Oprah: I'm No Madonna

1/3/2007 3:47 PM PST
Amid controversy over her new South African school, Oprah Winfrey has thrown her support behind Madonna's controversial adoption. But unlike Madge, O won't be bringing any of the kids home anytime soon.

In an interview with "EXTRA" correspondent Jon Kelley that airs tonight, Winfrey pats celebs like Brangelina and the Material Girl on the back for their adoption of non-caucasian children. "With somebody like Brad and Angelina, their family is a little United Nations," says Winfrey, who also believes the negative response to Madonna's adoption of a Malawian child was "craziness."

Will Oprah follow in Madge's footsteps and bring one of the schoolgirls home with her? That's a big "No, no no no," from O.