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Oprah the Victim of $1.5 Million Blackmail Scheme

1/6/2007 10:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey was the target of an extortion plot by an Atlanta man who claimed to have damaging audio tapes he would release if he wasn't paid off, federal court charges allege.

The man, Keifer Bonvillain, is accused of illegally recording phone conversations he had with a Winfrey employee about her and her business. According to the charges, he then asked for $1.5 million from a second person, described as a Winfrey "business associate," to destroy the tapes and his notes.

The charges go on to say that Bonvillain threatened to sell the information to the tabloids or write a book about them.

Winfrey is not identified in the complaint, but instead the documents refer to an "Individual A," who is "a public figure and the owner of a Chicago-based company." The Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune on Saturday identified "Individual A" as Winfrey, whose Harpo Studios is based in Chicago.

Bonvillain's attorney, Kent Carlson, told the Tribune and Sun-Times he could neither confirm nor deny details in the complaint.


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Little Titty    

Maybe Oprah finally named her pussy.

2845 days ago

White Nationalist    

No matter what they try and do blacks can never become white although they'll spend a lot of money trying. Why all the 'hair relaxers,' 'skin lightners' and like products? If black is beautiful why try and change one's kinky, nappy, natural hair or lighten the skin color?

They want to be white but will never, ever become white. Here are some facts about blacks and their propensity for violence. They were savages before the Jew slave traders brought them to the North American continent and they are savages now.

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2845 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Wite Natonalist at #17--Yu are one demented puppy. Why don't you crawl back down into the sewer you came up from. Your parents there are looking for you.

2845 days ago

The Truth the Holohoax    

The Holocaust is a HOAX says Jewish Rabbi.

Chief-Rabbi Arye Friedman from Vienna said: "The holocaust is a succesful historical fiction." Süddeutsche Zeitung, Dec. 12, 2006.

Official Auschwitz figures! Which one is accurate???

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2845 days ago


Joe Citizen --

You actually BELIEVE the bullcrap that Kitty Kelley writes??? roflmao

All she writes about are gossip, rumors, and baseless claims. Most of her sources are unnamed because they either can not back up their claims or are just plain made up! She is constantly accused of misquoting people, and is not called the "Queen of Innuendos" for nothing. She is nothing but a trashy gossip peddler...

...and not even very good at it.

But if you buy that crap she says without at the very minimum gathering your own (unbias) information first , clearly you only care about your own agenda instead of the truth.

ignorance is so sad.

but funny at the same time. lol

2845 days ago



take back what I said about citizen joe being ignorant.

I think it is REAL clear who got the long end of the ignorance stick, hahahaha.

This is just really sad. I am pretty sure that people like that just have a brain defect, and they think they are normal and do not realize how moronic they sound. And no matter how much you try to reason logic into them, because they have that brain defect, they cant grasp simple concepts.

Sort of like something got messed up in their frontal lobe.

poor ignorant (in more ways than one) little boys. Go get your kicks somewhere else. Your balls arent gonna drop no matter how stupid you make yourself sound.

White Nationalist

2845 days ago


White Nationalist

If you believe all of that crap I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you. LOL!

2844 days ago

Hello Kitty    

What is this the year of the Stupid Blackmailers ?

So far everyone who has tried to get their greedy hands on money that did not belong to them has ened up behind bars with a pending court date.

2844 days ago

Sam Spade    

2844 days ago


No one said her skin was as white as MJ's,you brought it up P. you and all of your beeeeeoch's.

2844 days ago


meg you sound stupid! JUST TALK TO PEOPLE IN THE COSMETIC INDUSTRY, BE IT MAKEUP OR SURGERY you should get over your envy.
you will live longer and your ugliness wouldn't be so apparent on the outside.
It's not the skintone that makes you a beauty, it's the acceptance of being unique and knowing you are .Wear it well.

2844 days ago


1mg -
wtf are you talking about?

2844 days ago


Who do you think O likes more, Gail or stedman?

2844 days ago



2844 days ago


White Nationalist, STFU. No one wants to hear about what a great big ignorant dumbass you are. Thanks.

2844 days ago
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