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Britney & K-Fed Agree to Temporary Custody

1/5/2007 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed and BritneyTMZ has learned that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have mutually agreed to a custody arrangement during the month of January.

Under the terms of the stipulated agreement, just filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Britney and Kevin will have joint legal custody of their two children, one-year-old Sean Preston and four-month-old Jayden James. Spears custody agreementBritney will have the lion's share of physical custody. Kevin's physical custody is extremely limited. He will be allowed to be with the children from noon to 4:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Spears' residence. Under the agreement, Spears can be present, but no one may interfere with Federline's right to be with the children.

Also under the terms of the stipulation, Federline is allowing Spears to take the children to Miami for a week, starting today through the 11th.

No agreement has been reached on custody matters after January.

In her petition for divorce filed in November, Spears asked for sole physical and legal custody of the couple's two children. Federline responded one day later asking for the same thing.

Federline is represented by attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan. Spears is represented by Laura Wasser.


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Neither of them deserve the kids, they're both butheads.

2847 days ago



Well said! Those poor babies, they deserve so much better than what they have for so called parents.


2847 days ago


I don't think most of really care about either parent but we do care about the kids. We have way too many children reared by parents like these today. The kind of things they are both doing is distructive not only to themselves but to their children. Then again they live in a society that believes that because they are stars that they know enough to tell the rest of us hard working people how we should feel and live..................SO SO SAD

2847 days ago


Who cares about these 2 idiots. Poor kids will have 2 parents who can't even take care of themselves more less than 2 childern. She has no voice and no class to go with it. THANK GOD SHE IS FINALLY DONE! CHRISTINA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!

2847 days ago


Why don't they make these polls more logical...for example, who is the better parent? How can one possibly CHOOSE. So...there should be a big fat NEITHER on there.

2847 days ago


Britney should get full legal and physical custody, hands down. It's far easier for a new, naive mother to learn to be a good parent than it is for a first-family-abandoning-loser to grow a set. He's only in it for the money.

2847 days ago


Wouldn"t it be funny if neither Britney or Kevin got custody. Do the children not matter here. LOL, Kevinbgood621.

2847 days ago


Kevin has every reason to worry that his visitations will be spoiled by Brit using her 'best effort" in giving him privacy. She surrounds herself with too many of the too much....I fell for him. I read the's going to be NASTY fighting. I know this....I've read thousands of these and have been in the legal field for 15 years.

2847 days ago


well lets you have a piece of white trash..k fed who wants custody of his babies for the childsupport and than you have the mom britt....yes shes made a few mistakes recently....but shes also letting loose after being married to a real loser and gold digger...i cant say as i blame her there....where do the kids belong???? with the mom of always belong with the mom unless there is no hope.....

2847 days ago


I cant believe anyone {including me) is bothering to post comments on these people

2847 days ago


Who cares about her ongoing life saga. I am tired about hearing about Britney's rollercoaster life.

2847 days ago

cee cee    

i think britt is the better parent. i hope this jan.07 temporary custody will bring the family of 4 closer, for the childrens needs. maybe both will grow up and work this out and start over to a better marriage.

2847 days ago


Maybe they should take the kids away from both of their nasty a$$e$, Drop the kids off in Africa and let Angelina and Brad adopt them..

2847 days ago


Wouldn't it be best to just give these babies up for adoption or give them to the grandparents to raise (if the grandparents want that). What kind of life are they going to have with two parents like they have? They need to think of what's best for the babies.

2847 days ago

Just Me    

Hey everyone...give them a break. They are getting divorced. That is hard enough, not to mention they have kids. The kids need both parents no matter how disfunctional they are. It is sad that they will not be able to see both of them all of the time and it is even sader that daddy is fighting for them in order to get more money. I think that the people that surround Brit and Kevin need to remind them that they need to focus on their sons and not on themselves. On the upside, at least they agreed for January.

2847 days ago
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