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Marilyn Manson's Marriage is Dead

1/5/2007 3:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one year after shock rocker Marilyn Manson took burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese to be his gothly wedded bride, Dita wants out.
Manson Divorce Docs
TMZ has obtained divorce papers filed by Von Teese, real name Heather Sweet, in Los Angeles Superior Court. In the documents, Von Teese cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for kicking the King of Goth Rock, real name Brian Warner, to the curb. According to Sweet, the couple called it quits on Christmas Eve. Goth humbug!

While the papers were filed on December 29, a source close to the couple tells Page Six that Manson has been in the dark on the split, because Von Teese can't get in touch with the guy. "She tried to tell him she was divorcing him, but she can't even get him on the phone." Page Six also claims that Manson's alcohol use may have oiled up the breakup.

Manson and Von Teese had a star-studded wedding ceremony in Ireland in December of 2005. Keanu Reeves, Lisa Maria Presley and Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne were among the guests.

The couple has no children.


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"i'd divorce her too, she's the biggest airhead ever. i never understood what a smart dude like manson was doing with a brain-dead Playboy whore"

He's the one who has talked about how freaky he is and how he likes to have lots of sex yet she's the whore? At least she does what she does for the money. Also, I find it very sexist that whenever a women is sexualized (while playboy is exploitive and I would barely call it an expression of sexuality) people assume she's stupid. You probably assumed that based upon your prejudice attitude. Stripper/prostitute/burlesque dancer does not equal dumb. Also, Manson is the one pretending to be outragous when the goth thing has been done for the past 20 years. Do you think he's super cool when he's discussing money making techniques with his corporate pimp agents? Believe me, every shock artist KNOWS that people, especially kids, are attracted to outragous artists so they contine to shock people to make money. It's quite simple.

2813 days ago


First of guys say he's a hell of a performer? His singing is more like screaming and yelling, He dresses and looks like a FAGGOT!!!, The guys a FREAK of nature! He dresses and looks like that obviously to attrack attention to himself and all of you RETARDS who'll give the attention he's looking for are just as RETARDED as he is!!! As far as Dita's concerned... she must have been smoking some mean ass crack to even marry him, let alone love and have sex with him!!! I'm sure thats why Dita's filing for divorce...Fags usually don't like having sex with women!!!

2812 days ago

Carmen Austin    

It's a sad world we're living in these days, just leave them alone, they're beautiful people and it's too bad they couldn't work things out, obviously they had issues as does every couple. respect their choices.

2810 days ago

Charity Lenderman    

There are quite a few comments here that I do agree with, some being 19, 24, and 27. But there are a couple that really just... are stupid.

33: She's getting paid to get men off, she is a whore. And yeah, Manson likes to have sex, what man doesn't? He calls himself a whore, who cares? Sexist you say? Please, what year is it? Everyone is sexist, get over it. Manson is not pretending to be outrageous, he is outrageous. Just his train of thought is shocking.

36: There's not much to say to you. You're stereotypical. Call him a "faggot". He is clearly not a "fag" and he does like to have sex with women. He definately did a few "gay acts" in his time but what real rocker hasn't?

Neither of you would know that he's a great performer with an amazing show because you don't give him a cance. Maybe his music isn't something that you like but you can't say that he's a bad performer. For example, I won't say that Alan Jackson is a bad performer because I don't like him and you do.

You're a couple of hypocritical jerks. Read his autobiography, you might learn something.

2809 days ago


um,...Jerry #36?
By chance, are YOU getting any sex from anyone? Your choice of words like "FAGGOT" and "RETARD" make you sound really, really sexy. Could it be that Dita left Marilyn....FOR YOU? I mean, you did say she's smoking crack....

2808 days ago


Honestly, would ANY of us even know who the guy was w/out his "look at me, I am in a Goth Costume" (with a beautiful Wife)
She is so hot, and I presume with out his makeup and skrawny frame he's nothing to look at.
I would definatly throw him outta the bed for eating crackers!
.......But Not her!

2806 days ago


Dude, all I can say is his taste in women is god awful, the only good one he ever had was Rose, and what did he do, he cheated on her with that dye job Dita...and to make it even worse he cheats on her with some ugly little white bitch, who according to some magazine has been seen parading around dresses as a bad imitation of Dita, whatever they won't last.

2806 days ago


Dude, all I can say is his taste in women is god awful, the only good one he ever had was Rose, and what did he do, he cheated on her with that dye job Dita...and to make it even worse he cheats on her with some ugly little white bitch, who according to some magazine has been seen parading around dresses as a bad imitation of Dita, whatever they won't last.

2806 days ago

Bleed My Glitter    

I think most of you are wrong, Manson is a great performer and a great person. I hate people who go and diss artists and then when their friends aren't there they listen to his music. Lol I find it quite funny that people who claim to hate manson are checking news on Manson. Cute people, really cute. Go Manson, I'm always on your side.

2801 days ago


marilyn manson is great! anyone that doesn't like him has never seen a show. he performs like no other! and big deal, another hollywood divorce. there's a surprise!

2801 days ago


dita,you're an evil backstabber. you started divorce proceedings the day before xmas. so, you screw up mansons xmas as well as his new year.and his birthday. plus-he's working on a new album. real freakin' nice. then,you have the nerve to put manson down like he did something wrong.what did he do wrong?i got it:he's finally doing something for himself instead of living for her. my gosh-he lived for her for 8 dare he start a new album!so-did you sharpen the knife before you stabbed him in the back or did you stab him with a dull blade?manson-welcome have no idea how much i missed you!

2800 days ago


MadSonF and H/ simply can't go wrong with these two one completed the other, but then came the time when the dispute over the lipstick kinda got too serious..

..and one thing led to another and all of a sudden he had an itch to paint a pic of a blond ..

..and that didn't quiet work out either, as it got sort of dirty too, since more and more it looked like him.....but.... hey she like it....Oh yeah baby and kept asking for more !!!!!!!

Poor Heather just go back to your Feathers !!! now

2790 days ago


Their marriage was never going to work. Even after Marilyn got engaged to Dita, his videos had a lot of sexy women in skimpy clothes. Also, he seems like he might be bisexual, so maybe getting married was a way to try to prove that he wasn't. However, some it was definetly Dita's fault. First, I think part of the reason she wanted out was because he painted a picture of that Evan Rachel Wood chick. Unless she really knew something was going on between them, she shouldn't have just left. Also, he's been hanging out with Angelina Jolie and Lindsay Lohan. Those two may not be the smartest women out there, but they are obviously beautiful. So is Dita. Beautiful women get jealous of each other. Dita probably was all "Oh, he's hanging out with Angelina, and she's so beautiful and he probably thinks she's more beautiful then me. He must be cheating on me with her, so I'm going to get a divorce."
And finally, what Dita did- filing for divorce on Marilyn's birthday- was truly cruel. Even if he did cheat on her, no one deserves to wake up on their 38th birthday and get divorce papers. Dita is beautiful but cruel and possibly stupid. Marilyn is smart, but has substance abuse problems and was sexually traumatized as a child. It was never going to work.

2782 days ago

paul moody    

marilyn manson is a genius you probably liked him before you posted this page hypocrite

2774 days ago


Marilyn Manson is incredibly talented and gorgeous, not to mention rich. Dita von Teese is gorgeous, and probably talented in her own way...i cant admit to knowing. I think they are both old enough to make their own decisions concerning their relationship, and that perhaps others should take the higher path and restrain from judging. Relationships, marriage or otherwise, end. Its a sad fact. We should all just be thankful for our own triumphs in the field, and accepting of the less-than-triumphs. I wish them both luck.

2745 days ago
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