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Britney & K-Fed Agree to Temporary Custody

1/5/2007 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed and BritneyTMZ has learned that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have mutually agreed to a custody arrangement during the month of January.

Under the terms of the stipulated agreement, just filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Britney and Kevin will have joint legal custody of their two children, one-year-old Sean Preston and four-month-old Jayden James. Spears custody agreementBritney will have the lion's share of physical custody. Kevin's physical custody is extremely limited. He will be allowed to be with the children from noon to 4:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Spears' residence. Under the agreement, Spears can be present, but no one may interfere with Federline's right to be with the children.

Also under the terms of the stipulation, Federline is allowing Spears to take the children to Miami for a week, starting today through the 11th.

No agreement has been reached on custody matters after January.

In her petition for divorce filed in November, Spears asked for sole physical and legal custody of the couple's two children. Federline responded one day later asking for the same thing.

Federline is represented by attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. Spears is represented by Laura Wasser.


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I'm sorry, but neither KF or BS should get those kids. Britney, where is you're parents in all of this? KF, where are you're other children? Hasn't either one of you're parents explained to you how to be responsible adult? Get real! Neither of you should have those kids! Those children need a responsible parent who thinks of their children first, not by going out to get drunk, showing you're hoochie to the world & getting slammed. I can't have any more children, I'll take them. I may not have all the money in the worldd, but it's love that they need. If I were the judge in that case, I'd throw the both of them out. YOU TWO NEED TO GROW UP!

2817 days ago


Leave the incarcerated out this. You may think it sounds good but you don't know sh*t.

Stay on topic which is that Sh*tney's career is over and if she wasnts to be free why is she keeping custody? She's obviously not the one raising those kids.

2817 days ago


i think for the "best parent" contest the nanny should be on the ballot.

2817 days ago


I think that this couple should be left alone while they figure out what is best for their children, and for them. Yes they are going to get all kind of bad press no matter what, rather if they deserve or not. For all of you who are going to response to my comment, I feel sorry for you, and get a life. I do not care. I am a mom, and know that no matter what children always come first, and nothing else matters. Signed a mom who has been married for 22 years, and who has lost parents to cancer. Been there with the comments people. Their children need privacy, and leave them be, not matter what mistakes the parents make. Their priority is in the right place.

2817 days ago

Jo Blo    

Of course prison inmates have access to intranet. They have TVs in their cells for f***s sake. Dickheads.

2817 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Why would Kevin only visit them on those days of the week for four hours and at HER house? I believe it would be fair if he could visit with HIS/THEIR children at his home or wherever he is staying. Why would he only want to have visitation during the week for four hours with the option that Britney can be present... WTF. Joint custody is fair, I don't see one parent being any better than the other parent at this point. The only thing Britney has is a lot more money.

2817 days ago


I think Kevin is the better parent. Even when he was with Britney he still spent time with his kids from his previous relationship. With all the partying Britney does when does she have time for her babies? it seems like she is out every night and that must mean that she sleeps all day.

2817 days ago


Now that I've read everybody else's comments. All i have to say is I'd rather be "Love'd by plenty and hated by most" than the other way around.. And is the Britster is love'd..


2817 days ago


If she were performing instead of partying, would we all still be so bothered by her actions? Either way she is still away from the kids.

2817 days ago


Can't swing a dead cat on TMZ without hitting an article about "Spitney"....

Her 15 minutes are all ready over so why keep poking the bear????

2817 days ago


she just agreed to it..cause she wants some free time get her f**ck on.

2817 days ago


Those poor, little kids. They are the real losers in this whole charade.

2817 days ago


Britney is a slave to her kids, a slave to her ex and slave to her label, a slave to her fans and a slave to herself because she just can't relax. Britney is NOT "free".

2817 days ago


Having visiting right during nap times, KF won't see them
britney !!!!

2817 days ago

in the know    

I laughed when I saw the custody agreement. For months on this site every idiot who kept posting that the judge would give the kids to Kevin because of Britney's partying must have been shell schocked. If a judge would give Courtney Love custody even though she was an admitted drug addict who hadn't spent time with her daughter in years, did you really think Britney would lose her kids? Courtney began dispensing parental advice when she graduated from her numerous drug programs and became mother of the year. Britney is not going to stop going out just because TMZ or Perez keeps posting about it. She is on an emotional roller coaster and anyone who has ever gone through it knows you won't stop until she gets it out of her system. The people who say she has no chance of a comeback probably wouldn't buy Brintey Spears music anyway. The people who leave comments remarking how they can't stand her and what a loser she is, need to move on to the rest of TMZ's posts until you find something you do care about. When you don't care about someone you are indifferent to them, not angry and bitter. Stop posting responses if you don't care and TMZ will stop writing about her.

2817 days ago
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