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Clueless Brit: It's Under Control

1/4/2007 10:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney has been alienating fans left and right with her rampant crotchographs and reported drunken late-night romps, and there appears to be no end in sight. In a nutshell: the chick just doesn't get it.

But for some reason, her manager, Larry Rudolph, thinks she does. "She understands what's going on right now; she calls it her 'rocky moment,' " he tells USA Today. "Britney knows exactly what she needs to do."

Even if she does, is it too late? Has Britney jumped the shark?

Rudolph admits he understands "the disappointment" fans may be feeling toward the party mom these days, but says she's now ready to "win them back." She'll start by going back in the studio to try to mop up the trail of reportedly crappy songs she recently recorded for her upcoming album.

Leonardo DiCaprioLeo Scores an African Orphan

Following in Angelina's and Madonna's footsteps, Leonardo DiCaprio is jumping on the adopt-a-baby bandwagon. While in South Africa filming "Blood Diamond," according to the New York Post, he met a little girl that he "adopted." Unlike his predecessors, though, Leo won't be bringing home baby. He'll just be cutting a monthly check and checking in by phone.

Tara Conner

Miss August Tara Conner?

Whether she makes it through rehab or not, Tara Conner already has a new gig lined up. Playboy wants the hard-partying Miss USA to pose for its pages, reports Page 6, and the Donald may give her the green light. Of course, if Trump allows her to do it, she'd have to keep her clothes on. If she's stripped of her crown, though, it's likely she'd strip.

O.J. SimpsonO.J. Simpson's Assets on Ice

A federal judge temporarily froze O.J. Simpson's assets until deciding whether Ron Goldman's family will get the dough O.J. was paid for his aborted "If I Did It" book. According to the New York Daily News, the Goldmans sued Simpson, alleging he unlawfully funneled an estimated $1 million paycheck into a dummy corporation to duck paying them and creditors like American Express.

Simpson owes $33.5 million to the Goldmans and Nicole Brown Simpson's family, stemming from a wrongful death judgment. Meanwhile, it's still possible that the book could see the light of day before the end of '07. In less than 12 months, the ex-football star will regain the rights to his story ... and can resell it.

Party Favors: Executive Producer of "The OC" Already Has Two New Projects Lined Up ... Megan Mullally Gets Axed ... Wilmer Valderrama Jumps on the Fashion Bus

Although "The OC" has been canceled, executive producer Josh Schwartz will still be busy. He just inked a three-year deal with Warner Bros. Television, and his new drama, "Gossip Girl," will air on the CW. Also, NBC will air another show created by Schwartz called "Chuck" ... Not surprisingly, Megan Mullally's tanking talk show has been canceled. Production has already been halted, and mostly repeats will continue to air through January ... Wilmer Valderrama has a new side project, a young men's fashion line with a Latino flair.

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No Avatar


Shut up number 1. Get a life and job.

2820 days ago


you are so full of sh*t...

im' from canada, and I WAS THERE TOO, i never saw you, there was no live broadcast, you are a LIAR.

she was drunk, she was pounding back that champagne.

enough said. !!

2820 days ago


Why am I not surprised about the whole Tara Conner playboy thing?

2820 days ago


Britney was out on New Year's Eve...... Why is she getting sh*t for it. IT'S NEW YEAR'S EVE!! WHAT ARE YOU OTHER PEOPLE DOING????

2820 days ago

Andy Kaufman    

If OJ can be sued for "If I Did It" then Andy Kaufman should be sued for his "If I Faked It". His daughter was screwed out of really knowing her father. Her life was ruined by an idiot that took things farther than the aforementioned assassinated dictator.

2820 days ago


Britney looks OLD AND USED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2820 days ago


I wanted to give Trump the benefit of the doubt when he kept Tara on and ignored all the nasty comments made but now I 100% agree with them. I think that little hussy did something for him. Vanessa Williams lost her crown because of nude photos taken prior to her being crowned. This low life piece of garbage does drugs, parties, etc. and now is going to pose in Playboy! Clothes on - Please - we all now what that's going to be: a cute pair of panites and a cute bra or the hands over her boobs. What a nice role model for America - the skankier the better!

2820 days ago


Britney?? She has definitely jumped the shark!

I wish it would swallow her.

2820 days ago


Ha! #1 must be a plant by Larry Rudolph still trying to spin this story as "nothing". "Amy" sorry but New Year's or not, people are watching this new mom to see whether or not she can keep her sh*t together - so far she's failing miserably. Perhaps stories are exaggerated - who can say - but all the more reason why Ms. Spears should keep her pantiless crotch at home with her children and portray nothing short of proffesionalism when in the public eye. Donald gives second chances but how many more are we supposed to give Brit as she repeatedly promises comebacks with empty results? I think even Donald by now would utter the terminal...."You're FIRED!!", I have.

2820 days ago


I love how this site posts all of the negativity towards Britney (for hits of course) but they never post the positive stuff. Where's the story with the quote from Jive saying that none of the false article was accurate? I mean...geez. Never anything good about the girl...always NEGATIVITY! And who cares if she passed out was NEW YEARS EVE!!!! I know I was passed out drunk the minute that ball dropped!

2820 days ago


Personally, I think Britney is now poised for a magnificent "redemption" and all this bad behaviour is a well-scripted prologue to her come-back. Kudos to her handlers! They know how to craft the perfect american heroine...

2820 days ago


Can Britney win back her fans and America's pop princess status? Sure. Everyone loves a comeback. But she better work fast! If she continues down this insane path and doesn't put out any music soon, hopefully good music, then she'll be the next Tiffany.

And we all know what happened to her!

2820 days ago


When you fall so low, it's hard to crawl back out again.
Good luck with that Britney. Hire a good public relations person
and stay the xxxk home for about a year.

2820 days ago


Why would ANYONE want Britney to make a comeback? She can't sing and her music SUCKS! She lip synchs so what does that tell you??? Has anyone ever heard her sing live? Sadly, there will always be that MORON that buys her crappy music so the chances of her going away for good are slim to none.

2820 days ago


Nice to see Larry Rudolph is working overtime for BritBrit.......nice planted item, #1. You are so full of crap.....Larry, this isn't working. Maybe Brit is too much for you to handle. You can spin all you want, noone believes your fake postings.

We all know she was trashed, and yeah, a lot of people were on NYE. However,
BritBrit has been trashed for the last 2 months, so why is NYE any different?
She is a trashy, self-involved, uneducated and oblivious woman who thinks that it is okay to ignore her children and party like there is no tomorrow. I bet her nanny is making the big bucks now. Her poor children probably think the nanny is their mother, at this rate.

And, Cindy Adams is usually pretty dead on with her reports. Except for #1's posting, I have heard of no denials from Jive. So once again, I call BullSh*t!!!

2820 days ago
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