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Marilyn Manson's Marriage is Dead

1/5/2007 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one year after shock rocker Marilyn Manson took burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese to be his gothly wedded bride, Dita wants out.
Manson Divorce Docs
TMZ has obtained divorce papers filed by Von Teese, real name Heather Sweet, in Los Angeles Superior Court. In the documents, Von Teese cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for kicking the King of Goth Rock, real name Brian Warner, to the curb. According to Sweet, the couple called it quits on Christmas Eve. Goth humbug!

While the papers were filed on December 29, a source close to the couple tells Page Six that Manson has been in the dark on the split, because Von Teese can't get in touch with the guy. "She tried to tell him she was divorcing him, but she can't even get him on the phone." Page Six also claims that Manson's alcohol use may have oiled up the breakup.

Manson and Von Teese had a star-studded wedding ceremony in Ireland in December of 2005. Keanu Reeves, Lisa Maria Presley and Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were among the guests.

The couple has no children.


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thats to bad.
most of you who leave these comments dont know anything about not taking sides but he is NOT a moron. Read his autobiograpy. You might learn a thing or two.....if you capable.
also on the page 6 story they are wrong.Dita is NOT a stripper, she is burlesque dancer. big difference.

2850 days ago


umm to everyone saying that we should beat manson up, SHES THE ONE WHO FILED FOR IT DUMBASSES!! Hes getting the papers today, today is HIS BIRTHDAY. Think of how that feels. Reading in a paper, that your wife just dumped you. Show a little respect.

2850 days ago


I think Dita is unique she has her own look. Im actually a fan of marilyn manson too. I think they made a good couple. But trust me I dont think marilyn manson is a guy who wants to be handsome.

2849 days ago


A mockery of marriage????? Jesus tap-dancing Christ!

Don't you "Christians" have anything better to do than judge other people?

All people have SEX and all people have a certain amount of problems in life. So do YOU.

Get over yourselves, you selfrighteous asses.

2849 days ago


@ 25 what the F**K are you talking about you idiot??? Because someone mentions morals on marriage you blow up at Christians ( Jesus putting a foot up your ASS Christ ) Get a clue, your the one quick to judge here my friend.

Fan of Marilyn Manson too, God the only taste you have is in your mouth, and no telling what that taste like!!!


2849 days ago


you idiots laughing at the falling apart 'after only a year' do realize that they had been dating for SEVEN years before th actually got married??! ive seen plenty of 'christian' and 'proper' marriages of 'talented' people last far less than that.

2849 days ago


I don't care what any of you people say, Marilyn Manson is freaking hot! I'll admit he's not nearly as good looking without his makeup off, but I guess I'm just a sucker for guys in eyeliner. :)

and to #27- he's your jesus too? hell yea! who is your god?

2849 days ago


This is just great! The comments I keep reading here are proberbly from 60 year old christians who have absolutely no brain. This is pathetic! Comparing Michal Jackson with Marilyn Manson or "hey look at me i am talentless because I am goth" someone should seriously kick your asses if not more so for a dumb smartass comment like that. Marilyn Manson is talented and as for Dita, I don't really know or care. Maybe I am the only one who actually feels sorry that this relationship fell apart, not caring who theese people are, what they look like or what they ever did in their shows. It's really sad that people are such ignorant mother****s now adays.
Amen and goodbye.

2849 days ago


You are all so ignorant! They should forbid religions because it turns you nothing but into hating morons

2849 days ago


In 2 minutes no one will care. MM is yesterdays dirty diapers and Dita was hoping for a career boost from the marriage. Which she got by the way. Thankfully there were no kids, so the only victims are the press.

2849 days ago


I like heather ass ,so sexy got erected a heater under your balls

2849 days ago


i'd divorce her too, she's the biggest airhead ever. i never understood what a smart dude like manson was doing with a brain-dead Playboy whore.

2849 days ago


so... wow. of course. making a mockery out of marriage? they were dating for 7 years! if that's not taking your time to make sure you are commited then i don't know what is! i was dating my husband 5 years before we got married and in just 7 months married we have had our differences! seriously, just because they lead unconventional public lives doesn't mean they are completely unable to lead average private lives. the beautiful thing about marriage is that thousands of idiots can talk about the dirty laundry but only two have to wash it.

2848 days ago


First off, whoever said she got fat must be really dumb, she weighs 100 pounds, and she's 5'6" , she lost tons of weight as a matter of fact. She's not "Goth" she's a stunning Fetish model...the black is for drama, many women in the 1940's had black hair over a period of time, it was a very artistic time, unlike today, with your blonde everything and couture clothing. I knew this happen, simply because, Manson loves himself, before all else. Look what happened with Rose. But sadly Dita and him seemed like a flawless pair. But, marriage today never seems to work. Luckily my parents have been together since childhood. Many many problems you must go through, my dad did this at the beginning of the marriage also. Maybe she could resoolve problems.

2848 days ago


And they said gay marriage was undermining the act of marriage... Somehow the whole "but they're both boys!" thing pales in comparison to "But one of them is a complete MORON!"

2848 days ago
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