuality down peoples throat. I have many gay friends and they are not like her always saying things to defend why they are the way they are.

Deal with it Rosie and let others enjoy the View the way it use to be. You don't have to attack people in order to be heard or liked.

2847 days ago


Rosi is a discrace and i have stoped watching the view when she came Babs tell the truth ..she is no good for u r show ..Donald has more class in his little finger than rosi has in both of her hands..this has nothing to do with looks and gay but rosi has to get fired..her mouth is to foul,i have watched her show prior to the view she makes me trow up ..sorry folks

2847 days ago


Donald Trump and Barbara Walters are friends? Why would a friend go on and on about this and basically insinuate Barbara is a liar? Its ridiculous and he's doing it for one reason: He LOVES the attention. He's a wormy guy and Barbara could buy 100 friends for $5 and they would ALL be better that that a**hole!

2847 days ago


I find it completely amusing that he is still running his trap. We have not heard a word from her since she made the comments. He is still trying to get her to say something. She is taking the high road. I may not agree with everything Rosie says but at least she can say it with honesty. She is a lot more truthful then Donald Trump. Mr. Trump, if you are out there reading these *(and I am sure you are too busy checking out your daughter naked to do that)* please for once and for all. Just go away!

Personally, the whole thing is beginning to exhaust me.

2847 days ago
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