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Whacko Brit: You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

1/5/2007 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney's supposed to be cleaning up her act, but -- surprise, surprise -- she's not.

As a disheveled Brit left L.A.'s hip Italian eatery Dolce, she was overheard mumbling, "I love myself, I love myself," reports the New York Post. When a gawker told her she looked "beautiful," the party girl screeched, "I love you for saying that!"

She then celebrated the pat on the back by partying the night away at hotspot Le Deux.

Rosie O'DonnellRosie to Sherri Shepherd: You're My Girl

Apparently raucous Rosie is looking for a sidekick on "The View." The show is hoping to spice things up even more with the addition of on-again, off-again guest host Sherri Shepherd, reports Entertainment Weekly. This past week, Sherri held her own against mouthy Rosie by telling tales of attacking her husband after finding him in bed with another woman, and spending eight days in jail for unpaid parking tickets. If Sherri becomes a permanent fixture, it's likely Elizabeth Hasselbeck will never get the chance to open her mouth again.

Marilyn Manson on the Lam -- from Wife

Marilyn Manson's wife wants to serve the shock-rocker with divorce papers – but she can't find him! After a year of marriage, stripper Dita Von Teese has had enough of the pasty-faced singer's "demons," according to Page 6. It seems Manson has been avoiding his red-headed beauty since right before Christmas, which is when she filed for divorce, but Dita is sick of playing hide and seek and plans to corner her hubby asap.

Party Favors: Geraldo Gets Booted Back to Fox News ... Woman Sues Oprah Winfrey ... Celine Dion Ready to Leave Las Vegas

Geraldo Rivera's syndicated newsmagazine, "Geraldo at Large," has been canceled. He will resume his weekend show, "At Large with Geraldo Rivera" on the Fox News channel, and will also be a regular contributor to "The O'Reilly Factor" ... A woman is suing Oprah Winfrey's studio, claiming she was injured as people rushed to get a seat before a taping of the show. Tanya Milner alleges she was pushed down some stairs, and is seeking more than $50,000 in damages ... After five years, Celine Dion's Vegas show at Caesars Palace will close on Dec. 15. Before it ends, though, it will be filmed for a TV special and DVD.

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No Avatar

Me, I've never ridden in a car with a child who was supposed to be in a carseat and wasn't. That would be...let's see...what's that word...irresponsible. I've never gone commando unless it was in the privacy of my own home...and certainly not gone commando getting out of a car knowing full well that the media was watching my every move, not to mention every part of my body. That would be..let's see...what's that word...irresponsible. I've never gone out more than usual...I was never a huge partier...and when I had kids, I realized my responsibility was to be a mother, not a party girl, because that would be...let's see....what's that word...irresponsible.

Yeah, I feel real sorry for the walking talking train wreck known as Britney. She has everything to be happy about. She has two gorgeous sons. She lost the weight and looked good again. She finally got rid of Fed-Ex. She could have gotten her career back on track in a heartbeat. And she's blown it all to hell...AGAIN. No one's making her act this way except HER. It's time to be...let's see...what's that word...responsible.

2848 days ago


I've enjoyed Sherri on The View this week and in the past. I hope they offer her a permanent position.

2848 days ago

WTF? are funny!

What's that word.......hilarious!!

2848 days ago


Britney is irresponsible and is trash.
Speaking of trash - so is Marilyn Manson.
TMZ, you should have put up a pic of Dita instead!

2848 days ago


Britney is going to be Jessica Simpson's co-worker at McDonalds.
Brit can be the fry cook.

2848 days ago

Some dude    

Save your bleeding heart sympathies for someone who deserves it.
Like a single mother of three children, who works herself to the bone to keep the lights on, and her children fed. Brittany doesn’t deserve anyone’s sympathies; she’s made her own bed.

She has million dollar yes people all around her, and anyone of them could, and probably have made suggestions about counseling. This isn’t a person, like some have suggested, who is going through some blah blah blah, this is a person who has unlimited wealth…thanks to us, and wants to make damn sure we all know it.
She will do what she wants, when she wants, how she wants, and enjoys throwing in the public’s face that she can.

And then she honestly wonders why we are so disgustingly tired of her crap.

2848 days ago


When I refer to people being in a car, with a child that wasn't in a car seat.....I'm referring to being in a taxi, bumping into a friend when you are caught out in the rain....and getting a lift for a few blocks- both might be a little irresponsible......but, I can't say I have never done either.......going commando the way Brit did, well that was just silly.....but, I've worn a tight fitting garment, that didn't allow room for a panty/thong line....or maybe I had some irritation from shaving, and I sat in a movie theatre with no panties on........and I don't think that made "me" irresponsible, it's my "choice".......I'm not even saying tBrit hasn't been a little careless....I am just trying to point out that perfection left us all the minute we passed through our mothers womb.......should she try and change her ways, YES......but, doing a growth process....a learning doesn't happen POOF....over night.......she became famous at an early age, she got married at an early age, she had children at an early age- both pregnancies back to back......if you are a mom, then you does take a toll on you- and yes, she has nanny's and assistance....but, she also has a lot of pressure, a lot of expectations......everyone has their eyes on her, her next move.....her losing the weight was a "thing"......I'm sure her people thought it was okay for her to be home, working out and getting 2 hours of sleep to get her hot body back.....but, going to Dolce- eating dinner and having some fun.....that is unacceptable? We only see what the media wants us to see......

2848 days ago


Michele, If you're not married I would like to apply. What a great post and I can agree with every point you've made. Most people here agree with you but we're all so sick of "Britney" we no longer bother to post on her articles. Your post was just too good to pass up.

Dee, "we have all ridden in a car with a kid that wasn't in a car seat". Say what??? You've got to be kidding. What's your full name I want to make sure you never ever baby sit one of my kids.

2848 days ago


Well, now that Dita's available again my wife is in trouble..

2848 days ago


Yes, I ahve ridden ina taxi without a car seat.....or we have been at an event and someone unexpectedly offered me a ride home- even if it was for a few blocks......and I'm not going to defend my actions and say that it wasn't stupid of me....but, I'm also not going to lie and pretend as though it never happened......I had my child at a young age, and looking back now....I see the error of my ways......but, I can't in good conscious say that I can't see whay someone might make a bad judgement call.......and for people to criticize, and pass judgment- maybe they need to look at the errors they ahve made in their own life....things that others may deem unacceptable......

2848 days ago


I really do not understand why this news on britney is such a big deal. If people were really that annoyed by her, then they woudln't write about her. She is just living her life and the fact that every word that comes out of her mouth is critiqued is a little ridiculous. Everyone says she needs to straighten out her life, but maybe everyone else should get one.

2848 days ago


I hope her parents get a good look at her. Those pictures are shocking for a 25 year old. She used to be adorable. She needs help no or she wont be around at 35.

2848 days ago


Right on cutie91683.......!!!!!

2848 days ago


This "women" is 26 years old. This is no longer a girl we're talking about here. Not only is she 26 but she has two, that's right count them, two infants in her care. Partying all night is definitely unacceptable behavior. Even if she doesn't leave the house until the kids are in bed, kids get up early. What are they suppose to do wait around for there comatose mom to drag her butt out of bed? A nanny is no substitute for a mom. And if she wants to go without panties, she should keep her knees together!


2848 days ago



2848 days ago
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