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Lampley Accuser: He Was High, Drunk & Violent

1/4/2007 8:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Lampley & Candice SandersThe woman who filed the domestic violence complaint against sportscaster Jim Lampley claims he repeatedly threw her against the wall of her apartment after drinking heavily and smoking pot.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Candice Sanders claims that on New Year's Eve, Lampley and his son Aaron joined her for dinner. Sanders says she was engaged to Lampley, who she claimed lived with her in the apartment.

Sanders alleges after dinner, at their apartment, Lampley "was drinking vodka and whiskey and became drunk." She adds in the document that "he was also high on pot."

Sanders, Miss California USA 2003, says in the complaint that the trouble began when she wanted to finish watching a movie. Lampley then "pulled me from the sofa I was on" and "began to yell at me and chased me around the apartment."

Sanders says at that point all hell broke loose. She alleges, "He grabbed me and threw me against a wall. He then threw me against another wall. He then threw me against the door and I collapsed."

Sanders goes on to say that 14-year-old Aaron saw her on the floor and she asked him to call the police. She writes in the document," Jim beat Aaron to the phone and kept Aaron from getting [to the phone]. She says Lampley then drove away with Aaron. Sanders claims she suffered head, neck and back injuries.

The 57-year-old Lampley was arrested last night on one felony count of domestic violence/corporal injury. He was also arrested for two misdemeanor counts of violating a restraining order and dissuading a witness.

Cops tell TMZ that the restraining order was issued on January 2. The next day (yesterday), Lampley showed up at Sanders' apartment as cops were investigating. That is the basis of the arrest for allegedly violating the restraining order.


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It could of been worse, he didn't bite her ear. Maybe the George Foreman grill might bring peace.

2851 days ago


I think she's missing the 4-way of times gone past.Meaning a dick from all 4 sides. Jacking one off on her left and right,sucking one, and taking one up the ass all at the same. It's sad that women can make up these false alligations and get away with it.

2851 days ago

Miss USA may have fallen but in true American spirit got back up with class.    

To those who have come in Jim Lampley's defense...saying you've met him , or worked with him and can attest to the fact that he's a "great guy" Well since everyone loves to paint the woman in these abuse cases as "money hungry bimbos who fabricate lies for attention" (my theory is, people who make comments like that are actual abusers/and,or/ abusers in the making deep down inside, themselves!) I'd like you all to know that I have met and worked with Miss Sanders myself. She comes from a WONDERFUL, humble, loving family backround and is truly one of the kindest souls you could meet. Didn't come from much but through hard work was a double major (Religion being one of them) at Pepperdine University in Malibu where she was top of the class and was also a teacher at inner city schools, and taught Bible study at churches across L.A. Yes, she was also a sucecsful model (Fredricks of Hollywood model) There is not one mean, fake, nasty bone anywhere on thsi girls body..I truly hope some of you get to meet her and realize what a truly great girl she is. She wouldn't lie about a school paper, so much for something as tragic as this. I don't think even a person who has mental issues would fabricate such a story..for what purpose? Ask yourself that before you start taking sides. I wish Candice the best as she's one of the kindest girls you could meet in all of California.

2851 days ago

High Times    

Uhhh, pot makes you the OPPOSITE of violent. When combined with alcohol it just makes you pass out. Ever hear of stoners getting into a rumble at a Phish show? ...nah.

2851 days ago


These young girls look at men with money and don't look at their age. He's probably older than her own father. Money, fame talk to these young girls. Look at Donald Trump. His wife just see's $$$$$$.

2851 days ago


#2 To answer your try and get her 2mins of fame, to be noticed, like she is being now. She will drop charges, collect her settlement and move on.................................................

2851 days ago


Wait, Miss California 2003 is his girlfriend ? She looks young enough to be his daughter.

2851 days ago


i feel so sorry for ms. sanders....her hell is just beginning.....having been throught this before...i know that, in the end, he'll get off with a wrist slap...(especially if he is a celebrity!)...and she'll be left to worry about her safety every day, and everywhere....and he'll have all the rights..and, NOW, he'll be very, very angry...and she'll pretty much have to be killed before he'd be convicted of anything.....(of course, then there's denise brown!)....there should be a MUCH better way to deal with these violent a**holes..."justice" does not apply to victims of domestic violence. i wish candice well....and a safe life....away from jim lampley!

2851 days ago


You're innocent until proven guilty. That's why we have courts.

2851 days ago


UUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH POT MAKES YOU EXTREMELY violent if you have an anger problem, especially bi-polar disorder mixed with alcohol and everyday stress TOXIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

2851 days ago


forgive me, denise...i meant nicole brown(simpson)!!!!!

2851 days ago


I pray for both parties. Being in a situation similar to this, it is very scary when someone does drugs, no matter how old they are. The same drug affects people differently. When a person is on drugs, physically they look like the person you knew, but inside, it's a totally different person. Drugs can make a person much stronger than they normally are, no matter what age. We will never fully know what happened, but if this account is true, this man needs serious drug and alcohol treatment and anger management.

2851 days ago


A Beauty Queen in the news, how ironic and what perfect timing....

It is truly sad that there are seriously battered women out there where money is not associated.... what a way to make a quick, quite large buck! Leaving the truly severe battered women whose voice is not heard or trusted because of these twisted situations.
While she is seen wearing a quite large ring.... that I'm assuming won't be returned and let's wait to see, how much more she collects......
Jim doesn't even drink alcohol.... and certainly doesn't have to batter women to get his jollies.
Wasn't even "her"'s his.......

2851 days ago


why do people feel the need to air this stuff in public? deal with it!!!!

2850 days ago


Does anyone know what type of sunglasses Candice is wearing in the news photo?

2846 days ago
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