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Mary-Kate: Not Booty-licious

1/5/2007 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Double, double toil and trouble; Please turn Mary-Kate's boots into rubble. If only!

With the help of her favorite witch boots and an inexplicable indifference toward hair care, Mary-Kate Olsen is single-handedly spearheading the Beverly Hills street urchin look. Spare some change?

Just because she seems homeless, don't think that looking this bad comes cheap; MK's orthopedic torture devices disguised as high-end footwear will run you about $1500. That's a lot of lunches at the soup kitchen! Olsen's Balenciaga boots are the ugliest things in the fashion biz since ... Donatella Versace.


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She looks like she's been drinking out of the toilet in a bus station.

2791 days ago


I think MK is a little,shall we say... off. Her sister seems a little more normal but MK is definately weird.

That's why I could never understand people screaming about Paris Hilton supposedly stealing Stavros from MK.

You can't "steal" a guy from someone. Stavros is with Paris because he WANTS to be with her, obviously.
And he probably saw firsthand what we are seing now - MK is a bit weird.

No great surprise,then,that he went for the beautiful blonde. It was a no-brainer and would be for most guys.

2791 days ago


if you have a problem with people being themselves, you have a problem with yourself. i would rather have them look the way they do and look unique, rather than having them look like a fake person. EVERYONE is entitled to wear whatever they want to wear, and to me they are the most beautiful women in the world.

2790 days ago

joseph victor yazbec    

The young lady definitely needs some guidance in her clothing attires. To top it off, she goes to NYU, my alma mater and someone in her class should have the guts to tell her that alumnia, including me, don't appreciate being ridiculed by proxy.

2788 days ago


as for the person who said mary kate and ashley have done nothing but been cute babies .. where have you been .. in a shell? they have thier own clothing range and make up they are actor seriosly something is wrong with you if you think they were just cute babies they own a multimillion dollor company! jeez

2788 days ago


Who cares about HER ugly fashion sense. SOMEONE PLEASE FEED THIS GIRL! I don't care if she has had help for her eating disorder, she's still too damn skinny for words.

And you're all right, the twins sure dress like hobo's!

2787 days ago


Eh, other then being extremely skinny...I think she looks fine. Boots look fine. I like the shirt...maybe more so on my boyfriend but I still like the shirt.

Maybe my style has been demented by too many old 90's music videos and 70's punk.

But hey, if she doesn't want to dress like everyone else and if what she wears makes her happy. Then why criticize?

Much love,

2785 days ago


They should invest their money in "In Your Dreams," the teen musical.

2782 days ago


SO WHAT!!! Who cares that she wore a similar outfit twice!! They act like she waers it everyday. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2773 days ago


i want money, lots and lots of money. i want to dress just like them. i have to clean stalls everyday, those clothes would be great in my barn

2770 days ago


I think the sad part is they are gorgeous beneath all the grunge and bad dye jobs... it's like they both want to hide that (but especially MK) fact.

They grew up in a fish bowl that they weren't put in... and they don't seem to go out of their way to get press these days, but because of who they are, it's unavoidable.

I feel badly for many child celebs... I don't care how rich they are. Money can't buy happiness. Just lots of ugly clothes, apparently.

2770 days ago


they're fashion icons.

2770 days ago


Shut the fuck up. She's a fashion icon you jealous bitches. the boots are to die for.
She is HOT. The Kate Moss of the new millennium.

2750 days ago


shut up, she's hot you jealous bitches. you wish you were her, young, hot and rich. she's beautiful, Kate Moss of the new millennium. And her style is modeled after Johnny Depp, she is quoted as saying, allegedly. She's hot, unusual, petite, pint sized sex goddess.

2750 days ago
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