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Lohan Healed! It's a Miracle!

1/5/2007 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Less than a day after surgeons removed her appendix, Lindsay Lohan was already yelling and running around on her way out of the hospital. She's one heckuva healer.

TMZ has obtained exclusive video of Lohan exiting Century Park Hospital in Los Angeles, clutching a get-well bouquet. Shocked by the waiting paparazzi, Lohan screamed for a man name "Michael," and darted back inside the building. Moments later, a mystery man pulled up in Lohan's black Mercedes, and whisked away the surgically repaired star.

Careful Lindsay... you don't want to pop a stitch!


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Michael Lohan is the "mystery man" Lindsay screamed for. He is her younger teenage brother.

2813 days ago


Okay don't know why you all are saying its not possible to move normal after surgery. I had a hysterectomy and was released the next day, and I WALKED out of the hospital did not ride in a wheelchair. I went home and relaxed for a few days but wasn't bedridden. So for those who say it isn't possible, maybe you have a lower tolerence for pain then others.

2813 days ago


You should never ever ever ever shake a baby.

2813 days ago


I had my appendix removed in the middle of training for a triathalon. I was in great health at the time, and still it took me a full week before I was able to walk over a half mile. I was in the hospital for 3 days and they told me I was a quick healer. I had three incisions and let me tell you- it hurt like a mother***! The ability to run out of a hospital 1 day later was impossible.

Just my 2 cents.

2813 days ago


No way she is out running around like that. I could barely walk for 2 weeks after having my appendix out. There is no way the hospital would have let her walk to the car either. Something else is going on here ---- but what?

2813 days ago


Booze or Drugs............

2813 days ago


What a lying whore! There is no way that Little Miss Druggy Party Whore had her appendix out. My sister had hers removed laproscopically and could barely crawl to the bathroom the next day, much less run out of the hospital and jump in a car. My guess was either booze, drugs or plastic surgery, like maintenance on the firecrotch!!

2813 days ago


Quit strangling the the chid Lindsey,oh I'm sorry it's only a bundle of flowers. I forgot that your womb is so polluted from narcotics that your unable to reproduce.My bad.

2813 days ago


Drugs, Booze, or Abortion... take your pick folks... How much ya wanna bet it's all 3!
She is such a sorry excuse... but it's just so dang fun watching her ruin her life. Why people still want to hire this lying sack of crap is beynd me. The hell if I would ever put up with someone like that.

2813 days ago


In reference to Post #80: I think that the first two "to go": rehab/dying will be (1) Nicole (Richie) and (2) L.L. !! Then there is the "ever-shrinking" Mary-Kate (Olsen) but M-K is not far behind. Looks like M-K is competing with Nicole for the lowest weight ever before collapsing and/or being unconscious, and, therefore, being nearly "forced" into a rehab treatment facility.

Also, I think, as many of others of you do that Linds appendectomy is a "cover" for something more serious/ drugs/(alcohol) (she has had two apparent OD's in just two months (Nov 12 & mid- Dec, 2006!). Of course that is what the "tabloids" have reported ...we just never know! Think that Lindsay will be going for the "record # of hospitalizations of 2007" !! She has already made a good beginning...being hospitalized ALREADY in the new year !! Of course, she was the 1st "player" to have been hospitalized in 2006 with her asthma attack ! Looks like an "Eventful Year" is on the horizon!

2813 days ago


I'm sure she OD'ed. No one runs around after that type of surgery!!!

2813 days ago


Like I told you before, she overdosed. Insider info.

2812 days ago


She wasn't in there for a torn ligament.

2812 days ago


She is a terrible role model.
As for people saying they had surgery and were springing around the next day. That is not good for you. Please be more careful.

2812 days ago


She is a ho and a drug user/boozer and all around loser. She crapped away what most people would kill for. She also will be on Where are they now? VH1 special someday. If the child lives that long. Why is she allowed in clubs? I assumed you had to be 21. Oh, that's right she is a superstar.

2812 days ago
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